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Russian Market Report (business division of IndexBox Marketing Ltd., Moscow, Russia) is a leading Russian marketing and consultancy company, a well-known provider of consumer, retail, and wholesale market research information for a wide range of industries. For years of service, it has built an image of a loyal partner, a trustworthy source of information, and a specialist in its sphere. This has been achieved by very precise problem recognition and problem definition, appropriate research design, exact choice of research methods, state-of-the-art primary and secondary data collection, quantitative and qualitative research expertise, thorough and accurate analysis, and effective implementation.

Text of Russia: Cheese Market

  • 1. Demo-VersionRussia: CheeseMarketAnalysis and Forecast to 2017July 2012Marketing ResearchBarykovsky lane 4, building 2, office 201 e-mail: www.indexbox.ruMoscow, 119034Phone number: +7 495 988 96 06
  • 2. Market Research Russia: Cheese Market. July 2011 (Demo-version)Brief OverviewThe report on the Russian cheese market contains: Analysis and forecast of market dynamics; Structure of consumption by region; Analysis of domestic production, market shares of the main market players; Analysis of exports and imports; Analysis of factors, influencing the development of the market; Analysis of end-uses; Assessment and forecast of market development; Financial and economic profiles of the leading companies in the industry.Methodology: Expert interviews with top managers of the largest players on the market; Analysis of information, received from the main market participants; An analysis of statistical information: o Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat); o The Federal Customs Service (FTS); o The Ministry of Economic Development; o The Federal Tax Service; o Industry associations.The report will allow you to: 1. Identify key indicators of the market, build your own business forecasts, based on market data; 2. Evaluate the growth potential and threats in the market.Key figures presented in the report on the Russian cheese market: Volumes of production, exports and imports; Indicators of market development; Consumption.The report contains the consensus market forecast based on the average value of theforecasts of market participants. As market experts are considered: manufacturers,importers, wholesale distributors, high-volume consumers, professional associations andunions, and trade publications. The experts, participating in the survey, are provided withspecial conditions on the purchase of the reports. Page 2 from 19 IndexBox Marketing 2012
  • 3. Market Research Russia: Cheese Market. July 2011 (Demo-version)Why People Choose Us We have been professionals in marketing research for over 9 years, and have completed over 1000 industry studies which are updated on a regular basis. We collect data via expert interviews with market participants. Industry experts verify all secondary information used in the report. We have an extensive database of economic information in almost every sector of the economy. Cross-analysis of related industries enables our clients to get a complete picture of the market of interest. Our own research methodology guarantees the consistently high quality of our work. We offer unique and individualized customer service: o Personal account on the website with a personal manager; o Monitoring of the status of your order online; o Pre-sale specialist advice and answers to post-purchase questions. We offer special conditions for the actualization of our research reports. If interested, find out about these conditions from our specialists now! Page 3 from 19 IndexBox Marketing 2012
  • 4. Market Research Russia: Cheese Market. July 2011 (Demo-version)Research DesignThe purpose of the study is to analyze the state of the Russian cheese market and build aforecast of the industry in the medium term.Geography of the research: RussiaMethodology1. Analysis of secondary market data:Secondary data refers to data from the Internet (industry portals, competitors sites,shopping sites, articles and reviews, reference materials), specialized publications, state andprivate media companies, marketing agencies, commercial databases, IndexBoxMarketing own research.2. Analysis of Materials from Market Participants (price lists, brochures, etc.):Data collection from market participants is needed to analyze the specifics of the marketand the parties involved in it, their pricing and assortment policy. Data on marketparticipants is gathered during the analysis of secondary information, and also by sendingrequests for price lists and other presentation materials.3. Expert Interviews with Market ParticipantsThe analysis of secondary information is completed by expert interviews withrepresentatives of market participant companies manufacturers and trading companies.Our approach to the estimationThe consensus market forecast is the average value of the forecasts of market participants(experts).ExpertsAs market experts are considered: manufacturers, importers, wholesale distributors, high-volume consumers, professional associations and unions, and trade publications. Expertopinions are collected during telephone interviews conducted by IndexBox on a regularbasis (the standard is every six months, but can be more often, based on a special requestor under conditions of high volatility in the market). IndexBox has created an extensivedatabase of experts within key industries. The experts, participating in the survey, areprovided with special conditions on the purchase of the reports. Page 4 from 19 IndexBox Marketing 2012
  • 5. Market Research Russia: Cheese Market. July 2011 (Demo-version)Accuracy of forecastsThe accuracy of forecasts is verified by experts in the given industry, based on the historicalperiod (3 years). In accordance with this accuracy, each expert weighs out the forecasts tocreate the overall average forecastIndicators1. Consumption: Consumption is the main index estimated by our experts and features the dynamics of consumption in real terms in the short to medium term. Experts give an estimate of the potential volume of consumption in accordance with their expectations and production plans (for manufacturers).2. Internal production: It is based on the projected volume of consumption and production capacity in any given industry, assessing, of course, and factoring in the dynamics of domestic production.3. Imports and Exports: Takes into account the retrospective dynamics of export-import operations, strengths and weaknesses of the domestic production, changes in legislation, the macroeconomic situation in the countries of the supplier (beneficiary) of a product, an assessment of the dynamics of imports and exports. Page 5 from 19 IndexBox Marketing 2012
  • 6. Market Research Russia: Cheese Market. July 2011 (Demo-version)Table of Contents1. Executive summary2. Research design3. Classification of cheese4. Characteristics of raw materials base 4.1. Milk5. Technology of production of cheese6. Characteristics of the Russian cheese market in 2008 - 2011. Forecast for 2012- 2017 6.1. Volume and dynamics of the Russian cheese market in 2008 - 2011. Forecast for2012 - 2017 6.2. Structure of the cheese market in Russia: production, exports, imports,consumption 6.3. Level of concentration and characteristics of competition on the market7. Characteristics of domestic cheese production in 2008 - 2011 7.1. Volume and dynamics of the cheese production in Russia in 2008 - April 2012 7.2. Structure of production of cheese by region 7.3. Production capacity of the manufacturing companies and their level of loading 7.4. The main manufacturers of cheese and their corresponding market shares 7.4.1. JSC "Mozhgasyr" 7.4.2. "Wimm-Bill-Dann" 7.4.3. JSC "Ryazan Plant of processed cheese" 7.4.4. JSC "Carat" 7.4.5. LLC "Danone Industry" 7.4.6. LLC "Dairy business" 7.4.7. JSC "Belebeevsky DAIRY PLANT" 7.4.8. UAB "AMBER" 7.5. Investment projects in the industry8. Characteristics of the price of cheese 8.1. Dynamics of manufacturers prices of cheese in 2008 - April 2012 8.2. Comparison of manufacturers prices by Federal Districts of Russia9. Characteristics of the imports of cheese on the Russian market 9.1. Volume and dynamics of the imports of cheese 9.2. Countries, leading suppliers of the cheese , imported into the Russian Federation 9.3. Foreign companies, manufacturers of the cheese , imported into Russia 9.4. Russian recipient companies of the imported cheese 9.5. Recipient regions of the Russian imports of cheese10. Characteristics of the Russian exports of cheese 10.1. Volume and dynamics of the Russian exports of cheese 10.2. Recipient countries of the Russian exports of cheese 10.3. Manufacturing companies, supplying cheese for exports 10.4. Sending regions of the Russian exports of cheese Page 6 from 19 IndexBox Marketing 2012
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