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Stord Airport, Norway Runway Safety Initiative (RSI) ARAST, Bangkok, Thailand Commercial Aviation Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) Safety Team (CAST) November 19, 2008 Glenn W. Michael

Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

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Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST). Runway Safety Initiative (RSI). ARAST, Bangkok, Thailand. November 19, 2008. Stord Airport, Norway. Glenn W. Michael. FSF ERA ACI NTSB (US) BAA NATS Eurocontrol DGAC (France) Boeing. Honeywell AEA Airbus FAA Embraer IFALPA EASA IATA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

Stord Airport, Norway

Runway Safety Initiative (RSI) Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

ARAST, Bangkok, Thailand

Commercial Aviation Safety Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)Team (CAST)

November 19, 2008Glenn W. Michael

Page 2: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

Organizations RepresentedOrganizations Represented

• FSF• ERA• ACI• NTSB (US)• BAA• NATS• Eurocontrol• DGAC (France)• Boeing

• Honeywell• AEA• Airbus• FAA• Embraer• IFALPA• EASA• IATA• CAST

Page 3: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

RSI - Runway Excursions RSI - Runway Excursions

Three Focus Areas

• Approaches

• Operation on Runway

• Recovery/Survivability

Page 4: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)


• Stabilized Approach• New Technology (Honeywell)• ATC Actions• Radar Vectoring• Approach Types• Speed Control• Altitude• Proper ATC Training

Page 5: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)


• Takeoff and Landing Distance Performance Calculations

• Runway Friction

• Flare Distances

• Wind Information

• Go Around Criteria

Page 6: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)


• Runway Safety Areas

• Condition of Runway

• Grooved

• Slope

• Markings

• Appropriate Emergency Equipment

• Equipment for Aircraft Location

Page 7: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

Currently Underway for Each Focus Area

Currently Underway for Each Focus Area

• Recommendations - Data analysis of events

• Prevention Strategies & Best Practices - Input from SMEs and FOBN

• New Technological Solutions - Analyze possible technology

Page 8: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)


• Runway Excursion Toolkit CD

• Made Available Worldwide by the Flight Safety Foundation

• ICAO Compliant

Page 9: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)

Product TimelineProduct Timeline

Focus Group input to FSF – June 30, 2008

All Groups review input during July, 2008

Additional review at next meeting - Nov, 2008

Last meeting planned for March, 2009

Page 10: Runway Safety Initiative (RSI)


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