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Text of RPS The Decisive Moment Edition 3

  • THE DECISIVE MOMENTQuarterly journal from the Documentary Group October 2015 Edition 3

    Photo: Derek Riley

  • Meet the Documentary Group Team

    Chairman : Mo Connelly LRPS Retired from the UN refugee agency after a career as a workaholic, frequently living in a tent on remote borders in troubled regions. Have now achieved my work-life balance by getting a life after work. What do I like? Photography, photographers, being at home, travelling and people who respect human rights. What do I dislike? The fact that I am becoming a grumpy old woman and actually enjoying it.

    Treasurer : Justin Cliffe LRPS I have been interested in photography since my late teens however family and work commitments took then priority and Ive really only got back to it over the past 5 years since retiring from a life in the City. I joined the RPS, and the DVJ group, about 4 years ago and was awarded my LRPS in 2013. I am also a member of Woking Photographic Society and the Street Photography London collective. My particular interest is street photography, something that Im able to combine with my part time work for a charity in London.

    Secretary : Wan Shun Fan A trainee solicitor, Wan has been the Secretary of the DVJ Group for almost four years. Wan is still amazed at the wealth of knowledge that committee and group members have to offer. Wan hopes to do his Licentiate in the near future.

    Committee Member & Representative on the Advisory Board: Lionel Squire ARPS I was born in 1941. Took up photography in my teens and spent a lifetime in the motor industry. Fifty years involved with Volvo, the first twenty with the UK importers and the last thirty creating and building an independent retail motor group. I will have been married to Pamela for fifty three years in August and we have two sons. My other interests are golf and motorcycling. I am a former chair of the DVJ and gained my ARPS with a panel entitled Faces of Nepal.

    And the rest of the team:Facebook: Jonathon TaylorFlickr: Chris Barbara, ARPSDPOTY David Cantor, LRPSWWI Project David Barnes, LRPSWebmasters: David Barnes, LRPS & Chris Barbara, ARPSDM Editor Keith Meredith, ARPSDM Publisher Jhy Turley, LRPS


  • Contents

    4. Notes from the chair

    5. DPOTY 2015 awards

    22. Interview with Hilary Roberts, Research Curator of Photography at the Imperial War Museum

    26. Brighton Photo Walks by David Barnes; Chris Barbara; Chris Jennings

    30. Around the World: Showcase for the work of our members living abroad

    38. Pavement artists by Simon Maddison

    42. LRPS Panel Gilbert A Turner

    48. North East Documentary Group

    52. Diary dates

    53. DG Challenge

    54. About The Documentary Group


  • Dear DG-ers,This edition was delayed a little so that we could share the winning panels of the DPOTY competition with you. I hope it encourages you to enter next year.Congratulations to all who entered, there were some great panels. Congratulations too to the winners, I hope you enjoy their panels.

    Were going to review how it went this year and changes we might bring in to make it easier to manage the project and encourage more people to enter. If you have views on this please email them to me at doc@rps.org so we can take them into account in our review.

    I hope youll also enjoy the interview with Hilary Roberts, Photographic Curator at the Imperial War Museum.

    Were starting to plan for next year and have a few things in the pipeline five workshops, with three different tutors, a portfolio review and a curator guided tour of the Lee Miller exhibition.

    My main focus in 2016 will be to visit all RPS Regions to look at how we can, together with the Regional Committees, set up regional DG groups. The first of these takes place at the end of this month when we have a joint meeting with the Southern Region. Looking at the DG North East we think this is the best way to get members in regular touch with each other and for local joint activities. See article from Gordon Bates, who runs the DG North East.

    If you have ideas for activities or views on where our priorities should be Ill be pleased to hear them. Im particularly interested to hear views from our overseas members as to how we can make their membership more interesting and active.

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and brilliant photography for 2016 be sure to share it with us.

    Best wishes,Mo Connelly, Chair, DG

    A Word From Our Chair


  • The 2016 DPOTY ended with a celebration at the Prize-giving and Documentary Group Social at the Rag Factory in Spitalfields, London.A group of DG-ers met on 31 October for the presentation of the prizes to the winners of the DPOTY 2015. The DPOTY is now in its fourth year and each year weve got bigger. This year, for the first time, we had an exhibition at the wonderful Rag Factory on Heneage Street, with a DG social. Sponsorship from Olympus and the theprintspace helped to ensure worthy prizes for the winners.

    DPOTY 2016

    2016Documentary Photographerof the Year


  • Mark Phillips ARPSOne of Marks images is now the face of the RPS DG group on the website

    Andrew Mills, ARPSWho photograph was used on the DPOTY poster

    Marylin Taylor, ARPS

    DPOTY 2016

    Congratulations to



  • Chris Hilton, LRPS

    William Yates, LRPS

    Martin Bond

    DPOTY 2016



  • All winners received a book token and an RPS ribbon. In addition, the winners of both the EN and EX categories received a theprintspace specially mounted large print.The overall winner of the competition was Mark Philips, who was presented with an Olympus camera (courtesy of Olympus) as well as an RPS medal.

    Youll have noticed from the images that our own Del Barrett, Chair of the RPS London Region and Council member, presented the prizes.

    Our thanks go to all participants and those who helped with the exhibition. Special thanks go to Monica Weller and Steve Kingsland, our judges. And lastly, but importantly, thank you David Cantor, who has managed this project throughout and without whom there would have been no DPOTY.

    The following pages showcase the extraordinary photos fromour winners. These, along with all other entrants panels, can beseen at: dopty.com

    DPOTY 2016


  • Picture the scene: it is mid-afternoon at the height of Summer in Arles. Lethargic bodies traipse around Martin Parrs exhibit, MMM, amidst the sweltering heat.Under Parr, the title of this collection serves a dual purpose, implying both a reflection upon the demeanour of the individuals depicted, whilst echoing too, Parrs penchant for witty social commentary and alternative visions. From peoples expressions and appearance here, can we assume they were unsatisfied?

    Shot in mono, so as to avoid capturing the bold colours in Parrs images, an alternative gaze of the exhibition is provided. A combination of the uncomfortable heat, lighting, props and architecture provides a backdrop to my images, which resonates in peoples expressions: at once inspired, but seemingly underwhelmed, relaxed but looking lethargic or perhaps just a little under par(r)?

    Under Parr

    DPOTY 2016 - Under Parr

    Mark Phillips ARPS - Membership Number: 29013


  • DPOTY 2016 - Under Parr


  • DPOTY 2016 - Under Parr


  • People doing what they do and sometimes what they dont do.These five in Prague and Lucca:

    Cuffed by pretzels.

    Posing the poster.

    OK, you jump.

    Found the key yet?


    Photography for me is experiencing and appreciating whats around me. Making a document of it is being able to share it.

    Andrew Mills ARPS - Membership Number: 90172

    Caught in amoment

    DPOTY 2016 - Caught in a moment


  • DPOTY 2016 - Caught in a moment


  • Ovambo meets HimbaWe were in Kaokoland in Namibia in March 2015, with two lovely Ovambo young women. They were being dressed up as Himba women, with skirts made of skins, and were decorated with shells and metal jewellery. A coating of butter and red ochre completed the preparations. The villagers looked a bit worried why their precious ochre was being wasted in this way.Without any pre-arrangement, suddenly we were in the middle of an impromptu wedding the father of the chief decided he needed two more wives. The dancing afterwards made for an entertaining afternoon we even had paparazzi!

    Marilyn Taylor - ARPS Membership Number 68798

    Kaokoland inNamibia

    DPOTY 2016 - Caught in a moment


  • DPOTY 2016 - Caught in a moment


  • The events that unfold when a ewe gives birth to triplets are extraordinary. After the ewe has been cleaned, the third lamb it is taken from the mother and its feet are bound with bailing twine. It is dunked, briefly, into warm water before being placed in a tub where the blood and amniotic fluid of another lamb, born as a single to another ewe, is rubbed all over it. The two lambs, born of different mothers, are placed in the tub together so their smells can homogenise before being presented back to the second ewe as twins. Once the Cuckoo in the Nest is cleaned by its new mother the bindings are cut so the lamb gets to its feet ... smelling like her own lamb and staggering just as a new born should.

    Chris Hilton LRPS - Membership Number 95584


    DPOTY 2016 - Extraordinary Triplets


  • DPOTY 2016 - Extraordinary Triplets


  • These images record the scene in Parliament Square on 1 August 2015 when activists staged what they described as a mass inhalation of nitrous ox