Roxy Grove Photography: Family, Couples, Engagement Portraits

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Includes description of family, couple and engagement portrait packages offered by Roxy Grove Photography.

Text of Roxy Grove Photography: Family, Couples, Engagement Portraits

  • Family Couples Engagement

  • portrait sessionsFamily Couples Engagement

    These sessions are approximately 1 hour in a location of your choice.

    An online gallery will be prepared for you within a week of your session and will remain online for one month.

    A $100 print credit is included.


  • portrait planningfor timeless memories

    Photography today is taking a more candid, editorial-style approach, allowing you and your loved ones to have fun,

    be relaxed and express yourselves.

    Preparing for your portrait session shouldnt cause you stress. These images are meant to serve as memories of those most

    important to you and of lifes most beautiful milestones. Focus on these thoughts, and follow a few simple guidelines to

    ensure a fun and fabulous photo session.


    Clothing and accessories can be a re ection of your personality so have fun with them. Wear something you love and are

    comfortable in as you will be up and moving for most of your session. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the style or t of your clothes, chances are it will come across in your photos.

    Also consider the ow and movement of your clothes. A beautiful skirt or dress blowing in the wind is very romantic,

    a favourite pair of jeans is a picture of classic comfort.


    Decide on two or three colours for your session: neutrals such as tan, cream and beige,

    can be combined with one or two accent colours.

    Avoid being too matchy - the days of everyone in khakis and white shirts are over.

    Avoid white, which can look too bright. This goes for shoes, too. Dark footwear is best.

    Busy or loud patterns can distract so beware. Consider toning them down with a solid neutral colour.

    ~ GROOMING ~

    If youre concerned about having a bad hair day, considering having it styled by a friend or stylist.

    De nitely wear makeup. Even those with incredible skin bene t greatly on camera from well chosen and applied makeup

    ~ GENERAL ~

    Be yourself & have fun!

  • aboutroxy grove

    My theme has been beautiful life, a gift and miracle to be savored and enjoyed. As I photograph the precious days of peoples lives, my goal is to create art that will forever remind

    them of the beauty they have been granted.


    roxy@roxygrovephotography.com403 378 3944

    Box 61Duchess, Alberta

    T0J 0Z0