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Roger Scheuermann Commercial Director WWW.HWCG.ORG . BOEMRE - NTL No. 2010-N10. Applies only to operators conducting operations using subsea blowout preventers (BOPs) or surface BOPs on floating facilities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Presentation Title</p> <p>Roger ScheuermannCommercial DirectorWWW.HWCG.ORG </p> <p>1</p> <p>BOEMRE - NTL No. 2010-N10</p> <p>Applies only to operators conducting operations using subsea blowout preventers (BOPs) or surface BOPs on floating facilities. </p> <p>BSEE will be evaluating whether each operator has submitted adequate information demonstrating that it has access to and can deploy containment resources that would be adequate to promptly respond to a blowout or other loss of well control. </p> <p>2BOEMRE NTL 2010 N10</p> <p>BSEE evaluation includes, but is not limited to the following:Subsea containment and capture equipment, including containment domes and capping stacksSubsea utility equipment, including hydraulic power, hydrate control and dispersant injection equipmentRiser systemsRemotely operated vehicles (ROVs)Capture vesselsSupport vesselsStorage facilitiesBSEE will also evaluate whether there is adequate information identifying personnel who will be available to respond to a blowout or other loss of well control requiring the deployment of containment resources.</p> <p>3Formation of HWCG</p> <p>HWCG mission was to develop a comprehensive and rapid deepwater containment response system to meet NTL 2010-N10 regulations. Members include 15 deepwater oil &amp; gas companies that have access to specific equipment under agreements with Helix Energy Solutions Group and 30+ additional identified vendors. Purpose was to develop an effective and timely response to a deepwater well containment incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Response time reduced from weeks to a few days depending on location of well, equipment and weather.HWCG is not for profit companyHWCG core equipment under contract (HESG - Q4000, HP1) works on a daily basis to maintain and train personnel.</p> <p>4HWCG Members ATP Oil &amp; Gas CorporationCobalt International Energy, LPDeep Gulf Energy, LP; Deep Gulf Energy II LLCENI U.S. Operating CompanyTalos Energy - ERT GOM Inc. LLOG Exploration Company, LLCMarathon Oil Company</p> <p>Marubeni Oil &amp; Gas (USA), Inc.Murphy Exploration &amp; Production Company - USA Noble Energy, Inc.Freeport McMoRan Oil &amp; GasRepsol E&amp;P USA Inc.Stone EnergyWalter Oil &amp; Gas Corporation W&amp;T Offshore</p> <p>5</p> <p>5HWCG "Model"</p> <p>6Q4000</p> <p>DP3 MODUUS Flag ABS classed600 Ton Multi Purpose Tower (Derrick)360 Ton / 160 Ton Deepwater Cranes2 x 150 HP ROVs3,000 barrel fluid handling systemOpen deck versatile intervention rig with moon poolSeven (7) Knots transit speed</p> <p>7FPU DP2 Helix Producer I</p> <p>Process Capacity:45,000 BOPD 60,000 BLPD 80 MMCFD (can be expanded)BSEE and USCG approved FPU with quick disconnect.</p> <p>8Intervention Riser System (IRS) Package</p> <p>910K Well Capping Stack </p> <p>Ingleside, TX13 5/8 10K Dual Ram</p> <p>10 15K Capping stack </p> <p>HWCG</p> <p>18 full opening 15K psig double ram capping stack with 4 5 15K side outlets </p> <p>Houston, Texas</p> <p>11HWCG Tophat</p> <p>HWCG - Helix Fast Response System131414</p> <p>14Level of Readiness Immediate Fast ResponseHP 1 Disconnect in 45 secondsQ4000 released when safe operationsAbility to capping wells with max shut-in pressure of 10K &amp; 15K psi at water depths up to 10,000 ft. Capture and flow back operations to Q4000 and HP1 up to 55,000 BOPD &amp; 95 MMSCFDMutual Aid AgreementDeepwater Intervention Technical Committee (DITC) member notification process in place for technical expertise for all members. </p> <p>15Preparedness Exercises</p> <p>16</p> <p>16</p> <p>Preparedness - Training</p> <p>All HWCG members have signed a Mutual Aid Agreement that outlines the manner in which the 15 member companies will share technical experts and critical equipment during an event to a member. HWCG held 60+ well containment exercises over the last 2 years. This test the Well Containment Plan and Mutual Aid. This includes hundreds of experts from member companies, contract vendors and agencies</p> <p>Over 55 Permits approved with several in review First permits (3), First floating facility - TPL/SPAR, First flow and capture permits. </p> <p>Additional internal exercises continue to assure teams are prepared for the 6 primary position on the Source Control ICS organization chart. Focus on specific area training, and continue to learn and test the plan and work each area of responsibility.</p> <p>17HWCG Command Center15,000 square feet work area - DedicatedNumerous hotels in area5 within 1 mileRestaurants within walking distanceShuttle parkingAudits IT, Security, HS&amp;E48 hour notice before move in.Rentsys - displays</p> <p>18</p> <p>Command Center LocationPetroSkills Conference Center25403 Katy Mills ParkwayKaty, Texas 77494832 426 1200 Phone832 426 1250 Fax</p> <p>ICS Organization</p> <p>19Incident CommanderSource ControlSection ChiefPublic InformationOfficerLiaisonOfficerSafetyOfficerCommandStaffGeneralStaffPlanning Section ChiefOperations Section ChiefFinance/Admin Section ChiefLogistics Section Chief</p> <p>19</p> <p>Source Control ICS Organization</p> <p>20G &amp; G</p> <p>Drilling Engineering</p> <p>Directional DrillingDebris RemovalROV OperationsSupply VesselAnchor HandlingIntervention VesselWell ControlUtility IWOCSPumpingChemicalFlow Assurance</p> <p>Reservoir Engineering</p> <p>DispersantFlow Calculations</p> <p>Vessel ManagementMarketing SalesSource Control ChiefDeputy Source Control- RP/Vendors- RP-Mutual AidRelief Well Group</p> <p>SIMOPS Group</p> <p>Containment OPS Group</p> <p>Flow Engrs Group</p> <p>Flowback Group</p> <p>20</p> <p>Well Containment Plan</p> <p>The HWCG Deepwater Intervention Technical Committee (DITC) worked with BSEE staff in a concerted effort to develop a comprehensive Well Containment Plan (WCP) Addresses the agency requirements in NTL 2010-N10. BSEE approved HWCG RCD-Regional Containment Demonstration plan. The WCP uses well established procedures and lessons learned from past incidents:Comprehensive procedures and schedules addressing multiple well control scenarios (3) and responsesPre-identified services and equipmentComprehensive call out and rapid response activation protocols</p> <p>HWCG IMH Incident Management Handbook for Source Control</p> <p>Actual visualization of specific operations </p> <p>Source Control follows the NIMS ICS Planning P to stay in synch with Incident Management Team</p> <p>All roles and responsibilities are spelled out with description and checklist for ease understanding and operations. This show consistency between all members.</p> <p>Process of how Source Control would work with IMT/Unified Command in different locations. </p> <p>Well Containment Plan Shut-in w/ Well Cap </p> <p>Response Schedule, Equipment &amp; ServicesSite Assessment &amp; Initial ResponseDebris RemovalLMRP or BOP Removal Well Cap InstallationWell Shut-in ProcedureIntervention Riser System (IRS) installationWell Kill &amp; AbandonmentContingent Flow &amp; Capture Operation</p> <p>27</p> <p>Member (RP) calls 24-Hr Emergency NumberCall 1-888-225-1721Report is taken by ChemTelDrill or IncidentChemTel contacts HWCGHWCG calls DITC Chair and RP. Initial resources scoped. Conference HESG and/or Trendsetter.Equipment and/or Personnel Activation HESG Equipment onlyPersonnelHESG will make notifications to appropriate parties for deploymentHWCG will notify Group Leaders via SWN notification systemPersonnel and Equipment will be activated based on the needs of the Responsible partyHWCGIncident Call-out Procedures1-888-225-1721AcronymNameRPResponsible Party (Member)HWCGHelix Well Containment GroupHESGHelix Energy Solutions GroupTEITrendsetter Engineering, Inc.SWNSend Word Now (Notification System)</p> <p>28BSEE HWCG Equipment DeploymentDOI is requiring HWCG to conduct a capping stack deployment operation in April/May 2013 to demonstrate the groups ability to implement their response plan as outlined in their current approved generic Well Containment Plan (WCP).The deployment plan outlined by BSEE indicates that source control was the focus area with the physical deployment and testing of the capping stack being the primary emphasis.Exercise was initiated through the conventional BSEE unannounced drill program. The HWCG DITC established a support team to work with the RP (Noble Energy) on planning and execution of the deployment. Exercise initiated mobilization of full SMT which was stood down once it fulfilled the requirements set forth by BSEE during the exercise.</p> <p>The HWCG mutual aid program activated to the extent necessary.ICS implemented throughout the exercise, formal IAP developed.24-hour operation13 5/8 10K capping stack deployment from Ingleside, TX location.Excess of 5,000 feet water depth. Test and function capping stack while on bottom.Standard notifications of equipment and personnel will follow plan processes.Mutual AidVesselsDispersantsDebris removalSafety is priority one!!!</p> <p>30</p> <p>Key StrengthsMutual Aid Agreement: Allows 15 deepwater companies to share resources (personnel and equipment) to withstand long-term events. Expertise in different areas of event. Preparedness: Extensive training with numerous source control exercises which facilitates a learning environment. Well Containment Plan is a living document and will be updated as we achieve improved processes and procedures. 30 + service providers bring expertise to exercises and event.Core system equipment is maintained and operated daily in the GOM with experienced crews poised to respond. Expansion plans are based on achievement of capacity growth by our members needs and requirements. Generic plan to be utilized by all members.10K and 15K capping stack 18 full-bore, double ram intervention capping stack.HWCG is ready to respond to any well containment event in U.S. GOM. </p> <p>31HWCG GOM Subsea Oil Spill Control &amp; Well Containment </p> <p>WWW.HWCG.ORG</p> <p>Roger Scheuermann713-341-5000</p> <p></p> <p>32</p>


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