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Where In The World Is Rodger The Dodger?

Roger Dodger Game U11

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Where In The World Is Rodger The Dodger?

CATCH THE THIEF!!!!Roger the dodger is an international jewel thief. The police have been getting clues about Roger, And have tried to catch him. Listen to the clues, and try to guess which Countries Roger visited, and where he can be found.

Roger was hiding in Italy, but he moved!

Roger was visiting Switzerland, but saw the Police and ran away!

Roger was in England, but he disappeared!

Roger Was In France! But now hes gone!

Roger was in Spain, but he flew to another Country!

Roger was in Japan but there was an Earthquake!

Roger was in Canada, but it was too cold!

Roger was in L.A./Hollywood but there were No movie stars so he left!

Roger was in India, but there was too many Police so he left!

Roger was in Egypt, but it was too hot!

Roger was in China, but there were too many People!

ROGER WAS IN AUSTRALIA!You caught Roger! Good Work!