Rocky Branch Photography Client Guide

Rocky Branch Photography Client Guide

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Rocky Branch Photography Client Guide

Welcome!Hi, I’m Kelsey with Rocky Branch Photography! I am a natural light photographer, shooting mainly outdoor photos in a variety of locations. I work hard to make sure you get everything you want from the session, and hope to offer a unique experience when working with you..

I want to work with you each step of the way; from booking the session, what you plan to wear, the locations for the session and presenting you with the finished artwork.

Photography is my passion. I love to be creative, and photography provides me with that outlet. I can’t draw, sculpt, sing or paint, but I absolutely love having my camera in my hand. I hope you will let me share my love of photography with you by documenting the people you love most.

Working with natural light produces the best quality photos in my opinion and I am a lover of golden hour – the hour just after sunrise and just before sunset. I will happily step inside during newborn and lifestyle sessions. Opening up all the curtains and blinds during one of these sessions will let in as much natural light as possible.

I want to capture what is unique about you and your loved ones. I try to break the ice at the beginning of the session because I think it is important

for everyone to be comfortable in front of the camera. I hope to be able to provide enough direction to get you comfortable and capture genuine emotions. I want to provide a combination of candid, fun photos as well as posed portraits.

We will spend a couple hours shooting, usually more with newborn sessions, and I will spend the next two weeks carefully editing your photos.

Then, we will have a reveal night – which involves me coming to your home to show you the finished images and discuss ordering prints, albums and wall art. We would go through your home together to decide how to display your artwork. I hope the heirloom quality products will become something you and your family value for generations. Digital images are also available for purchase.

The images we choose to display in our home are more than decoration or wall décor; they are the stories of our families - they show how we’ve grown and changed over time. It is a story we get to relive everyday; that we share with visitors in our home; it is a history children will grow up learning. To have something tangible that can be handed down from generation to generation - our parents wedding photos for example - can be worth so much more than an email containing the same pictures.

It is often said that this generation will be the generation that doesn’t have any tangible prints, that everything will be a digital file on a computer, flash drive or CD somewhere. I am hoping to change that. I want to get photos on families’ walls to be displayed in their homes, as opposed to on a disk in a drawer, or forgotten in the downloads folder on someone’s desktop. I want this generation to grow up with images of themselves and their family lining the walls - like I did. We had photos of everyone on the wall of the staircase - all of my cousins’ school pictures, extended family photos, images of my sister and I. My grandparents’ houses were the same way. There are walls covered in photos.

Rocky Branch Photography is now offering quality, heirloom products that offer a way to display the finished product from the session we worked so hard to plan. With the new collections and a la carte ordering, you have several options to display your images.

Heirloom products that can live on for generations

Rocky Branch Photography was wonderful to work with! Kelsey was very specific with details of the photos and had many creative ideas for our shoot. She listened to what we wanted out of

the shoot and definitely brought that to life! We couldn’t have been more happy with her work! I would highly recommend her!

- Katelyn S., engagement session

Kelsey was a joy to work with!!! Very helpful in

working around our schedule and was great with the kids. We will definitely use her services for family pictures from now

on. - Kealy D., family session

Heirloom quality custom image boxes that give you a unique way to display your images will be offered. The box contains 10-25 matted prints that are durable -meaning you don’t have to worry about your kids handling them - and can be displayed in a variety of ways.

We can also create a custom wall art designs based on your home. Send me a picture of where you’d like to hang your art when we are going through our pre-session consultation and we can decide on a design that works best for your home. Canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, and framed portraits are examples of things we can work with to get the look that best suits you and your family.

I understand how important digital files can be, and that is why they will still be offered. However, they will no longer be a part of the session fee. They can be purchased separately or within a collection.

Picking out clothes for a photo session can be difficult, stressful even. If you are taking the time to plan a photo session you want to make sure that it will turn out exactly the way you want.A general rule to keep in mind is to try to coordinate the clothes of everyone in the photo as opposed to matching. If everyone wears black or white shirts with jeans, it doesn’t create a lot of visual interest. Instead of matching, try to pick pieces that compliment each other.

Below are some tips to get the most out of your images:

• Patterns, textures and layers are great ways to add depth and visual interest to a photograph. Don’t be worried about mixing patterns, within reason. The Vargas - featured on these two pages - do a great job of pattern mixing.

• Avoid logos - unless everyone is doing a sports theme, like Royals or Mizzou.

• Pay attention to footwear. Try to keep in mind that a pair of tennis shoes can easily become an eyesore if everyone else is wearing dressier, neutral toned shoes.

• Avoid neons and bright colors. They can create a color cast, meaning if you wear a neon green shirt, it could give your skin or the skin of the person you’re taking photos will a green coloring.

What to wear for your photos

Portrait Collections5x7 image box

25 mounted 5x7 prints20x30 canvas or metal Full digital collection

Print release20 gift prints

Gift certificate for next session15 percent off a la cart$1300 ($3000 value)

5x7 image box10 mounted 5x7 prints

10 gift printsGift certificate for next session

15 percent off a la cart$700 ($1000 value)

5x7 image box10 mounted 5x7 prints16x24 canvas or metal

15 digital imagesPrint release15 gift prints

Gift certificate for next session15 percent off a la cart

$1000 ($1950 value)

Gift prints could include a sheet of 8 wallets, 5x7 or 8x10 prints.

Kelsey was fabulous to work with! She has a great eye, totally captured our family dynamics during our lifestyle shoot. She is very easy going and is

amazing with kids. AMAZING. She was able to get my three year old and my 6 month old to cooperate and actually be engaged and interactive for the pictures and we could not be more pleased with the images. I highly recommend her and

will definitely be using her again in the future!! - Ashley A., family session

A la carte

Size8 wallets


Framed print-


Print only$25$25$30$55$70$90


5x7 custom image box with 25 matted prints$500

5x7 custom image box with 10 matted prints$300

Image Boxes11x1416x2420x3030x4040x60


Canvas or Metal


10 pages$350$450

Albums20 pages


15 pages$550$675

Full digital collection with print release$900

Watermarked websized files not for print$200

Digital Collections

Customed sized canvas can also

be ordered.

Kelsey Alumbaugh660 641 2388

Owner, [email protected]

www.rockybranchphotography.comInstagram @rockybranchphoto

Twitter @rockybranchpicsfacebook.com/rockybranchphotography