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  • 1. Robert B.This project is over Michael Jordan

2. high schoolwhen Michael Jordan tried out for hishigh school team he did not make it andhe never gave up. If he have given up hewould of never made space jam and I lovespace jam. 3. careerMichael Jordan joined the NBA in 1984.Michael Jordan was the greatest playerthat will ever live.He was better than Larry bird, MagicJohnson, and Charles Barkley. 4. NBA teamMichael Jordan wasvery successful hewon 6 rings whichmeans he won 6finals. 5. funny 6. watch M.J. fly!,d.b2U 7. One day Iwill bebetterMichaelJordan 8. You reach Iteach 9. sportsmanshipMichael Jordan had good sportsmanship 10. house 11. FamilyMichaelJordanhas threekids anda wife 12. TeamsMichaelJordanplayed fortheChicagoBulls andWizards 13. Space Jam 14. College teamMichaelJordanplayed forNorthCarolina 15. Jordans high heels 16. quote 17. Bye ByeQuickTime and aH.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture.