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Robe River Iron Associates is a dynamic Australian joint venturewhich is widely regarded as the worlds most cost effective, consis-tent and reliable supplier of Iron Ore. It's major deposits, current-ly estimated at 3 to 4 billion tonnes, are found in Mesas stretchingfor 100 kilometres alongthe ancient Robe RiverValley in WesternAustralia's PilbaraRegion. The mine islocated 1,400 kilome-tres north by road fromthe state capital, Perth.A 200 kilometre railroadconnects the mine to theport facilities at Cape

Lambert. The ore is loaded into large capacity haul trucks by excava-tors, electric rope shovels and front end loaders at the face and trans-ported to the loadout station. Average haul distances are less than 2kilometres, significantly lower than most large scale operations. Toachieve greater ore handling efficiency by reducing the Run of Minerock to a nominal minus 300 mm before being loaded on to the train,the decision was taken in 1995 to install a Mineral Sizer at Mesa J.

In 1996 Robe purchased an MMD 1500 Series Twin Shaft Sizer fit-ted with 4 Tooth heavy duty rotors. The sizer is powered by two 500hp electric motors, each driving though a fluid coupling and MMDHeavy Duty Gearbox. This machine was designed to achieve thespecification demanded by Robe, which was to reduce the ROM orefrom sizes up to 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.5 metres down to a nominal -300 mm,at an initial 6,000 tph but with a guaranteed output of 10,000 tph tofacilitate future expansion plans. The haul trucks which operate 24hours per day, 7 days a week, all year round, dump into the sizer sta-tion's 1200 tonne capacity hopper, then the apron feeder dischargesdirectly into theMMD Sizer at a

controlled rate. A conveyor, running at 4 m/s, then transportsthe nominal -300 mm product to the train loadout hoppers.The following are some of the benefits which have resulteddue to Robe�s decision to install the MMD Sizer System:-Less down time due to hold ups in the loadout system; Fasterloadout times with more even loading of rail cars giving a 5-10% gain in car capacity; Elimination of damage to the carsdue to the impact of large lumps; Increased production cou-pled with a reduction in both maintenance and productioncosts. These benefits indicate very significant overall costsavings that fully justify the capital invested in the SizerStation by Robe.


Mesa A in 1973

P&H 2100 Electric Rope shov-el loads a 190 tonne truck

Tipping ore into a 1200 tonnedump hopper.

Loading 100 tonne rail cars

A 200 car, 20,000 tonne payload on itsway to Robe�s port facilities at CapeLambert, crosses the Fortescue Riverbridge spanning 360 metres.


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By the elimination of massive oversize lumps :-1) Rail car capacity increased by 5-10%2) Damage and hang ups at loadout eliminated3) Damaged rail cars eliminated4) Damage at port handling facilities eliminated5) Primary crushing at port eliminated

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Page 3: Robe River - mmdsizers.com

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MMiinneerraall SSiizzeerr

DDuummpp HHooppppeerrCapacity, 1,200tonnes ROM ore.

LLooaaddiinngg SSyysstteemmShort haulTruck and Shovel.

9.8 metres long2.4 metres wide.Capacity 10,000 tph.

Guaranteedcapacity10,000 tph.

Hoppercapacity 5,000 tonnes.Twin Feedercapacity7,000 tph.

Conveys orefrom sizer totrain loadouthopper.Capacity6,000 tph.Belt width1.6 metresfuture 1.8m10,000 tph.

MMD 1500 Series Twin Shaft Sizer4 tooth rotorsdouble drive.

Sizes ROM ore to nominal -300mm.

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MMMMDD SSiizzeerr(see inset)



CCoonnvveeyyoorrcurrent capacity 6,000 tphfuture capacity 10,000 tph

LLooaaddoouutt HHooppppeerrcapacity 5,000 tonnes

DDuummpp HHooppppeerrcapacity 1,200 tonnes

MMiinnee SSiizziinngg FFaacciilliittiieess

MMMMDD SSiizzeerr1500 Series4 tooth rotors10,000 tph

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