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Igniting Hope for the Children of Sierra Leone President of EduNations Samuel Sesay Executive Board Paul Molingowski ~ Chairman Rick Kennedy ~ Vice-Chairman George Githiaka ~ Treasurer Dean Weaver~ Director Betsy Rumer ~ Director Steven Little ~ Director Doug Thompson ~ Director Scott Graham ~ Director Jeff Gingrich ~ Director www.edunations.org 13 YEARS 10 SCHOOLS 7 WATER WELLS 1 CLINIC SERVING 24 VILLAGES EDUCATING 3,000+ CHILDREN

Rick Kennedy ~ Vice Igniting

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Text of Rick Kennedy ~ Vice Igniting

Executive Board
you the opportunity to connect with a
child in one of our schools. For $28 a
month you can provide for that child’s
ongoing education, including
salaries in their school. As a sponsor
you will play a vital role in that child’s
life, providing hope and opportunity.
For more information contact our
Child Sponsorship Coordinator
our website:
For more information on how you can
make a difference contact our
Development Coordinator
Sarah Williamson
have experienced poverty,
sickness and war.
schools and providing a free education for
the children of Sierra Leone. For just
$35,000 a school can be built to provide
education for 240 children. Each school
building also serves as a community
center where adults can receive health
education and vocational training.
latrines for each school we’ve built to
promote good health and sanitary
conditions for the children and staff.
accomplish our goals on our own, so we
have established partnerships with other
organizations in Sierra Leone, such as Let
Them LOL and The Sierra Leone Alliance.
Internationally, we have connected with
World Hope International, The Evangelical
Presbyterian Church and Jericho Road
Global Health Outreach.
to develop from our schools, serving the
holistic needs of the people in these
villages. Churches have formed with the
assistance of the Evangelical Presbyterian
Church in Sierra Leone and a community
health clinic has been completed in the
village of Rokassa.
who we are
non-profit organization that seeks to ignite hope in the
hearts of forgotten children in Sierra Leone and other
parts of Africa.
community of growth and learning, and strives to
ignite a brighter future for the children of tomorrow.