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Senior Consultant is the voice of the investment management consultant who has pioneered the process, technology and methodology of high level, comprehensive, expert advice for the institutional and high net worth markets and who is shaping the course of the financial services industry.


  • Senior Consultant is the voice of the investment management consultant who has pioneered the

    process, technology and methodology of high level, comprehensive, expert advice for the

    institutional and high net worth markets and who is shaping the course of the financial services


    Process and Technology

    As an financial advisor, if you are trying to manage one objective - retirement, for example - for 500

    of your clients, and you want to manage the investment values of risk, return, income and estate tax

    efficiency, liquidity, cost structure and time (as required by ERISA and UPIA), and if you used the

    20,000 investment options at your disposal, each having at least 100 description points, you would

    have to manage a 7,000,000 dimensional equation with 49 trillion possible interrelated investment

    outcomes. As human beings, we are only capable of thinking in 3-dimensions. When we try to think

    in a 5th or 10th dimension, we can't fathom 25 or 100 possible interpolated outcomes, much less

    the outcomes in this example.

    Clearly, today's financial product and service menu has become mind-boggling. No one understands

    it or can articulate it in its entirety. Investment management consulting provides you with the

    process and technology that empowers you to articulate the entire financial product and service

    menu of the financial services industry, in terms specifically meaningful to each of your clients.

    Senior Consultant can help you understand the six financial services that comprise the Investment

    Process required by ERISA and UPIA through which you can add value for each of the ten major

    market segments of the individual and institutional investor markets. This is the science-based

    process that is shifting the course of the financial services industry.

    Market Growth

    Fee-based advice is only economically viable to provide to individuals and institutions that have at

    least $100,000 of liquid investable assets.

  • There are only 15 million U.S. households that have more than $100,000 in liquid investable assets.

    Assuming the consultant can only advise 200 clients, there are only enough high net worth clients

    to support 75,000 of today's 1,000,000 licensed financial service professionals.

    There is a natural self-selection process occurring as the financial services industry moves toward

    fee-based advice. It is not important that all financial advisors "get it" and evolve their practices

    toward investment management consulting and high level advice because there is only enough

    room for 7.5% of today's financial advisors. Though this market will double over the next ten years,

    the only financial advisors who will participate are those who are prepared to provide high level,

    comprehensive, expert advice.

    The senior investment management consultant

    market will grow from 5,000 consultants who

    advise 25% of all U.S. assets today to 150,000

    consultants who will advise 90% of all U.S. assets

    by the end of this decade.

    Advisor Economics

    Commission brokerage rates have declined 53% since 1991 and investor research tells us it is

    expected to decline 60% over the next three years. This means that over the next three years the

    commission broker must become 2.5 times more productive, just to maintain current earnings. A

    $350,000 commission broker who, ten years ago, would have been considered highly successful,

    has now become just a marginal producer. Commission brokerage has become a commodity that

    can be obtained for free. There is a compelling case to be made that the financial services industry

    must aggressively move from commission brokerage to fee-based advice. Senior Consultant can

    help you successfully make this transition.


    One hundred percent of all investors prefer value to be added than not, and the transparency of

    account performance, fostered by the internet, makes it clear to the consumer, who is adding value

    and who isn't. The convergence of Nobel Prize-winning investment theory and advanced systems

    technology today empower you to deliver an unprecedented level of professional investment and

    administrative counsel. Senior Consultant helps you and your firm to understand the technology

    that helps you to address and manage a broad range of investment and administrative values and

    helps you compete on the basis of the value you add.

    Practice Management

    There are four levels of technology and a logical division of labor within a practice that must be

    managed so the financial advisor can consistently provide high level, professional investment and

    administrative counsel; maximize the transferable value of their practice and maintain continued

    focus on the highest value activity of growing practice revenues. Senior Consultant provides insight

    into how the industry's leading practitioners manage these issues.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Senior Consultant and The Society of Senior Consultants are working with leading fiduciaries,

    consultants, investors and consultant support organizations to create standards for professional

    investment and administrative counsel for the ten major market segments of the institutional and

    high net worth markets.

    With Fortune 50 fiduciaries working with leading consultants to define high level advice, they gain

    a mechanism by which to elevate the level of service they receive. Consultants, in turn, can more

    readily differentiate their services and the broad range of values they add. Senior Consultant is a

    catalyst for defining high level, world-class advice and can authoritatively articulate the tangible,

    quantifiable values added through advice in highly meaningful ways for investors in each of the ten

    major market segments. Senior Consultant gets into extraordinary depth on the value the

    consultant adds, which is invaluable in building a practice.

    Investment Products

    A new generation of investment vehicles designed for use in portfolio construction and priced for

    fee-based advisors is emerging. No other publication provides more in-depth coverage on folios,

    ETFs, managed accounts, hedge funds, and investment innovation than Senior Consultant.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Senior Consultant is to advance and elevate the practice of investment management

    consulting so that all investors, both institutions and individuals, can gain access to the highest level

    of professional investment and administrative counsel.

    Giving a Voice to the Investment Management Consultant

    Giving a voice to the almost invisible investment management consultant within the larger financial

    services industry through the creation of Senior Consultant. Investment management consultants

    constitute just one-half of 1% of all financial advisors but advise 25% of all U.S. assets. The

    profound strategic implications of investment management consulting, its processes and

    technology, are just now beginning to be understood by the larger financial services industry.

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