Rich North and Poor South

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  • 1. Rich North Poor South
  • 2. The North: Consists of wealthy countries of the world such as those in North America and Europe.
  • 3. Rich North Poor South
  • 4. The South: Consists of the poor countries of the world, such as those in Africa and South America. Almost 80% of the population live in the South yet they only use 14% of the worlds wealth.
  • 5. Contrasts between Ireland and Uganda Ireland UgandaArea (km2) 70,280 236,040Child mortality (per 1000live births) 6 140Life expectancy(in years) 78 48Birth rate (per 1000 ofpopulation) 14.6 47.4Percentage of people withAIDS 0.3 4.1
  • 6. Child mortality: What is child Child mortality rates mortality? (pg 217) are much higher in the South than in the North. A child dies every three seconds in the third world because of the poverty and injustice.
  • 7. Child mortalityOne child in seven dies before the age of five.
  • 8. Reasons for Child mortality:Lack of clean water many people do not have access to clean water and many children suffer and die from sickness.Can you name one sickness caused by dirty water?
  • 9. Reasons for child mortality:Malnutrition hundreds of millions of children in the third world dont have balanced diets. This weakens their resistance to disease. Poorly fed children are weak and often die from diseases like measles and whooping cough.
  • 10. Reasons for child mortality: No preventative medicines no vaccinations against whooping cough and childhood diseases. They cannot afford medical treatment and most governments wont provide them for free.
  • 11. Life expectancy: Life expectancy rate is the average number of years which a newborn can be expected to live.
  • 12. Life expectancyCountries in North America and Western Europe all have average life expectancies of more than 75 years.Africa is the continent where life expectancy is lowest. The average life expectancy rate in Africa is less than 60 years.
  • 13. Factors of why life expectancy is longer in the North than in the South: Life expectancy greater in the North than South