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Revision of M3U3. 1.unfortunately/ unluckily fortunately/ luckily fortunate/ lucky fortune 2. bury buried buried burial buried 3. ruin ruins ruin ruinous

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Text of Revision of M3U3. 1.unfortunately/ unluckily fortunately/ luckily fortunate/ lucky fortune 2. bury...

  • Revision of M3U3

  • unfortunately/ unluckily fortunately/ luckily fortunate/ lucky fortune2. bury buried buried burial buried3. ruin ruins ruin ruinous4. remains remain remain remaining5. sink sank sunk 6. overthrow overthrew overthrown7. similar similarity

  • 8. mud muddy9. wealth wealthy10. concern concerned concerning11. board board abroad broad12. influence effect impact influential

    rain rainycloud cloudywind windyfog foggysnow snowy

  • be known astake overpour into/ out ofbury oneself inwalk aroundturn into/change intobe covered withbe/ go off totogether withrun through

    phrasesgo throughget through

  • 11. drive crazy12. in good condition13. be concerned about14. carry out15. set sail for16. in history17. in memory of18. in return for19. have a difficult time20. on board

  • 21. manage to do22. be in use23. declare war against24. be no more

  • Practice

  • They found the buried c__________ by chance when they climbed the mountain.

    2. I think health is more important than w______________.

    3. To avoid c__________, please write the childrens names clearly on all their school clothes.

    ivilization ealth onfusion

  • 4. There is some s____________ in the way they sing.

    5. An a_____________ on the formation of the union was reached on May 1.

    6. G_______________, he realized how his parents loved him.

    imilarity greement radually

  • 7. According to the Constitution() of the country all the young men do a year's __________ ()service.8. There have been two wars within the ____________() of my grandfather.9. She's too poor to satisfy her family's _____________() need. military memory material

  • 10. _____________(), the show was one of the dullest we have ever seen.

    11. These two countries have different ______________().

    12. A _____________() college teaches things that would be useful in business.

    Unfortunately cultures commercial

  • Language points

  • condition[C] [Pl.] on one conditionon condition thaton this/that conditionon no conditionin good conditionout of conditionliving/ housing conditionsif/Do you know how to say in English

  • (20)From their _____ on the top of the TV tower, visitors can have a better view of the city. A. stage B. position C. condition D. situation

  • Carnie is not in the ______ for going to the ball tonight.conditionB. temperC. moodD. motion

    be in the mood for sthbe in good conditiontempermotion

  • condition, state, situationconditionstateinsituation

  • You may borrow the book,___ you do not lend it to anyone good condition B. on condition thatin no condition D. in condition

    2. The present ___ of affairs is good, but leaves room for further improvement.condition B. case C. state D. situation

    3. The ___ at home and aboard is excellent.A. situation B. case C. state D. condition

  • 4. The _____ of his clothes indicated too clearly that he had been playing football.state B. condition C. occasion D. situation[]state n. She is in a poor state of health. situationHe was in a hopeless situation. condition Economic conditions were bad. occasion

  • 2. concern: vt concernedadj concerningprep /

    concern oneself with/ in/aboutas/ so far as sb/ sth be concernedbe concerned about/ forshow/ express concern about/forhave concern withbe concerned withwith concernconsidering: prep regarding: prep

  • In the eye of the newly- elected prime minister, there is never too small a thing as far as the farmers___.are concerning B. concernC. are concerned D. concerned

    The boys poor health___ his parents a great deal.was concerned B. concerned atC. concerned D. concerned about

  • ___ that she has no qualification in these areas, Gao Tian plans to gain the necessary skills by taking a part-time course.Concerning B. ConcernC. Concerned D. To concern

  • 3. take

    take overtakeastakefortake intake ontake off

    take uptake awaytake down

  • His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.placeB. effect C. postD. office

    Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.A. takeB. hold C. make D. get

  • I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into _____ when judging my examination.regard B. account C. thought D. observation

    The managing director took the _____for the accident, although it was notreally his fault.A. guiltB. chargeC. blameD. account

  • 5. memory n have a good/ bad memoryspeak from memoryin memory of[n]. memorial

    in memory of

    in possession of

  • in honour ofin praise ofin favor ofin charge ofin spite ofin need ofin terms ofin place ofin search ofin case of

    in the case of:in the charge of:

  • In the case of need, I can make a trip to Paris.In case of a student, smoking is very harmful.In the case, try your best.Our class is in the charge of the young trees around the classroom building.I soon have to in charge of the department./thethe any/take charge ofCorrect Mistakes

  • The computer cannot completely ___ take place B. to take place ofC. take the place of D. take place

    People often use plastics ___ wood or the place of B. the instead ofC. take the place of D. in place of

  • 1. He remained modest ___his great achievements.despite B. in spite C. though D. as

    2. She went to Spain ___ the fact that the doctor had told her to spite B. in spite of C. although D. as

  • Mr. Smith did it well ___ he was young.A. despite B. in spite C. in spite of D. though

  • 6. bury oneself in sth / be buried in devote oneself to apply ones mind to/ oneself to be absorbed in something concentrate on / focus on concentrate ones mind on focus ones mind on fix ones mind upon put ones heart into to be all ears

  • Science and engineering students often ___their heads in books instead of going to dances and cinema.bury B. hide C. devote D. cover

    Although the working mother is very busy, she still_____ a lot of time to her children.devotes B. SpendsC. offers D. provides

  • 1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully _____.A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered

    2. After a short holiday, he _____ himself once more to his studies.applied B. converted C. engaged D. exerted

  • 1.burried 2. feed 3. destroyed 4.wise 5. painted 6.major 7. concerned 8. conditions 9. declared 10. influence

  • 11.trading12.remains13. house 14. erupted 15. gradually 16. overthrow 17. board 18. material () 19. similarities 20.Republic

  • 1. civilizations 2. Near 3. erupted 4. Unfortunately 5. existed 6. gradually 7. destroyed 8. remains 9. treasures 10. similarity

  • 1. Near the city was a volcano called Vesuvius.(P42 L9)Practice:


    Near the earth is a satellite called the moon.East of the city stands an old temple.

  • 2. It is believed by many people to have been gradually covered over by sandstorms from AD200 to AD500.(P43 L34) It is believed (that) Practice:1.


    It is reported in the newspapers, the new president will take office next week.It was believed that Sichuan only had a history of about 2,300 years.

  • 3.Not only was Rome a city and a republic, but it was also to become the capital of one of the largest empires in history.(P58 L1-2) not only but also not but either or neither nor

  • not only not only Practice: 1.


    Not only did they explain to us the importance of doing the work but they also told us the best way to do it.Not only the parents but children also act in their own plays.

  • 1. What moved me most 2. By the time I got to the bus station3. It is reported4. did he prepare lunch for me5. so did the others