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    Office of Diversity Programs

    Faculty Hiring Selection


    Position Title:

    Meeting to Select Candidates:

    Interview Date(s):

    H7! , ^ Cmmittee comPsed per HR R-120, III, D. (at least three (3) members, a majority of whomshall be faculty members in the discipline of the position to be filled (or, as determined by the collegepresident, a closely related discipline); at least one (1) academic dean, and a non-voting EEO Rep.)

    Q Advised hiring committee members that all applicant information and proceedings must be kept confidentialguidelines of nondiscrimination; conflicts of interests; and, EEO obligations (rating applications and evaluatingC3nci iQdi&s)

    Each member use standard rating system and signed paper screening document for each application.

    Reviewed and approved interview questions before interviews were conducted to ensure they were based onposition announcement, job-related, and not discriminatory.

    AFT Faculty Agreement relating to adjunct (2, if qualified) and transfer applicant interviews followed.

    Selection of applicants to interview conducted in open and fair manner with adequate discussion relating tothose not invited to interview. (Minimum of 5 interviewees selected, less requires President approval.)

    All interviewees provided with notice, including date, time, and place and other information related to interviewsuch as teaching demonstration topics, portfolios, etc. (Chair or Administrator to arrange.)

    Each candidate asked the same job-related questions and follow-up questions limited to clarification orexpans.on of something she/he said. No leading or improper questions asked (if so, explain below.)

    All/same interview committee members present for selection meeting and all interviews. Standard rating systemestablished to evaluate the candidates following the interviews with discussion ofstrengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

    Selection of finalist(s)/candidate(s) conducted in fair manner; all committee members participating- advisedcommittee of reference check procedure; committee forwarded three finalists to President in alphabetical/notrBnKGd order.order.


    EEO Representative: (Please Print Name/Title and Signature and insert contact information)




    Location: Status: ___ Prob* ___ LTD ___ LTS



    The following documentation must be submitted to Human Resources to begin the evaluation process: (Any incomplete recommendation packets will delay the process.)

    (Please use this checklist as a guide that all the required forms are completed and submitted)

    ___Campus Interview Committee Report (C193) - signed by College President

    ___Intent to Fill (copy--not original--of approved/signed form)

    ___Evidence of Effort (signed by Compliance Officer and College President)

    ___Campus Review Committee Members Agreement (C589)

    ___Campus Interview Committee Members Agreement (C306)

    ___*Interview of Candidates Holding Hourly Assignments (C336)only for probationary positions

    ___Campus Interview Committee Evaluation Form (C594)(sorted by candidate; must be completed and signed by evaluator)for all candidates interviewed as listed on form C193 only. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion and/or signature.

    ___*Copy of interview questionsrequired for probationary faculty

    ___Complete application packet for the 2 finalistsincluding application form, letter of interest, resume, official transcripts, **verification of experience, approval letter for equivalency (if applicable)

    ___*Writing samples and any search materials required of the applicant as part of the processrequired for probationary faculty

    ___List of names and addresses provided by the Selection, Evaluation, and Salary Unit to contact person listed on NOI (return the list that includes names, addresses, and phone numbers only)

    ___Copy of the announcement or letter sent to applicants

    **Vocational and Administrative positions require experience verification on letterhead stationery; must show inclusive dates of assignments, state if full-time or part-time and indicate duties. If part-time, the number of paid hours worked per week, semester or year must be included.

    NOTE: All selections must include a social security number or employee number for the selected candidate to clearly identify the individual chosen. If a candidate declines or is ineligible for an assignment and another candidate is being recommended, please indicate on the Campus Interview Report that the new candidate is replacing the original selected candidate and the reason, i.e., declined, limited eligible, etc.

    All application documents sent by applicants considered for interview (as listed on form C193) should be stored at the campus for 10 years.

    LACCD Form C327 8/07

  • Los Angeles Community College District Academic Selection Unit


    Position or Subject ________________________________________Interview Date(s) Type of Instructional Assignment: [ ] Probationary [ ] Limited Status [ ] Long-Term Substitute TRANSFER REQUESTS: Employees who have approved transfer requests on file must be offered an interview each time interviews are scheduled. Include the names of employees who refused an interview along with candidates interviewed. CANDIDATES INTERVIEWED: List all candidates interviewed including those on the eligible list and transfer list. At least three candidates are to be interviewed. 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. CANDIDATES RECOMMENDED TO COLLEGE PRESIDENT: Two required. List in alphabetical order. Explain any exceptions below or on another sheet. The committee may submit additional information orally or in writing concerning the candidates. 1. 2. CANDIDATE RECOMMENDED FOR APPOINTMENT: ____________________________________Effective date requested Candidates Social Security Number In Place of (if applicable) Signed: Date College COMMENTS: APPROVED FOR EMPLOYMENT PROCESSING: Effective date approved Date Vice Chancellor, Division of Operations INSTRUCTIONS: Return original along with other selection materials to the Office of Personnel Operations. LACCD Form C193-10 2/98

  • Los Angeles Community College District Office of Diversity Programs



    1. College/Division: Department/Office with opening

    2. Position Title

    3. Status: Probationary___ Transfer ___ Reclassification___ Full-time___ Ltd Contract___ Long-Term Substitute

    4. EEO-6 Job Category: Faculty Instructional Group:______________________________

    5. Please indicate below the number of persons in your department, departmental grouping, or EEO-6 employment category as they existed BEFORE this recommendation for new appointment, transfer, or reclassification:

    Alaskan Native/

    American Indian Asian/ Pacific

    Islander Black Chicano/

    Hispanic White Disabled



    6. Give total number of applicants interviewed for this position ____________________________________________

    7. Indicate by number the ethnicity and sex of this group of applicants:

    Alaskan Native/

    American Indian Asian/ Pacific

    Islander Black Chicano/

    Hispanic White Disabled



    8. Recommended candidates by the Selection Committee:

    Name Sex Race/Ethnicity Disabled (Yes/No)

    9. Name of interview Committee Chairperson: (Print) (Signature) (Date) 10. Equal Employment Opportunity Representative: (Print) (Signature) (Date)

  • 11. What special efforts were made to ensure that a diverse group of candidates were interviewed? (Please attach an additional

    sheet if necessary). 12. If less than three (3) candidates were considered, please explain: 13. Name of candidate recommended for assignment: 14. Recommended by:__________________________ (Print) (Signature) (Date) 15. District Diversity Director:______________________________________Date:______________________ (Signature) 16. Approved by the Chancellor or Designee:__________________________________Date:______________________ INSTRUCTION: This form is to be submitted with the interview report when it is submitted to the Division of Human Resources. Distribution of this form: original: Office of personnel Operations(w/entire selection package) Personnel Operations shall forward the original after the appointment is made and all signatures are in place to the Office of Diversity Programs. EOEFm-Fac.doc/Revised April 2002

  • LACCD Form C336-3 5/2013


    DATE: TO: Selection Committees for Probationary Positions FROM: Carlos Covarrubias Jr., Academic Personnel Specialist, Personnel Operations SUBJECT: INTERVIEWS OF CANDIDATES HOLDING HOURLY ASSIGNMENTS The LACCD & AFT Agreement 2011-2014, Article 16, Section H, provides that: In filling contract monthly rate vacancies in the Faculty Unit, in which there is a selection process, at least two (2), temporary adjunct rate faculty members who apply, are on a seniority list in that discipline in the LACCD, and who also meets any local additional requirements adopted for the position and other criteria established by the committee, must be invited to


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