Review of Engineering Fundamentals CIVL 4197

Review of Engineering Fundamentals - Department of Civil ... 4197 Introduction (Fall 2017).pdf · Pearson VUE testing center you selected. 5. ... NCEES YouTube Channel . The FE …

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Review of EngineeringFundamentals

CIVL 4197

Course Format

12 review sessions Half-length mock FE exam on 12/14/17

• 3-hour exam• 55 questions (~3 minutes per question)• $44 payable online

What Do I Need?

NCEES FE Reference Handbook

You can purchase it for $13.95 (plus shipping) or download a pdf version of the handbook for free at


How do I pass the course?

1. Attend 11 of the 12 review sessions2. Register and sit for the FE exam3. Pass the FE exam OR

Score at least 40% on the mock FE

If you can’t sit for the exam before the end of the semester, you’ll get an incomplete. You will then have 45 days to clear the incomplete or it will automatically turn into a “U” and you will have to take the course again.

Remember that it takes 7-10 days to get your exam scores!

77% Pass Rate

88% Fail Rate

The FE Exam

Exam Particulars

Preparation Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies

FE Exam Format

6-hour exam• 8-minute tutorial• 110 questions @ 1 point per question• 25-minute break halfway through

Mostly multiple choice questions• 4 choices per question• No penalty for wrong answers• All choices equally represented

FE Exam Format

Alternative question formats (July 2017)• Multiple correct - allows examinees to select

multiple answers • Point and click - requires examinees to click on

part of a graphic to answer • Drag and drop - requires examinees to click on

and drag items to match, sort, rank, or label • Fill in the blank - provides a space for examinees

to enter a response to the question

How Do I Register for the Exam?1. Register with NCEES (www.ncees.org) and pay the $225

exam fee (which drops to $175 in January 2018).

2. Once you have been authorized by NCEES to sit for the exam, you can schedule the exam at any Pearson VUE testing center in the country.

3. You will then receive an appointment confirmation from the Pearson VUE testing center.

4. When your appointment time arrives, take the exam at the Pearson VUE testing center you selected.

5. If you passed the exam …

How Do I Apply for Certification?6. Go to http://tn.gov/commerce/article/arch-forms-and-downloads and

select the link marked “Engineer Interns (for certification).”

7. If you haven’t already created an account, click on “Register a new account” otherwise sign into your account.

8. Follow the instructions.

The Dean will reimburse your registration fee if you pass the exam on the first try.

Where Can I Take the Exam?

Where Can I Take the Exam?

When Can I Take the Exam?1. January, February, March

2. April, May, June

3. July, August, September

4. October, November, December

You can only take the exam once per “window”and no more than 3 times in a 12-month period.

Where can I find more info?




NCEES YouTube Channel


The FE Exam

Exam Particulars

Preparation Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies

How to Prepare for the Exam

Attend all the review sessions Become familiar with the NCEES

FE Supplied-Reference Handbook(9th Edition)

Consider purchasing review books Consider purchasing practice exams Take the exam seriously!

Texas A&M Digital FE Review


Georgia Tech FE Exam Review



Available fromncees.org


FE Civil Online Practice Exam 1


Available fromppi2pass.com


FE Civil Practice Exam 1 (FECE1EX)


Available frombrightwoodengineering.com



Available fromppi2pass.com



Available fromppi2pass.com

$110 $88



Available fromamazon.com



Available fromiTunes


The FE Exam

Exam Particulars

Preparation Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies

What to Bring to the Exam

Government-issued photo id• Must have a valid expiration date• Must have your name and date of birth• Must have your signature• STUDENT ID CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED

NCEES-approved calculator

Calculators Allowed


(all models)


(all models)

Texas InstrumentsTI-30XTI-36X

(all models)

Strategies for Taking the Exam

Start with the areas you know best Don’t confuse “long” and “difficult” Read the entire question before solving Read all the answers before selecting Answers often reflect common mistakes Many questions ask for “closest” answer

Strategies for Taking the Exam

Make sure you answer every question If you don’t know the answer …

• Try to eliminate clearly incorrect answers• Try to work backwards from the remainder• If all else fails, GUESS

Make sure you don’t run out of time

How is the exam scored

Passing grade is stated as 70% but …• Unfair problems are thrown out• Beta test problems aren’t scored• Scores are curved for consistency

Bottom line …• You need to answer approximately 55 of

the 110 questions on the exam correctly

What are my chances?Exam Volume Pass RateFE Chemical 1,000 74%FE Civil 6,203 69%FE Electrical / Computer 1,459 72%FE Environmental 758 77%FE Industrial 301 67%FE Mechanical 4,243 78%FE Other Disciplines 1,419 78%

Based on first-time test takers who took the exam January 2017 – June 2017