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Synopsis of a great book that I recommend reading.

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Review in the Astrological Journal Golden Anniversary Edition, July/August 2008.The Northern Moon Node: the Message from the Beyond.Author: Bastiaan van WingerdenPublished by: Lillalith Publications, Amsterdam. ISBN 978-90807155-47 Hardback, 441 pagesReviewed by L. StevensThis book about astrology and reincarnation uses a system of astrological interpretation propounded by a Mr Carteret (1906-1980). Tried, tested and put forward here by Bastiaan van Wingerden, Bastiaan states: The discovery of the ellipses with the aphelium and the perihelium all at once brought six points in the horoscope that had previously not existed. These six points constitute an enormous energy in both the spiritual as well as the material life. The integral interpretation of these six points (the black sun, the Diamond, Lillith, Priapus, the northern Moon node and the southern Moon node) combined with the cosmic planets is the reading system of Carteret. Astrology as it always existed remains intact. Only six new points are added.

Mr Carterets system of interpretation travelled mainly by word of mouth from Paris to the Netherlands, where Bastiaan van Wingerden came into contact with it in February 1993. Bastiaan recorded a course of eight sessions that were given by J. Bartelsman, in Wassenaar. Having listened repeatedly to the tapes, he applied the information to clients horoscopes and concludes that the interpretations have deepened his consultations.

This book focuses on the Moons nodes and Bastiaans interpretations of his clients horoscopes. It consists of three main parts. The first part is an informative section on the spiritual points, the spiritual process of the soul, the Moons nodes, Lilith, the Black Sun and cracking Pluto, the progressive new and full Moon, the late progressive new Moon, retrograde Mercury and reincarnation refusal, forms of incarnation, lifes course and horoscope and the message from beyond (the script of life). The second section details the Moon North Node in the houses, and the third part details aspects of the Moons nodes.

This is the first book in a series of three. The other two books are about Lilith and Pluto, which together with the Moons North Node make up Carterets astrological system.