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Review 1 2013

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TI G S�e Illawarra Grammar School

Music, Dance and Drama Showcase 2013


Issue 1 2013

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FROM THE HEADMASTER “Soldiers of Christ Arise and put your armour on;Strong in the strength which God supplies through his eternal son”

These are the opening lines of the School Hymn which was first sung on 3 February 1959 when The Illawarra Grammar School first opened its doors. It has been sung at every major event since and is an important part of the tradition of the School.

There are actually 12 verses to this great Charles Wesley hymn which was written in 1741 in a style that some might say has long become irrelevant to those living in the 21st Century. Words such as “put your armour on”, “arm you for the fight”, “walking in your captain’s sight” and “wrestle and fight and pray” are not commonly found in contemporary Christian music.

Charles Wesley wrote many of his hymns as a means of teaching biblical principles in a way that can be easily remembered. In writing 12 verses to this hymn he must have had a lot on his mind to pass on to others. The three verses that we sing as the School Hymn are actually an amalgamation of sections of a number of the original verses.

In reviewing our version of the hymn, and sifting through the 18th Century imagery Charles Wesley used, it is clear that those who chose our hymn believed that we should be continually reminded of the fundamental principles on which the School is built: that Christ is the source of our strength and that it is through our relationship with Him that we become complete.

It is not surprising that our motto, From Strength to Strength, is found in the third verse. These words are found in Psalm 84:7 and are represented in the School Crest in the Latin form ‘de virtute in vertutem’ and through the symbol of the Cedar Tree.

Given the wealth of instruction embedded in the three verses of the School Hymn, I can assure everyone that there are no plans to sing all 12 of Charles Wesley’s original hymn at future school events.

The Founders of the School had a burning desire that students who attended TIGS would come under the influence of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The School Crest, School Motto and the School Hymn were all chosen because they represent this desire and would serve as a constant reminder for the generations that followed.

Mr Stephen KinsellaHeadmaster

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The Illawarra Grammar School hosted Dr Michael Carr-Gregg on Friday 4 March this year, a highly respected adolescent psychologist and social commentator who is a regular contributor on adolescent mental health issues in the national media.

Dr Carr-Gregg worked with all staff on the school professional learning day, bringing them up to date with the latest research on adolescent mental health issues. He followed this with a Quiz Evening for parents and friends of the School, where he engaged parents on a range of adolescent health issues.

Dr Carr-Gregg highlighted the increasing incidence of mental health issues in the general population and particularly among teenagers. Coping with stress has become the major concern for the 15 to 19 year age group. Of major concern is that research indicates that 70% of this group will avoid seeking help. This presents major challenges for parents and schools.

Dr Carr-Gregg also made some interesting observations about the possible reasons for the trends that are emerging. He highlighted the influence of a range of factors including the importance of a good diet (particularly breakfast), exercise and sleep for young people, in aiding brain development at this critical stage. He noted that there were a range of factors that may be working against adolescents in this critical stage of brain development.

In particular, Dr Carr-Gregg spoke about the influence of:

• Social media and the time spent being immersed in and distracted by social media tools such as Facebook, often to the detriment of good sleep. There is also the added stress that may be related to cyberbullying.

• The increasing use of a range of both legal and illegal substances. He was concerned particularly about the negative health impacts of combining alcohol and energy drinks, as well as the growth in the use of analgesics by young people.

As a school and as parents, Dr Carr-Gregg provided us with a number of challenges. He highlighted the importance of parents taking control. He provided plenty of practical advice about limiting social media time and ensuring that your teenage children get a minimum of 10 hours sleep and start the day with a good breakfast. For the School, Dr Carr-Gregg provided some insights into an emerging area of psychology, where some schools are now trialling Positive Education. Dr Carr-Gregg will keep us up to date with the results of these trials, as they may provide a way of influencing the thinking of young people while they are at school. He also pointed out some of the exciting benefits of social media that are emerging. Although the evidence shows that young people are reluctant to seek help from adults they will seek it online. There are now a range of good apps and websites, designed by professionals, available to those seeking help with anxiety or mental health issues. The Young and Well website is one worth looking at as a starting point.

Mr Greg Lanyon - Director of Pastoral Care

Tailoring teaching


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Our community Partnerships

Term I is an important term for building the relationships that will sustain our community throughout the year. School is a unique environment where we have both long term relationships spanning over 15 years from Pre Prep to Year 12 as well as a new start each year with a new group of children and their extended families in each class.

For this reason Term I is filled with opportunities for relationships to be initiated, strengthened and enjoyed. Kindergarten is a special beginning point for relationships and community in our school and Term I provides multiple opportunities for this to be established. Kinder literacy workshops and a “birds eye” view of Kindergarten showed current and prospective Kinder families what happens in the Kinder Program, allowing them to understand their child’s context and learning experience each day as well as getting to know each other.

The Twilight Picnic was a fantastic Junior School event allowing many members of our school community to get together in our beautiful grounds and have a happy evening together.

Parent/Teacher Interviews were a fantastic end to our school term. Teaching staff in the Junior School relish the opportunity to discuss with our

parents early in the academic year the strengths and opportunities for the children in their learning and social development. Our view is that this discussion needs to occur early in the academic year so that effective partnerships between home and school can translate into the very best outcomes for the children.

Mrs Judi Nealy - Head of Junior School


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Our community Partnerships

lEADERSHiP iN THE JUNOR ScHOOlLeadership Training Day “Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of others” Matthew 23:11

This year our Year 6 Student Leadership Training Day was held here on site at TIGS, utilising the excellent facilities in the Goodhew Research Centre. 21 enthusiastic and open-minded students were welcomed by Mrs McRae and Mrs Walker at the start of what proved to be an interesting, positive and challenging day for all involved.

We started the program with devotions exploring the concept of “The Servant Leader” following the example of Jesus. The Senior School Captains shared their thoughts about what leadership means to them and explained their roles as leaders in the Senior School.

Students identified the characteristics of effective leaders as well as conflict resolution strategies and how they will influence those around them. The “trust and team building” session led to lots of laughs but stressed the importance of working together with a common goal. The Headmaster led us through a workshop session looking at problem solving and working with groups and providing the students with a clearly defined process as they lead our Junior School.

Crusaders Leadership DaySome Year 5 and 6 students participated in a Christian Leadership Training Seminar run by Crusaders. Practical skills were taught to the students, such as how to run a game while others are still eating, how to write prayers, how to read the Bible out loud and how to be a welcoming group. The students all participated enthusiastically and their involvement reflected a sound understanding of Biblical truths and a desire to be involved in Christian leadership at TIGS.

Mrs Judi Nealy - Head of Junior School

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Building our future

The TIGS Foundation has commenced the year with a number of key initiatives and events taking place.

On Sunday 10 February the TIGS Foundation was proud to be associated with the Taj Mahal Luncheon. The Luncheon attracted over 400 guests and raised well over $50,000. These funds will be donated equally between supporting the TIGS Foundation Scholarship Fund and the Disability Trust. Board Member Usha Fernandez partnered with her friends Dr Sharad and Dr Lata Tamhane to create a new event in the Illawarra to benefit the Community. With support from Margaret Biggs and Foundation Board Member, Craig Peden, it was a fantastic first event with results well beyond expectations. The Committee plan to make this a regular event on the TIGS Calendar with another Luncheon scheduled for 2015.

On Wednesday 20 March, TIGS Foundation Annual General Meeting was held in the Goodhew Research Centre. It was an opportunity for the Board Members to reconnect with past Members of Foundation and to acknowledge their generosity and charitable history with The Illawarra Grammar School.

Congratulations to all Board Members who have been elected and re-elected to TIGS Foundation Board. TIGS Foundation Board would not be viable without the many hours of voluntary support given so freely by the Members.

Foundation Board Members for 2013 are as follows:

This year has seen the relaunch of the TIGS Foundation Annual Appeal. The Foundation is requesting that you make a fully tax deductible donation, which will go towards the Foundation Scholarship Program, the Library Innovative Technologies Appeal and future capital works of the School. Through the Foundation Annual Appeal you can make a difference for your children and for future children who will attend TIGS.

To learn more about TIGS Foundation, please contact the School or email [email protected]

Mrs Lisa Wilson - Foundation Coordinator

kEy iNiTiATivES


It is with pleasure and honour that I write to you as the newly elected Chairman of the TIGS Foundation. As a former student and current parent, I have seen the value that Foundation has added to the fabric of the school community over my proud 30 year association with the School.

As you know the TIGS Foundation, working closely with the Headmaster and School Council, is instrumental in advancement and fundraising for TIGS for key strategic initiatives which make our school a better place. When I was a student here in the mid 1980’s, my parents and the parents of my peers contributed to Foundation, safe in the knowledge that their precious donations would be used to enhance the resources and thus the educational value of TIGS. Today we see such phenomenal assets including the IGC, the transformed Library and expanded Junior School as examples of their contributions. I am passionate about advancing these efforts along with my fellow board members to grow this legacy and to continue to build a strategic fund that can be used to fund new school initiatives and to support and offer the Rev Richard Bosanquet Scholarship Program.

I look forward to your support and I hope, as Chairman of the TIGS Foundation, that we can make you proud of our efforts and what we are all able to achieve for this fine school - both now and into the future.

Mr Craig Peden - Chairman TIGS Foundation

Chairperson Craig PedenVice Chair Sandra NewhouseSecretary Craig OsborneTreasurer Andrew Stephenson

Member Kevin DonaldMember Benita AndrewsMember Michael DevittMember Joanne Danckwardt

Member Usha FernandezMember Carmen RuddMember Olga EarlyMember David Laing

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EquEsTriannsW state inter-schools Equestrian ChampionshipsCongratulations to the following 3 girl who participated at the NSW State Inter-schools Equestrian Championships.

Lauren O’Neil, Isabella Burnett and Charli Morelli (Champion rider)

sWimmingnassa ChampionshipsAt the NASSA Championships TIGS won the Junior and Senior Shield which helped them to become Overall Champion School.

aiCEs ChampionshipsAt the AICES Championships TIGS was 1st in the Overall Medal Count

TEnnis Tigs Boys TeamThe TIGS Boys team was both the NASSA and AICES Champion School


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Student achievements

This year the Music, Dance and Drama day was a wonderful celebration of the Performing Arts. The roof of the IGC trembled with excitement and loud cheering and roars came from the four houses as they discoed their way into the day.

“Stayin Alive”, “Boogie Wonderland”, “We Are Family” and “I Will Survive” were the House songs chosen this year and it was impossible for anyone to avoid the fever that some of the fabulous songs evoke. This year the celebration attracted some outstanding talent along with some very sophisticated event and time management skills from the student body. The day is completely student driven and all Captains and Leaders should be extremely proud of their work over the past term in bringing this day together.

The TIGSTech team led by Joseph Morris and Steven Skeparoski should also be congratulated on their wisdom and patience in getting this event onto the stage. So much learning and sharing of knowledge occurs because of the generous people that are a part of our school community and my thanks goes to all of those teachers and parents who support this school activity.

The audience erupted as the winners of the Dance and House song sections were announced – “Coligan”. These strong performances put Coligan in a good position for becoming the overall winners on the day. Congratulations Coligan 和ouse!

All items should be chosen for The Showcase……but alas this is just not possible. The Showcase evening is just a sample of what occurs on the day and is by no means the best items performed on the day. The evening was a fantastic fundraising event that raised over $1900 for the Nunambala School.

If you missed it this year be sure to mark it in your diary for next year.

Mrs Carolyn Brown - Director of Performing Arts


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Inspiring talents

To kick off the year we celebrated Book Lovers Month in February. We challenged the students to take a risk and read something new for Book Lovers Month.

The Library held a Book Swap, where students and staff were encouraged to bring in a book they had already read and were prepared to donate. The books were wrapped up and exchanged so that their book ended up in the hands of another book lover in their age group.

It was a lot of fun recycling our favourite books!

Mrs Petra Pollum - Teacher Librarian



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Healthy Bodies linked to Healthy Minds

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, leading expert in parenting and childhood and adolescent heath and wellbeing emphasises the link between a fit and active lifestyle, learning and academic performance. The TIGS Sporting Program emphasises participation by all students as well as providing pathways for talented athletes. We know that the whole child benefits from opportunities to be physically active and healthy and we seek as many opportunities as possible to provide interesting and challenging physical activity for our students.

Term I is a busy term for sporting events and representative pathways in the Junior School. NASSA Basketball, NASSA Tennis, Junior School Swimming Carnival, NASSA Junior Swimming, South Coast Regional Futsal Championships, NASSA Football, CIS Swimming, Junior School Cross Country and NASSA Netball meant that our PE staff and Junior School children were kept busy trialling, training and competing throughout the term.

Mrs Judi Nealy - Head of Junior School


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The great Outdoors

Diversity in our programs


TIGS believe that all students should have opportunities to learn in ways that allow for creativity and collaboration.

Students should begin to see the cross curriculum links that are present in the Preliminary and HSC subjects they are studying, and that this should occur in beautiful, stimulating environments.

In the past we have taken Year 11 Creative and Performing Arts students to Arthur Boyd’s property, Riversdale. This year we wanted to provide a similar experience for all students in the Preliminary Year. To this end, all Year 11 students attended a camp during Week 2 either at Riversdale or Kaluna on the Shoalhaven River.

The program at Riversdale has evolved over many years and this year the students enjoyed a range of workshops and experiences that focussed on

the theme of Breath. They were encouraged to work creatively and collaboratively to produce group and individual artworks that interpreted the theme of Breath and these works were displayed and performed on camp. Rev Rogers helped students on both camps to experience the theme of Breath and Wind from a biblical perspective. The students had opportunities to further develop their work in class and some of the resulting work was displayed and performed at the Beyond Bundanon Exhibition during Week 7 of term.

At Kaluna students were involved in a program that allowed them to consider the theme of alternative energy sources and in particular Wind Energy. Modelled on the Creative Arts Camp, the students attended workshops and activities that asked them to consider the environmental impacts of Wind Power. Students then worked in small groups that allowed for collaborative learning, an academic focus, team problem solving and the communication of learning in creative and innovative ways. At the Beyond Bundanon Exhibition the students were involved in setting

up a display of the models and the films and audio visual presentations that they produced on camp.

These camps are an educational experience that is collaboratively planned by an enthusiastic and committed staff, who believe in the development of the whole person as a life-long learner. They provide unique experiences that have helped the students to be more creative, to seek to collaborate with their peers and their teachers and have also helped them to adjust to their changing role in the Senior School.

Beyond Bundanon was a fantastic snapshot of what students can do when they are given such opportunities. It was put together by the Year 11 students and their teachers. Over 200 students, parents, friends and staff were present to view artworks and performances that reflected with reverence and tranquillity the places the students visited and the opportunity they had been given.

Mrs Sandra Esposito - Head of Visual Arts

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Annually, students in Year 11 who study Visual Art, Music, Drama and Dance participate in a Creative Arts Camp with the remainder of the Year group attending school as normal. Last year it was decided that all students in Year 11 would benefit from the camp which provides energetic time away from the school environment to reflect on other aspects of their Senior Years.

This year it was felt that an emphasis on creative writing would be beneficial as it forms a significant part of the HSC examination in English at all levels.

A constant theme of HSC Examiners comments is that the writing of students is too often a pale echo of what others have modeled for them in the words of critics, tutors and teachers. What they yearn to hear is the authentic voice of the responder. This camp aimed to awaken our students own original and authentic Voice in the beautiful surroundings of the Shoalhaven.

In the three days that they were in camp they heard the voice of the indigenous elders of the area; the authoritative voice of our visiting author John Larkin; the natural voice of the natural environment and most importantly, the authentic and creative voices of our students in the work that they produced and shared with the rest of the group.

It was an inspiring experience and we

had such responses from the students as:

“It helped me invigorate a passion for creative writing and has shown me what to expect when the HSC comes.”

“To experience learning out of school and outside the usual levels of ability would have benefited all students.”

“It showed me how to work as a team – to look at Teamwork”

Mr Reginald Whitton - Senior School English Teacher


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Local and Global engagement

Students who study Japanese at TIGS get to share in this celebration, an ideal opportunity for students to experience and enjoy Japanese culture, so as to better understand what is valued in other cultures and draw comparisons with their own.

In Japan, Girls Day is marked on 3 March to celebrate girls’ healthy growth and prosperity. When a girl is born in a Japanese family, parents traditionally buy a set of dolls, decorate them and place them on display in the lead up of Girls Day, similar to how a Christmas tree is decorated at Christmas. Part of this tradition includes a saying that if the dolls are not packed away straight after the festival (4 March), the girl would struggle to marry.

At TIGS, students who study Japanese share in this celebration and enjoy the annual festivities. This year girls in Years 9 to 12 classes dressed in Yukata (summer version of Kimono) and took part in sessions of a traditional tea ceremony. Mrs Shihoko Steinke, mother of Lina Steinke in Year 8, kindly offered her time to assist us with the tea ceremony. The students enjoyed her tea and small sweets, with some students trying their hand at making their own tea as well.

Year和 7 and 8 students learnt why the Japanese celebrate Girls Day by making an origami box whilst enjoying green tea and Japanese sweets.

This celebration is an ideal day for students studying Japanese to experience and enjoy Japanese culture, so as to better understand what is valued in other cultures and draw comparisons with their own.

Mrs Makiko Naito - Senior School Language Teacher

TIGS celebrated the Lunar New Year in February with our International students and students who currently study Mandarin.

Senior School Assembly was brought to life in a very different way to usual. A traditional Lion Dance accompanied by beating drums and cymbals entertained the students.

The Lions not only performed on stage, but also mingled with the students causing great excitement.

Students were treated to a traditional Chinese lunch of Shanghai dumplings, fried rice and spring rolls. The Junior and Senior School students thoroughly enjoyed lunch on the lawn while watching a lively Kung Fu demonstration.

WIN television was here to capture the event and interview our international students.

The enrolment of students from overseas has been a valuable addition to the curriculum offered at TIGS, adding an important dimension to the TIGS experience for its students.

Ms Sally Ann Gail - Manager, International


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Local and Global engagement

The annual TIGS Karobran Parents Luncheon was on again. Parents, Guardians and Grandparents of students in the Junior School were invited to celebrate the beginning of the New Year together.

The luncheon was held at the Seacliff Restaurant and guests enjoyed a delicious three course meal amongst beautiful ocean views and great company. Karobran were very lucky to have a fabulous guest speaker, Jodie Cooper speak on the day. Jodie is a local life coach, author, and motivational speaker, who has built a career in helping people find happiness. Jodie gave an inspiring speech about ‘Living joyfully…despite the daily grind.’

The luncheon was a great success. All who attended enjoyed the opportunity to meet and greet new families to the School and catch up with familiar faces and the staff of the School, essentially bringing our TIGS community together.

Mrs Narelle McRae - Director of Pastoral Care, Junior School



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The Illawarra Grammar School ABN 88 023 426 543. PO Box 225 Figtree NSw 2525 Australia

phone: 02 4220 0200 fax: 02 422 0201 www.tigs.nsw.edu.au

CRICOS No. 02300e

TI G S�e Illawarra Grammar School

TIGSFOUNDATIONLIMITEDInnovative Technologies AppealThe TIGS Library has been transformed into a facility that supports learning appropriate for the 21st Century. Our community is currently enjoying the new surrounds and we are thrilled by the “buzz” of excitement as both students and teachers are motivated to utilise this new space and all it has to offer.

TIGS Foundation is raising funds to enable the introduction of emerging and innovative 21st Century technology that will enhance teaching and learning throughout the School.

TIGS Foundation ensures that all of our students are given every opportunity to experience a remarkable education.

TIGS has a tradition of over 50 years of excellence in education. Many generous families and individuals have supported our School and their contribution to our community has proved invaluable. A donation to TIGS Foundation Limited ensures this tradition continues.

The aim of TIGS Foundation is to support and assist the School Council by encouraging and fostering the interest and the financial support of TIGS community.

Imagine your child learning through exploration and the utilisation of technology such as interactive tables, next generation iPads, 3D technology and interactive walls.

Please contribute to technology initiatives to provide your children with opportunities that will fundamentally shift their academic experience and make them better prepared for university and for life in the 21st Century.

Your generous contribution will go directly towards acquiring new technologies for TIGS Library including:

For more information please contact the School or TIGS Foundation email [email protected]

Technology Value3D Cameras (each) $500Next Generation iPads (each)


Interactive Wall $10,000Interactive Magix Table32 inch screen46 inch screen