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Reusing Qualitative Data for Teaching Purposes

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Reusing Qualitative Data for Teaching Purposes. ESDS Qualidata Teaching Pack. Bethany Morgan & Dimitris Vonofakos. ESDS Qualidata Teaching Pack. On-line teaching resource Focuses on distinguishing different types of interviewing styles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Reusing Qualitative Data for Teaching Purposes

  • Reusing Qualitative Data for Teaching Purposes

    ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackBethany Morgan & Dimitris Vonofakos

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackOn-line teaching resource

    Focuses on distinguishing different types of interviewing styles

    Highlights some of the most interesting and important collections from the Archive

    Designed to assist in qualitative methods teaching and research

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching Pack An Overview of the Resource

    Seven Interview TypesStructuredUnstructuredSemi-structuredFeministPsycho-socialOral historyLife story interviews


    Selected extracts

    Teaching activities

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackTeaching activities: a demonstrationTask: identify interviewing styleExample: a feminist interview transcript

    Feminist Interviews

    Womens experiencesOpenness of the projects aims and objectivesAssimilationBuilding a FriendshipReciprocation of ExperiencesIdentification and Sharing BeliefsHelping out/offering advice

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackExample 1 (p.1)Contextual information usually provided at the beginning of an interview pays particular attention to womens division of labour in the context given before the interview.

    There seems to be a clear division of labour at home. Husband just concentrates on his study and the wife is responsible for everything related to the whole family.

    1. Womens experiences:

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackExample 2 (p.8) On project aim and focus

    Int: This is one of the reasons of this project. Most of the foreigners think we Chinese, most of us, will go to see Chinese doctors when we fall ill and don't go to see the GPs. That is why the usage of the NHS -- the statistics are so low. That is why we want to find out the reasons. They wonder whether most of the Chinese people prefer to see Chinese doctors.2. Openness of the projects aims and objectives:

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackInt: [Respondent started to laugh] relax, it is alright [laughs]3. Assimilation:Example 3 (p.1) In the first moments of the interview

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching PackExample 4 (p.13)

    Resp: [Laughter] Yes, but I did not talk a lot. You might not think that as I talk a lot with you (laugh). Int: Yes, yes, I don't think you can't talk a lot. Resp: (laugh)4. Building a Friendship:

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching Pack5. Reciprocation of Experiences:Example 5 (p.4)Commenting on everyday domestic routine

    Int: Yes. My sister told me that being a housewife is very demanding, very hard.

    Example 6 (p.19-p.20)Resp:he suffers from asthma when the weather is not good ... Int: I have that too. Resp: You have that too. Ice-cold food is not good for asthma. But children can't resist ice-cold food. They need exercise in that kind of weather. Recently he hasn't taken the medicine. Do you use an inhaler? Int: I did.

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching Pack6. Identification and Sharing Beliefs:

    Example 8 (p.10)On first few months in the UK

    Int: How did you cope with it? Resp: I cried. After I cried for a few times, I felt better. If I did not feel good, I cried and then I felt alright. Int: Crying can help? Not for me. After crying, I still need a friend to talk with. Example 7 (p.14)On husbands ability to chat to different people

    Resp: I don't know how to chat with people like this. Int: Neither do I. (p14)

  • ESDS Qualidata Teaching Pack7. Helping out/offering advice:Example 9 (p.14)On husbands ability to connect with people

    Resp: He is capable of doing that. So he has a lot of friends. He has a lot of friends. Int: But I think you can do the same because you are also willing to chat with people.

    Example 10 (p.4)On job-hunting

    Int: But my previous flatmates from Taiwan, they were able to get some part time jobs. Have you tried?

  • Qualidata Teaching PackReusing Qualitative Data for Teaching Purposes