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COMPANY PROFILEIntroduction of the company Super Cassettes industries Ltd. Is the largest producer and publisher of music and video in India under world famous trade mark T-series. Whether it is original soundtrack from the movies or the ever-popular remix, old devotional bhajan or new age item numbers ,melodies from the 60,s or pop hits of 90,s glamorous music videos and big budget films, T-Series is the largest producer of them all. It is no wonder; the company has entered itself no. one recall in the Indian markets. This fact has been re enforced by AC Nielsen ORG-Marg consumer study. T-series music is heard, played and performed throughout India and other parts of the world by way of our sound recordings, videos or by performers. Today t-series controls more than 60% share of the Indian music market. Even in the international market t-series enjoys a turnover in excess of $4.2 million, and exports to 24 countries across six continents. Combined with Indias largest distribution network of over2500 dealers, our support system make us to take on the future. T-series TYPE: FOUNDED: HEADQUARTERS: FOUNDER: private 1983 Noida, India Lt Mr. Gulshan kumar




Mr. Bhushan kumar (chairman & M.D) Madam Sudesh kumara (director) Mr.Darshan kumar (director) Mr. Ved Channa (Directors) Mr. A.N Sehgal (Director) Mr. Vijay sachdeva (director) INDUSTRY: PRODUCTS: PARENTS: WEBSITE OF COMPANY: Music and entertainment Music and entertainment Super Cassettes industries Ltd. www.t-series


ABOUT FOUNDER Gulshan kumar,(August,12) was an Indian bollywood movie producer. He founded super Cassettes industries, a small video cassette pirating operation which soon grew to be very big. Later he started a music production company in noida, near Delhi. He is said to start the practice of exploiting a loophole in the Indian copyright law, and creating cover versions of popular songs. To counter exorbitantly priced poor-quality audio tapes which use to marketed by reputed music companies, Gulshan kumar brought out in the late 1970,s very reasonably priced music cassettes with adequate quality. He exported quality music cassettes when his business grew. Gulshan also introduced religious music cassettes at highly subsidized prices with the idea of promoting religion among fellow Hindus. He produced some movies and TV serials which covered Hindu Mythology. The Indian music industry use to be controlled by a few high profiled singers. Gulshan introduced young talented singers to the music world, Sonu Nigam, Anuradha paudwal and Kumar sanu being the prominent ones among them. He also introduced some new actors and music directors. Gulshan established a bhandara , serving a free style food to pilgrims who hiked to the hindu shrine of shree mata vaishnodevi. He become an example for Indian businessmen by sharing his wealth the community.


T-SERIES IN INDIAN FILM & MUSIC INDUSTRIES 42 HINDI FILMS ON THE FLOOR WHICH T-series holds the audio/video copyright. T-series counts among the biggest film release for 2004-05 and 2006. Big banner films production and theatrical distribution. Merchandising & big budget promotions. 1,482 exclusively signed artists.35000+audio tittles/ 2000 video tittles. Hindi film music -5800 film/ combination tittles. Extensive captive talent pool of authors composers and performance artists himesh reshammiya, Adnan Sami, Jagjeet sing, Lata mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam Bombay Viking etc, New tittles of music are added almost every day in our already existing vast catalogue.


Super cassette industries are diversified group of companies having a great deal of interest in the consumer electronics, appliances and electronic components. T-series main products lines are classified into1-consimer electronic (CE) 2-consumer appliances (CA) It includes small appliances classified as utilized. Consumer electronics includes color T.V, audio/video system and audio/video pre-recorded & blank cassettes & C,D. A technical collaboration with Hyundai digital courier has already started to bear fruits VCD players, introduced in India under T-series Hyundai brand, have established a strong presence in the market.


DIVISION MEDIA DIVISION CD DIVISION Super cassettes India ltd. The CD division was started with sole aim to provide high class at competitive prices. It has high end system for CD replication, with machines from NETSTAL (Switzerland).LEYOLD (Germany), and UUBIT (France). It has capability to produce 12 million CD,s annually or 70 CD,s/ minute, give the company a competitive advantage in these fact changing the market situation. AUDIO/VIDIO DIVISION It has 65% for itself. This division of super cassette industry limited has the feature of sourcing all the components in- house. 190 million audio/video cassettes per annum. CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DIVISION The kind of infrastructure allows this company to offer consumer electronics. SCI LTD. Is the first company to introduce CD players with built-in- amplifier. PLASTIC MOLDING DIVISION T-series is the organization that is able to all the components in the house. CHONHSONG (Hong Kong). JSM (Japan) and WINDSOR machines of t-series injection molding division. EXPORT DIVISION The list of exports are : Pre- recorded Audio/video cassettes Audio/video CD,s Television sets


Music deck Mobile phones The products of t- series group of industries available. Across Australia , Bangladesh, Singapore, Nepal, Hong Kong, srilanka, UAE, USA, Kenya, Japan. CINE PRODUCTION DIVISION Four full fledged studios, two in Mumbai and noida (Golden chariot studio, Sudeep studio, Laxmi studio, film center )are equipped with the 6-DXC-30P Sony camera set-ups, 32 channels, Mackie audio mixer, professional wireless communication system (Drake)and broadcast record.


AWARDS NATIONAL CITIZEN AWARD(1990) For the sterling contribution for the promotion of music and developing new twlents in the film industry. MOTHER INDIA NATIONAL AWARD It was presented by NRI institute, in the recognigation of the field of outstanding social achievements of Mr. Gulshan Kumar in all woks of life. LIMCA BOOKS OF RECORD AWARD(1992) For the phenomenal contribution of the field of music. VIJAY RATAN AWARD Given by the international friendship society of India.


Departmental profile (Finance and accounting department) The finance & accounts departments works as a judicious manager in distribution of available funds in an optimal manner for the organization as a whole on daily, month and annual basis and also a conscious book keeper for the company going through every transaction having financial implication with complete thoroughness without acceptance of liability. It is also look after the information requirements of the company and various statutory authorities in compliance of the applicable statutory provisions. The onus of ensuring companys provisions. The onus of ensuring companys various assets adequately insured is also with this department. FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENTS GENERAL ACCOUNTS This section is divided into two different subsection, viz. Raw material and stores accounting Personal related accounting


LITERATURE REVIEWWorking capital Funds needed for short term purposes for the purchase of raw material, payment of wages, and other day to day expenses, etc. These funds are known as working capital. Working capital also known as net current assets, it is the amount of funds necessary to cover the cost of operating the enterprises. It is the excess of current assets over current liabilities. All organization has to carry working capital in one form or the other. The efficient management of working capital is important from the point of both liquidity and profitability. Poor management of working capital means that funds are unnecessarily tied up in idle assets hence reducing the ability to invest in productive assets such as plant and machinery, so affecting the profitability. Working capital is the part of the firm capital which is required for financing short term or current assets such as cash marketable securities, inventories etc. So working capital is the amount of funds necessary to cover the cost of operating the enterprise. Thus working capital is the funds of capital, which are needed for short term purposes of raw material, payment of wages and other day to day expenses.


Working capital management Working capital in general practice refers to the excess of current assets over current liabilities. Management of working capital therefore, is concern with problems that arise in attempting to manage the current assets, the current liabilities and the inter-relationship that exists between them. In other words it refers to all aspects of administration of both current assets and current liabilities. The basic goal of working capital management is to manage the current assts and current liabilities of a firm in such a way that a satisfactory level of working capital is maintained means it is neither inadequate nor excessive. This is so because both inadequate as well as excessive working capital position is bad for any business. Inadequacy of working capital may lead the firm to insolvency and excessive working capital implies idle funds which earn no profit for the business. NEED OR OBJECT OF WORKING CAPITAL Working capital is required to sustain the sales activity. In case adequate working capital is not available the company will not be in position to sustain he sales since it may not be in position to purchase the raw material, components and spares, to pay wages and salaries, to incur day to day expenses and overhead costs such as fuel, power and office expenses, to meet the selling costs as packing, advertising, etc. to provide credit facilities to the customers and to maintain th