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  1. 1. Resume Writing
  2. 2. What to avoid: Lying! Using colorful backgrounds Loading up on keywords just for the sake of using them. misusing color, bolds, italics, underline No pictures! Or personal information (gender, age) Do not force it to be 1 page let it be! Contrary to above try to keep it under 3 pages Missing the opportunity to sell yourself - if you arent who will? Unnecessary content, including: References available on request Fluent in English I am looking for a job in / I would be a great addition..
  3. 3. Things to keep in mind On average a Corporate recruiter spends 5 seconds on a student resume before deciding if the resume is worth further review. o Grab your own resume and read out what you read in 5 seconds? Would you interview you? Use Spacing and formatting to help guide the interviewers gaze to the important info Color is okay, when used in a minimalized way (Only headers or side block, and nothing crazy) Sending your resume as a PDF ensures that formatting will be altered based on the viewers version of office. Make sure your email address is not from grade 6, its hard to sell your professionalism at
  4. 4. How to write the content Show the skills learned and practiced in your work experience o Try Five years of experience in ASP.Net development in a team based agile environment building several public facing websites o Instead of Great Team Player Used Agile Methodology Avoid the common sayings that everyone can say Avoid filling your resume with keywords that you think the recruiter wants to hear, without showing substance on how you use the skill
  5. 5. Using White Space to guide your eye
  6. 6. Showcasing Tech Skills List in order of strength, not order learned!
  7. 7. Show skills learned and applied in Job experience
  8. 8. LinkedIn, Looksharp, Github, etc. Today, with one quick google search, I can find our your entire history, pictures and old email addresses Make sure you know what your online story is saying You should google your name to see what pops up If you are not comfortable with some elements of your personal life being public, change your Facebook settings to private If you have an online portfolio, design or technical, keep it up to date and available
  9. 9. LinkedIn LinkedIn can be an excellent way to look for jobs when used correctly. This is your online resume, with bonus features for referrals and connections. Make all the connections you can! You never know who your connections will know Do not be passive on LinkedIn. If you are interested in a role, try and connect with employees from that organization. Ask thoughtful questions regarding the workplace environment. LinkedIn Tinder, eHarmony or
  10. 10. Creating your profile: Headline What not to do Choose something that is unique and clever (imagine if you had to sell yourself in one sentence- this should be it!) Ask your friends and colleagues how they would describe you Keep it brief. Remember this is a headline, not your summary (you can go into detail here) Refrain from using words like ninja, guru, master, wizard etc. (are you really? Probably not) What you should do:
  11. 11. Creating your profile - Experience: What not to do What you should do: Include your current Position, Company, and what youre specifically responsible for Make sure your current experience matches what youre doing (please dont be working somewhere from 5 years ago) Dont list ALL of your experience Add Media to enhance your experience (this includes photos, documents, videos and presentations) Dont be redundant!
  12. 12. What you should do: Creating your profile - Summary: What not to do Tell Your Story- And make it good (Think of this as a synopsis of your resume, keep it high level but detailed) Include key skills and experiences that you have attributed throughout your career Give a mission statement (Your summary should be a matching of who you are right now and where you are looking to go) Dont be boring
  13. 13. Say No to Bad Profile Pictures
  14. 14. Joining Groups + Starting Discussions Evaluate your interests and join groups that match (Think of Groups within LinkedIn like another meetup account- they can be a mix of professional and personal) Be strategic (If you know youre looking for an iOS job, join an iOS group) Say Something (Comment on Posts, Start Discussions, share something funny)
  15. 15. -Leverage Connections Ask for recommendations! Add Skills to your profile Endorse other people (chances are theyll endorse you too) Send invites to your colleagues from past interns/co-ops Make an introduction
  16. 16. For information on how to pass a technical Interview, please visit our Rock the Technical Interview Presentation.