RESTRICTED GIFTS & DONATIONS 2019-12-16آ  RESTRICTED GIFTS & DONATIONS It is with great appreciation

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    It is with great appreciation that we thank our parents, staff, friends, and foundations for their contribu- tions to Art and Music, Civil Rights Luncheon, Endowment, Financial Aid, Green-UNESCO Fund, Sports Uniforms, other restricted gifts and the Capital Campaign.

    Anonymous Robbye and Kevin Apperson Margo and Kevin Bates Helmut D. Bauer Tina Beneman René and Steven Bookoff Meg Meyer and Arthur Boyd William W. Broom, Jr. Gregg Campbell Tyler Campbell Tony Kline and Doug Clemens Betty J. and Francis A. Contino Joanna and David Cox Vicky D’Anna Carol and Sam Davis Ellen and John Dierkes Dworkin & Clemens of Cross Keys Dental Adam Ellis Edna Emmet Margaret and John Everett Clara Fenwick-Turner Sherry and Kevin Frick Charlton Friedberg Carolyn and Gilbert Frietag Laura and Dave Frietag Charlotte Geller-Warfield Fredye and Adam Gross Laura Williams and Dan Goldstein Lesley Malin and Scott Helm Debra Hettleman Liora and Greg Hill Taber and Richard E. Hook Robin and Don Hough Chaddie and Pat Hughes Jessie Hughes Dana Johns Susan and Richard Jones J. S. Plank & D. M. DiCarlo Family Foundation, Inc. Lisa Lebow Kaufman and Mark Kaufman Felisco and Willis Keeling Bettina Hufgard-Kirklighter and Scott Kirklighter Rebecca Hanson and Reid LaClair Gail Langstroth Jonna and Fred Lazarus Katherine Lewis Cecilia and Michael Liss Ellen and Lawrence Macks Joanne and Stephen Malin Georgia and Gerard Martin Dianne Schwartz and James Maza Jamie and Bill McDermond Ann and Cabra McDonnell Gabrielle and Bruce Miller Clare and John Miller Michael Alto and Robert Nauman Nina and Dave Noble Pam and Kevin O’Brien Dianne Orlinsky Dana Di Carlo and Scott Plank Kelly Emerson and Earle Pratt

    Jan and Michael Prenger Jane and Paul Robinson Linda and Zelig Robinson Kelly Ennis and Ari Rosenberg Rudolf Steiner Social Fund Carol Newill and Brough Schamp Georgia and Claude Smith Charlotte and Larry Snyder Regina and Terry Stancill Stanley S. and Lania Ullman Foundation Megan Steinbeck The Jack Frederick Memorial Fund of the Lutheran Community Foundation Krystia Thompson Susan Townsend Vicki Vaughn Vicky Westover Asukata Mao and Sanford Wu Leili and Ronnie Younts


    CIRCLE OF LIGHT FOUNDING MEMBERS It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we thank the following donors for their long term commitment of giving to the School.

    Joyful Light: 5 year commitment of $10,000 and above per year Lesley Malin and Scott Helm Chaddie and Patrick Hughes ORGANIC INDIA

    Shining Light: 5 year Commitment of $5,000-$9,999 per year Helmut D. Bauer Fredye and Adam Gross Dana DiCarlo and Scott Plank

    Radiant Light: $1,000 to $4,999 per year Anonymous Parents René and Steven Bookoff Sylvia Bookoff Barbara Bradshaw Geri Lynn Peak and Jeffrey Floyd Noris and Avi Friedman Bonny Eisenbise and Peter Hinderberger Jessie Hughes Kelly Emerson and Earle Pratt Susan Pratt

    OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS, INCLUDING MONTHLY PLEDGES Julie Albrecht Jaana Myllyluoma and Jim Burns Elizabeth Whitner and Larry Canner Rebecca Hanson and Reid LaClair Sarah Landon Matias Mugema Kevin and Pam O’Brien Lauren O’Brien Pat Whitehead Jane Wolfrum

    IT IS WITH DEEP GRATITUDE THAT WE ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING DONORS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS, GIFTS, AND SILENT AUCTION DONATIONS. Nancy Blackwell and Michael Allen Kathleen Anderson in honor of Owen V. Anderson Laurie and Will Anderson Anonymous (2) Anonymous in honor of Jessie Hughes Robbye Apperson Alexandrea Arnold Charles and Glenda Arnold Christina Sundvall and

    James Bartolomeo Jen and Joel Baumgartner Val and Joe Baumgartner in honor of Zoe and Lily Baumgartner Sharon Barkhouser Amanda Bergner Susan and Jeffrey Bergner in honor of Amanda Bergner and Riley McNeill Janet Billups Marc and Leonor Blum in honor of Chaddie Hughes René and Steven Bookoff in memory of Morris Bookoff Meg Meyer and Arthur Boyd in honor of Chaddie Hughes Jean Brackins in honor of Jolie Brackins Sally Jay and Craig Brackins Kathy Breen Sabrina Tapp-Harper and Tyrone Bristol Sherilyn Brinkman and Jeff Brotman Kia Burch Luetta Capra Alejandra Lorenzo and James Chang Yan Jiang and Guozhong Cheng Jane and Larry Cione David Clissold in memory of Nancy Kreiter Mary Lotspeich and Charles Confer Laura Connelly Mary Catherine Beach and Robert Connors Robert and Beverly Darlington James Denzler Joan and Stephen Denzler in honor of Barbara Denzler Jessica Dibb in gratitude for Josh Dibb’s attendance and with love for Daphne Janet DiCarlo Brian and Martha Donegan in honor of Chaya Cox Harriet Dopkin Carol Thomas Downing in memory of Paul Levin Jennifer Downs Virginia Efta in honor of Gail Ann Kuderko Jane and John Emory in honor of Abigail “Abby” Emory Susan and Clay Emory Charlotte Espinoza Felicia Far Kimberly and Chris Field June and Larry Fletcher Hill Geri Lynn Peak and Jeffrey Floyd Noris and Avi Friedman Sora and Harriet Friedman in honor of Noris Friedman’s birthday Carolyn and Gilbert Freitag Laura and Dave Freitag Diane Frederick in memory of Jack Frederick Kathleen Galloway in memory of Ed Galloway and Anders Sievers Andrea Gambardella in honor of Carol Steil Julie Gabrielli and Peter Garver Joyce and Max Geller in memory of Israel Geller Betsy Gilbert Meera Gittlesohn in memory of Mathura Debi Thapa & Chandra Badur Singh Thapa Lorraine Goldstein Laura Williams and Dan Goldstein Perry Gross Shelly and André Hackman Elizabeth Hall Sonya and David Hannan

    in honor of Matthew Hannan Lynn and Richard Hanson in honor of Nathan La Clair Gary Hemphill R. H. Hepinstall, MD Jane and Richard W. Hardy Susan Henry Eva Higgins Liora and Greg Hill in honor of our specialty teachers K.C. and Jayne Hopson Charlton Campbell Hughes Mary and Eugene Jackman in honor of Matthew Gilbert Lorrie and Jake Jakubik Jennie Rabinowitz and Dan Jamieson Charles Jamison Melissa Jencks Sheila and George Jennings in honor of Luella Rubin-Wiley Claire Jerram Mary Johns Victoria Joseph Chris Kang Jordan Karp in honor of Zoe Karp Lillian and Haig Kazazian in honor of our grandson, Matthew Hannan Fellisco and Willis Keeling Pace Kessenich in honor of Carol Steil and in honor of Sophia Kessenich Raymond and Jane King Betty Lou Koffel in honor of Claudia Christina Mokriski & Janet Mokriski Brown Jeanne Deignan-Kosmides Gail Ann Kuderko Rebecca Hanson and Reid LaClair Charlotte Landgraf Amanda Latimore Susan Lattimore Gay Legg Judith Lennox Hannah Levin in memory of Paul Levin Katherine Lewis Kathryn Lietz Cecilia Liss Doug List Lynette Locke Lori Macdonald in memory of Julia Rogalski Kathleen and James MacMillan, Jr. JoAnne and Stephen Malin Lorraine and Edmund Malvar Howard Mazer Martha McAllister Nina Jones and John McCauley Colleen McGlory Grace and John McGlory Martha and Hugh McLaughlin Claire Miller Patricia Duester and Greg Mueller Catherine Mulvihill Andrea and Joseph Naft Susanne Needle Shanti Noris Diane and Eric Orlinsky in honor of Sandra Snyder’s 70th birthday and in memory of Dr. Harold Hettleman and Marlene Koeppel JoAnne Orlinsky Bryn Parchman Melissa and Dennis Parker John Pierce James Pollitt, Jr. Diane Proctor Erin Purdie Margaret Rawle

    Brooke and Graham Redgrave Dr. William Reichel in memory of Rudolf Steiner Bernard Reiss Virginia Richardson Eva Roque Luz Marie and Robelay Roque in honor of Bianca Roque Charlene Roberts in honor of Ed Meade Darlene Robinson Kelly Ennis and Ari Rosenberg Kimberly Ross Sylvie and Stanley Rowen Elizabeth Lewis and Lewis Saunders Dr. Carol Newill and Brough Schamp Elizabeth Lipinsky and Daniel Schiavone Lynn Roberts and David Schneider Kenneth Schurberth Jennifer and Larry Schugam Mr. and Mrs. Marty Schugam Violet Michele McCabe and Violet Jacqueline Shipley in honor of Daphne Rain Williams Barbara and George Snead Jean Sobus Anna Sommerfelt Sajita Chaudry and Aniruhd Sridharan Emlyn Stancill Regina and Terry Stancill Carol Steil Megan Steinbeck in honor of John Steinbeck IV Kathleen Stroup Deborah (Saiyda) Strongheart Stone Elizabeth Succop Abbie Riddleberger and Ben Sutherland Linda Sutherland Tia and Dave Thompson in honor of Ethan Thompson Elodie Rabilloud and Matthew Thurber Susan Townsend Bernadette and Paul Trattner Jennifer Troy Michelle Sanji Kermes and Paul Turner Annette Lynn Khawane and Will Tyler in honor of Joseph Tyler Khawane Mav and Trevor Vaughn Janet Henry and Andres Vergara Mark Vidor Susan Wallendorf Brenda Stone and Dan Watson Jean Engelke and Rick White Pat Whitehead Paul Whitin Alice Wilkenfeld Barbara Creech Wilkenson Laura Williams Renee Blanding and Benjamin Wright Else and Bernie Wolf Carol Yoder

    Linda and Richard Zandler


    It is with great appreciation and grati- tude that we thank these organizations for goods and services they have contributed. ATHENA Atwaters Christar, Inc. Combined Charities of Maryland ECHO of Northrop Grumman Fresh Market

    Giant on 41st Street Giant on Wilkens Avenue Giant on York Raod Graul’s Market on Bellona Avenue Greenfield’s Nursery Konstant Candies MOM’s (My Organic Market) Nalley Fresh Number Ten Foundation ORGANIC INDIA Raphael Branch Reliable Printing Plates, Inc. Roots Family Farm Roots Market Safeway on Boston Street ShopRite Supermarket on W. Aylesbury Silver Lake Graphics, LLC Single Source Integrated Services, Inc. Trader Joe’s on Joppa Road Trader Joe’s on Reisterstown Road Weber’s Farm Wegmans Whole Foods on Fleet Street Whole Foods in Mt. Washington


    We warmly thank our parents, staff, and friends for the many material gifts