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  • 1. Brand Repositioning Story Presented By Group Number 6 Muzamil QuadirJunaid HassanImran Khan

2. MARLBORO changed its Sex . 3. Introduction Belonged to Philip Morris Inc. now Altria Group, Inc. Named after Great Marlborough Street Brand launched in 1924 as a womans cigarette Famous for its flavour, billboard advertisements andmagazine advertisements of the Marlboro Man. By 1992, Financial World ranked Marlboro the worldsNo. 1 most valuable brand, with a market worth of $32billion. In 2001 it was the most popular cigarette brand in theU.S. Placed at the 7th spot in the recent Millward BrownCompanys Top 100 brands in the world 4. Before Repositioning Slogan: Mild as MayHad a red band around the filter to hide lip stickstainsCalling it Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper fromYour Lips Tagline:-"Discerning feminine taste is nowconfirming the judgment of masculineconnoisseurs in expressing unanimous preferencefor the Aristocrat of Cigarettes. . . ." 5. Just one question mom 6. Have a Marlboro 7. Why Repositioning In 1950s the scientists arrived at a findingthat smoking causes lung cancer Filter cigarettes began to be perceived safer Cigarette manufacturers not in favour offiltered ones Low volume of sales Filtered cigarettes were cheaper to produce 8. Repositioning Philip Morris hires Chicago Advertising executiveLeo Burnett Used Cowboy images and increased frommarginal share to the 4th best selling Brand in aspan of 1 year 9. Marlboro man 10. . 11. Sponsoring Formula 1 Racing 12. Marlboro is safer 13. In 1962 "Come to where the flavor is . . . Come to Marlboro Country 14. Year 1971 CIGARETTE ADS BANNED Cowboy made a smooth transition to printand billboards since he never said anythinganyway. 15. Cowboy used in antismoking campaign in France Philip Morris sued them and their ads were offthe print 16. ISSUES The real cowboys have died of smokingrelated diseases like lung cancer, emphysemaand strokes So did Philip Morris 17. Your opinion Is it right to mislead people to believe thatsmoking provides MACHO Image for men? 18. THANK YOU