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  1. 1. Where A True Champion Rises Who:OntarioReignTicketStaff What: Managers,ExecutivesandInside SalesReps.will be battlingitoutforthe topspot inthe World Cup Standings.Thiscontestwillbe basedonNew Full SeasonTicketSalesandgeneratingnew revenue for the 2014-15 FSE base. Timeline:May19th June 11th @ 5 p.m. How this is going to play out: Each teamthat iscompetinginthe 2014 WorldCup will be assigneda specificdollaramount.Forexampleone of the bestteamsgoingintothe tournamentisGermanythey are goingto be valuedat$1,000 a lesserteamsuchas Australiawill be valuedat$100. Once the full seasonticketcompetitioniscomplete@5 p.m. onJune 11th we will be conductinga draft.Basedon your total revenue soldduringthistimelineyouwill be able tobidonthe servicesof differentcountries. The priorityof the draftwill be basedonyourtotal revenue soldduringthe contest. Example Brad sells$7,500, Andrew$7,000, Chrisand Johnsell $6,000, Stevie $5,500, Alexis$5,000, Willy$4,500 and Dereksells$3,000. Brad will getfirstpickonthe teamhe wouldlike topickthen Andrew,then Chrisandsoon (if there isa tie thenthe tie-breakerwill gotothe repthat has soldmore revenue forthe 2014-15 season). Afterthe firstroundof draftinga countryconcludesthenwe will move toasecondroundand continue thisprocess. AddedBonus: If you close a seasonticketsale basedoff anarenatour thenyouwill receive anadditional$500 If you close a sale off of a referral youreceive anadditional $250
  2. 2. The Prize 1st Place The winningteamfromthe WorldCup will receive .2Ticketstothe LA Galaxyvs. ManchesterUnitedGame on July23rd at the Rose Bowl plusa jerseyof yourchoice (USA jersey, Redlandsnative &LA Galaxystar LandonDonavan,or anyone of yourchoice) 2nd Place The runner-upwill receive2 Ticketstothe LA Galaxyvs. ManchesterUnitedGame on July 23rd at the Rose Bowl 3rd Place 3rd place inthe WorldCup will receive4ticketstoanLA Galaxygame of yourchoice (subject to availability) 4th place 4th place inthe WorldCupwill receive2ticketstoan LA Galaxygame of your choice (subject to availability) Extras!!! Team withthe individual playerwholeadsthe tournamentingoals 2 ticketsto the LYAO Comedy Showat CBBA on July26th Most YellowCards 4 ticketsto the LA Temptationvs.Seattle MistonAugust2nd at CBBA Most Red Cards 2 AngelsTicketVouchers Most amountof cornerkicks - $20 giftcard to HolidayCaf FirstTeam to Score 5 goalsinone game - $$25 giftcard to cornerbakery Team thatlostby the biggestblowout - $15 giftcard to Caf Calato *Its Anyones Game * Country Value
  3. 3. $4,000 Spain, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina $2,500 Switzerland, Uruguay, Columbia, Italy $1,000 Greece, Belgium, England, France $750 USA, Netherlands, Chile, Ghana $400 Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Algeria, Costa Rica $300 Croatia, Cote DIvoire, Cameroon, Bosnia $200 Japan, Australia, Korea Republic, Iran Leaderboard Derek- $12,170 Chris- $9,230 Willy- $7,040 Alexis- $5,170 Andrew - $4,950 John- $3,780 Brad- $2,740 Stevie - $2,400