Reflection Paper on the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Reflection Paper on One Flew over Cuckoo's Nest.


Reflection on One Flew Over Cuckoos NestCaa, Analyn C.III-9 BS PsychologyReflection Paper on One Flew Over Cuckoos NestThere is a thin line between normal and abnormal. R.P Mc Murphy is a normal person even though he is suspected to be insane that is why he is admitted to a mental hospital. Despite the fact that he is admitted to asylum, he was able to feel the freedom from the jail where he came from, and was able to interact with his inmates in the institution. Thus, while having a group meeting he was able to observe the actions of other inmates and see what the problem is. He was able to play basketball, cards, go fishing and establish relationship or connections with them. On the other hand, Chief has established insanity because of pretending that he is deaf and unable to speak, in which the product of pressure inside the asylum and the staffs working there. But then, even if he is schizophrenic, deaf, and unable to speak he was able to observe his inmates and knows how they interact with each other. Therefore, insanity can be acquired by a person if he/she is being pressured by the environment he is in as well as the people that he encounters.For me, the thing that Mc Murphy must have done to avoid his tragic death is that he does not underestimate the power Nurse Ratched, who has influence inside and out of the institution, someone who can do and that he must not been so confident that he can change all the things that he does not like inside the institution. In addition, Chief should have let his so-called savior, Mc Murphy, live even if he experiences severe physical pain.In my own opinion, the main character has benefitted in the counseling or the group meeting that has been done inside the institution because with the use of it he was able to observe the way his inmates react and talk to one another. Although, for me, the group meeting does not give help to the people who is mentally-ill because Nurse Ratched does not give an intervention regarding to the concern of the inmates who is being the topic of the meeting but let the inmates quarrel with one another and did nothing but just stare to those people. During the group counseling, the nurse just manipulates the fear and desires of the inmates that is why some just nod while some keeps their mouth shut. The so-called group meeting makes Nurse Ratched achieve her personal goal which is orderliness and power over the inmates.In relation to Abnormal Psychology, I was able to observe the way people with mental illness behave unlike with the normal behavior the regular people do. There are actions and behavior being done by those who are disturbed people, mentally-ill individual and those with traumatic experience. I was able to witness how a mentally-ill person behaves when there is someone who is manipulating them. With the help of the movie, I become aware of some abnormal behaviors and using it I will judge less those who belongs to the people with unusual actions. Thus, the knowledge I gained will be a great help especially when I pursue my studies to be a licensed Guidance Counselor. As a Guidance Counselor I will surely encounter some cases that concerning mental illness and abnormal behavior. In addition, I realized that there is really a quiet thin line between normal and abnormal.


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