Redefining Customer Analytics in a Digital World

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2. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY.BUT EVERYONE ACCEPTS THE GOLDEN RULE DATA TOOLS (ETL) DATA WAREHOUSE MODELING & BI STEP DATA WAREHOUSE Applications 3. WHAT IS THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE THAT HAS TO BE ADDRESSED? Applications Data itself needs to be managed differently at the start of the process. Applications today save/explode the data associated with a customer event all over the data center. What is required is a single record for each customer event that contains all the relevant data associated with that interaction. 4. IMAGINE IF THIS APPROACH WAS APPLIED TO A GLOBAL RETAIL BANK What would this mean to the business? How would this impact IT? What would be the impact to the overall cost of delivery? Banking Borrowing Investing Insurance Business Units Real-time view of customer interactions across all digital touch-points 5. CAPTURING THE DATA WITHOUT MODIFYING ANY APPLICATIONS The end-user initiates a transaction. Each transaction is uniquely tagged with a bar-code. The bar-code is monitored and used to capture data across each tier of technology. 100% of customer event transactions are created and housed in a big data store. Transactions are stored in their raw state. 6. FURTHER WORK IS REQUIRED Example (for discussion purposes) - Record 1 Business Unit Retail Investments Channel Type Web Customer Number 135-79-2468 Customer Name John Smith Customer Type Diamond Date/ Time 3/1/2015 9:00 Transaction Type Fund Transfer Account From Investment Account Amount $1,000,000 Transfer To Fidelity How Many Times Has This Occurred in Last 90 Days? 3 What other services does the customer use? Mortgage, Credit Cards, Retail Banking Current Weather Heavy Snowstorms Dashboards R E A L - T I M E STEP 1 Initial Data Capture STEP 2 Data Cleansing STEP 3 Augmentation System Alerts Third Party Visualization Tools 7. THIS CAN BE DONE. CASE STUDY: LARGE NORTH AMERICAN UTILITY Install software & design analytics Capture & store 100% of transactions in real-time Work with tool to cleanse transactions Finalize analytics design and rules WEEK 6 Produce real-time, interactive dashboards WEEK 1 WEEK 2-3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 Real-time view of customer activity across all digital touch-points Real-time dashboards illustrate customer behaviors impact to satisfaction Individual customer activity records relayed to call centers with past 24 hours of cross-channel activity 8. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Faster Business Results Reduced IT Risks Reduced Costs 9. OPTIERS LEGACY ACT Founded 2003 Lead end-to-end performance management software industry Patented ACT technology DNA for Analytics 8 of 15 of the worlds largest banks. 4 of 6 of the worlds largest telecommunication companies. 2 of 5 of the worlds largest credit card companies. 2 of 10 of the largest U.S. insurance companies. 10. THE OPTIER 8-WEEK ANALYTICS CHALLENGE In just 8 weeks, OpTier can provide you with a detailed record of every customer interaction across 2 business units analyzed to address a specific business problem. Email to determine if your company qualifies.


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