Real-time IGS Network Management and Data Exchange Interfaces Georg Weber, BKG, Germany IGS Analysis Center Workshop, Miami Beach, Florida, 2-6 June 2008.

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  • Real-time IGSNetwork Management andData Exchange Interfaces

    Georg Weber, BKG, Germany

    IGS Analysis Center Workshop, Miami Beach, Florida, 2-6 June 2008

  • UDP Relay BroadcastRelays operated by JPL, NRCan, GA, ESOC, and GFZ since 2003Network management, data exchange and software provided by NRCanSystem description and status information at

  • NTRIP Broadcast2003: Permanent operation for EUREF & IGS2004: RTCM Recommended Standard2006: Operated at URL www.igs-ip.net2008: UDP Relay NTRIP Interface of Pilot Project 140 streams from 54 providers92 IGS, 9 prop. IGS, 29 Miscellaneous, 10 Test~40 via UDP from NRCan, ~100 from NTRIP resources~1000 registered users, ~40 active every dayOpen Source sw for NtripClient, NtripServer, NtripCaster, stream decoding and conversion

  • FeaturesAutomated online stream user registrationOpen data policyOnline stream provider registrationMonitoring: corrupted streams, outages, latencies, meta-data, no post-processingAlarm system: Notice Advisory to Broadcaster User (NABU)ROB:

  • Distribution

  • Limits200+ streams 1000 simultaneously listening clientsNeed regional broadcast servicesGA Australia & UNSW, EUREF Europe, CORS/PBO U.S.A, SIRGAS South America?Need thematic (re-)broadcast services for specific communitiesOrbit/clocks, ionospher, troposphere

  • Formats and Transport ProtocolsSOC: unlikely to be upgraded to GNSSRTCMv3: one code per frequencyAdapt (or develop?) other format to include all GNSS observables with app. resolutionCandidates Format: RTCM & BINEX, Transport: NTRIP & UDP Relay

  • Near Real-time ApplicationsUsually dont need access to broadcast serviceInterest in 5...15min high-rate RINEX filesUpload of RINEX from stream conversion to GDCUsers should understand specifics of stream formats

  • Summary of current deficienciesRTIGS Web representationUser and stream provider registrationPrecise coordinates for non IGS stationsNTRIP Interface UDP RelayFormat & transport protocol for orbits/clocks, observationsBilateral (protected) stream exchangeMore (Re-)Broadcast to share expected workloadUpgrade all IGS stations to real-time, close gapsEnd-to-end backup conceptMind: RTIGS is not only about orbit/clock estimation


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