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Ready, Set, Global!. An Assessment of Globalization in High School Curricula. Allison Meeks December 1, 2009. Research Question. Are high schools providing a global education to their students and is it affected by outside factors?. Thesis. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Ready, Set, Global!An Assessment of Globalization in High School CurriculaAllison MeeksDecember 1, 2009

  • Research QuestionAre high schools providing a global education to their students and is it affected by outside factors?

  • ThesisGlobal education is necessary in high school education; however the number of elements can be affected by geographic and socioeconomic factors.

  • Literature ReviewWhat is Global education?Hard to defineBales (2004) and Tye (1993), (2003)Common understanding that all are connectedWaltzer and Heilman (2005)

    Why the need for Global Education?Economic SecurityBell-Rose and Desai (2006)Parker (2008)The Committee on Prospering in the Global Economy (2005)National SecurityParker (2008) Burak (2003)Tye (2003)

  • Literature ReviewExamples of Global EducationTye and Tye (1993)Ady (1999)Fujikane (2003)

    U.S. Policy and Global EducationNot required but encouragedInternational Education Week (2008)

  • TheoryConsensus Theories (Daun 2002)Society is held together by shared valuesAllocation of the most talented people to highest positionsNeglects outside social factorsNot everyone starts on equal footing

    Conflict TheoryEducation is directly affected by socioeconomic factors (Daun 2002)Bordieu (1986) Economic capital, social capital, cultural capitalResistance Theory (Giroux 2001)

    Globalization and EducationInterdisciplinaryUse of technology has made education more accessible

  • MethodologyChicago area high schoolsCourse description books were collected from websiteCoded for:Technology Word, Microsoft, Excel, Desktop Publishing, etc.Multi and Cross Cultural Concepts Literature, Forms of Government, Economics, etc.Non-western Languages

    TYPEURBANSUBURBANFRINGEPUBLICPublic urbanPublic SuburbanPublic FringePRIVATEReligious UrbanReligious SuburbanReligious FringePrivate UrbanPrivate SuburbanPrivate Fringe

  • MethodologyStrengthsNeed to know what is available in order to change anything.Current and relevant topic

    WeaknessesOnly in ChicagoLimited availability Does not measure how effective global education is.

  • FindingsBreakdown of Schools by Location and Type



  • FindingsFigure 1: Elements of Global Education on a Per School Basis: Public v. Private

  • FindingsFigure 2: Elements of Global Education on a Per School Basis and Percent Low Income of Public Schools

  • FindingsSIZEPrivate



    SIZEMULTICULTRUALTECHNOLOGY< 1000 STUDENTS27471000< BUT > 20003779.5> 2000 STUDENTS4195.75

  • DiscussionPublic Schools in this assessment did the best job of providing global education opportunities.Differences in FundingLocationLanguagesDifferences in SizeDifference in writing styleChanges take time

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