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ACCREDITATIONS EDUCATION Office MS Project Illustrator Photoshop Indesign Autocad Revit Navisworks Rhinoceros SOFTWARES I learned English during preschool and I continue to practice it though college and during high school I took 2 years of French. ENGLISH 100% ESPANISH 100% LANGUAGES EXPERIENCE FRENCH 25% BACHELOR’S IN ARCHITECTURE 5TF is a company that designs, fabricates and construct architectural interiors. My responsibilities where to create processes, templates and formats to develop the project management framework for the company. Working with FR-EE I developed the framework for BIM projects, I also worked on projects that because of the building’s geometry they were consider complex and I worked on the design teams for buildings envelopes. When I was working for Liverpool department stores I coordi- nated the activities required to manage remodeling projects, I developed projects from the conceptual design, through construction phase. When I was working with Arquitectura Experimental, I devel- oped the design for projects of small scale. After that, I participated as in the design team for projects that required parametric design because of the complex geometries. 5TF | Nov 14 - [www.cincotallerfabril.com] PROJECT MANAGER FR·EE | Oct 13 - Sep 14 [www.fr-ee.org] BIM MANAGER Liverpool | 2013 [www.liverpool.com.mx] PROJECT LEADER AE | May 2010 - Dec 2012 PROJECT ARCHITECT http://www.usgbc.org/people PMP#: 1905958 PMI® | PMP® https://certification.pmi.org/registry.aspx GBCI#: 11007944 USGBC® | LEED® AP BD+C Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City Jan 2006 - Dec 2010 Universidad de los Andes Summer 2009 DESIGN WORKSHOP IN HISTORIC PLACES LIVERPOOL ANGELOPOLIS FACADE, AE, Design/Plans, http://plusmood.com/2012/07/liverpool-angelopo lis-facade-jsa/ JUAREZ C.C., FR - EE, BIM/Facade Design, http://www.fr-ee.org/project/26/Juarez+C.C. PROJECTS BIOGRAPHY I am a Mexican architect, I studied at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. I have worked as a designer, BIM manager and I am currently working as a project manager. I like to play the guitar, read books and walk with my dogs. Parametric Design BIM Project Management Scheduling Sustainable Design Building Envelope Design Project Budgets Architectonic Design Project Evaluation SKILLS (044) 871 202 0453 [email protected] RAUL CHAVEZ BACHELOR’S IN ARCHITECTURE

Raul Chavez Architect Portfolio + Resume

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Portfolio and resume

Text of Raul Chavez Architect Portfolio + Resume

  • A C C R E D I T A T I O N SE D U C A T I O N

    O c eM S P r o j e c tI l l u s t r a t o rP h o t o s h o pI n d e s i g nA u t o c a dR e v i tN a v i s w o r k sR h i n o c e r o s

    S O F TW A R E S

    I learned Engl ish dur ing preschool and I cont inue to

    pract ice i t though col lege and dur ing high school I took 2

    years of French.

    E N G L I S H1 0 0 %

    E S P A N I S H1 0 0 %

    L A N G U A G E S

    E X P E R I E N C E

    F R E N C H2 5 %

    B A C H E L O R S I N A R C H I T E C T U R E

    5TF is a company that des igns , fabr icates and construct

    architectural inter iors . My responsibi l i t ies where to

    create processes , templates and formats to develop the

    project management f ramework for the company.

    Working with FR-EE I developed the f ramework for B IM

    projects , I a lso worked on projects that because of the

    bui ldings geometry they were consider complex and I

    worked on the design teams for bui ld ings envelopes .

    When I was working for L iverpool department stores I coordi-

    nated the act iv i t ies required to manage remodel ing projects , I

    developed projects f rom the conceptual des ign, through

    construct ion phase.

    When I was working with Arquitectura Exper imental , I devel -

    oped the design for projects of smal l scale . After that , I

    part ic ipated as in the design team for projects that required

    parametr ic des ign because of the complex geometr ies .

    5 T F | N o v 1 4 - [ w w w . c i n c o t a l l e r f a b r i l . c o m ]

    P R O J E C T M A N A G E R

    F R E E | O c t 1 3 - S e p 1 4 [ w w w . f r - e e . o r g ]

    B I M M A N A G E R

    L i v e r p o o l | 2 0 1 3 [ w w w . l i v e r p o o l . c o m . m x ]

    P R O J E C T L E A D E R

    A E | M a y 2 0 1 0 - D e c 2 0 1 2

    P R O J E C T A R C H I T E C T

    h t t p : / / w w w . u s g b c . o r g / p e o p l eP M P # : 1 9 0 5 9 5 8

    P M I | P M P

    h t t p s : / / c e r t i c a t i o n . p m i . o r g / r e g i s t r y . a s p xG B C I # : 1 1 0 0 7 9 4 4

    U S G B C | L E E D A P B D + C

    U n i v e r s i d a d I b e r o a m e r i c a n a M e x i c o C i t y J a n 2 0 0 6 - D e c 2 0 1 0

    U n i v e r s i d a d d e l o s A n d e s S u m m e r 2 0 0 9

    D E S I G N W O R K S H O P I N H I S T O R I C P L A C E S

    L I V E R P O O L A N G E L O P O L I S F A C A D E , A E , D e s i g n / P l a n s , http://plusmood.com/2012/07/ l iverpool-angelopo lis- facade- jsa/

    J U A R E Z C . C . , F R -E E , B I M / F a c a d e D e s i g n , http://www.fr -ee .org/project/26/Juarez+C.C.

    P R O J E C T S

    B I O G R A P H Y

    I am a Mexican architect , I s tudied at Univers idad Iberoamericana in Mexico City . I have worked as a des igner , B IM

    manager and I am current ly working as a project manager . I l ike to play the guitar , read books and walk with my dogs.

    P a r a m e t r i c D e s i g nB I MP r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n tS c h e d u l i n gS u s t a i n a b l e D e s i g nB u i l d i n g E n v e l o p e D e s i g nP r o j e c t B u d g e t sA r c h i t e c t o n i c D e s i g nP r o j e c t E v a l u a t i o n

    S K I L L S

    (044) 871 202 0453

    raul [email protected] l .com


  • Shelter For The ImmigrantsThis contest aims to provide a space where immigrants who cross Mexican soil in direction to the United States can: rest, recover, prepare and meet their needs on their journey to the north.The ability to retain migrants by Mexican authorities on their way to the United States, according to datadecreases year by year, increasing the percentageof immigrants in Mexico.With this conclusion, the project focuses on creatinglargest amount of built-up area, with the lowest cost ofmaintenance, to meet the demand for spaces.

    Volumetric study to respond to ,local laws, site conditions, program and sunlight

    Maximum built-up area according to height limits

    Volume form according tosunlight

    Control of openings accordingto program

    Relations openings - solidaccording to program

    Study of the perimeter of the built-up area to achieve the largest facade


























































    Perimeter = 92.52m Perimeter = 91.26m Perimeter = 76.35m Perimeter = 60.22m

    Perimeter = 44.07m Perimeter = 93.24m

    Perimeter = 62.51m Perimeter = 42.6z6m Perimeter = 60.38m Perimeter = 79.00m

    Perimeter = 73.88mPerimeter = 72.10m

    Relationship immigrants in Mexico - Detained immigrants52%



    d im



    s x




    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

    53% 51% 48% 45%


    13 Arquine Competition: Shelter For The Displaced

    Type of Project: Competition

  • Plans

    Site Plan


    1m 3m 5m 28m

    2m 4m 10m


    Floor Plan

    Floor 2

    Floor 1



    a a

    Baggage Room




    Consulting Room



    Dining room


    The ground oor is reached by a lobby where people are received, there is a luggage storage room since security policies do not allow the access of luggage to the shelter. On the ground oor are places to meet basic needs: bathrooms and dining-room, recreational needs: living room and spiritual needs: a chapel.

    The 2nd. oor is the most private area of the project.Three rooms with bunk beds allow occupancy of 106 people.The division of rooms, allows them to be designated by gender,a security policy.Two bathrooms and two rooms with showers serve theoccupants.

    In the 1st. oor are the public areas that are related to the administration and care for immigrants. The oces and the bedroom are related to the administration, while clinics and workshops, providing assistance to immigrants, so they can be in better conditions for their trip.

  • Project Views

    Top image:Exterior view.

    Bottom left image:View of courtyard, where information boards are displayed to aid immigrants in their trip. The courtyard is determined by a study that allow thebiggest facade possible, to iluminate and ventilate naturally all spaces.

    Bottom right image:View from inside the chapel.

    Section A-A

  • Dynamic Facade-ProgramThis competition proposed remodeling an iconic Moscow cinema.The first I had in mind was the idea of creating a place where people not only could see movies, but create a place where you can: talk about films, study films, discuss about films, research films, live films from a protagonist point of view and not as mere spectator admiring a work of art.The building height was determined by the maximum amountpermitted by Moscow urbanization laws, these allow us tocreate a really complete program. The facade is made ofCorian boards, which can rotate in x, y and z program, to control sunlight and temperature.

    Changing The Face: Pushkin Cinema

    Type of Project: Competition Credits: Fernando Mena

    New Geometry

    Space Organization According To Spacial Relationships And Volume Geometry

    External Facade Response According To Solar Incidence - Temperature

    Axonometric: Dinamic Facade Mecanism Section

    Actual Cinema Theatre

    CORIAN board150/30/12mm

    200/200/4mm steel RHS

    200/200/4mm steel RHSsteel plate galvanized

    200/200/4mm steel RHS

    12mm toughened-glass balustrade,handrail: stainless-steel channel

    aluminium clamp

    100/50mm steel channel

    300/150/4mm steel RHS

    electric motorrotating system

    300/300/4mm steel RHS

    300/300/4mm steel RHS

    CORIAN board368/93/12mm

    30/30 mm steel SHS

    Extrude OperationLayering Programs Different Level Form To Create Spacial Realationships Space Arrangement

    Public Space

    Private Space

    Green Area

    Sun IncidenceFrom SummerToWinter

    TemperatureDistributionWith ANormalFacade

    TemperatureDistributionWith A DinamicFacade

    X & YAxisMovementOn FacadePanels

    Z AxisMovementOn FacadePanels

  • Plans

    cinema libraryscreening room

    Level 12

    lecture courtyardscreening room

    Level 13

    360 cinema

    Level 14


    Level 11silence room

    Level 10restaurant

    Level 9

    screening roomoffice

    Level 8


    Level 7

    image lab

    Level 6

    debate courtyard

    Level 5

    documental room

    Level 4


    Level 3


    Level 2

    urban garden


    Floor Plan 5m1m4m 10m


  • 12 3

    Top Image: View of the building from Pushkin Square.The Coraian boards, respond tothe sunlight morphing into dierentform, through a mechanism that allowsa x, y and z rotation.Light and temperature sensorsgive instructions to microcontrollers,that allow the building to respond toMoscows extreme weather.

    Middle Image: View from the oorlevel. The dynamic facade allow to have amicroclimate inside the building,where an interior garden contrast,with this highly urbanized area.

    Bottom Left Image: Night view fromPushkin Square.At night, lms are projected to thetranslucent Corian boards, displayinglms to the Pushkin Square area.

    Bottom Right Image:View of an image lab, where lmmakercan study-discuss lms.

  • Creating PathsLouis Barragans House-Studio is the only 20th centuryhouse declared world heritage. This competition propose a public area with an art center to regenerate Tacubayas zone, creating a relationship between the house and Constituyentes subway station.The subway exit, the sidewalk near Constituyentes Street, the area next to the electrical substation, the acces to the corridor to Barragan House -Studio and the access to Chaplutepecs Park, resembles MexicoCity complexity, which creates multiple parks, whichinterwine to create a collage of spaces.

    Barragans Foundation Competition

    Type of Project: Competition Credits: AE - Mario Najera

    Primary Path Secondary Path Plum Tree

    Green WallGrass





    Points Of OperationDirection OfDeformations

    Volume AVolume B

    Volume AVolume BPaths

    Section of the Art Center

    Points Of OperationsIn Site To Create Conditions ForPaths

    Placing BuildingsFor Creating Different Conditions

    Final Paths Plant Palette

    Modifying BuildingsTo MantainPaths

  • 12 45





    8 10


    LEVEL 1








    Art Center Plans





  • Top Image:The view of the modeloffers a completeimage of the project.The project takes peoplefrom Barragans House-Studio to the subway.

    Middle Image:The night view showsthe open cinema.Night light reveals thecirculations.

    Bottom Left Image:A day view from the park.A wall is used for artexpositions.

    Bottom Right Image:View from the street,General FranciscoRamirez, where LuisBarragans Studio islocate.

  • Brand Point CloudFor this project they asked us for a commercial area, locatedin the courtyard of a shopping center.Due to the nature of the project, we decided to create a space, through different layers, which represented this brand literally, by expressing the idea of a bear contained by a box, wrapped as a gift.The maximum buildable area was extruded to create a crystal box, where two tensioned fabric wrapped a bear-shaped lights.The point cloud is generated by the intersection of lines whichemerge from the roof and generate points of intersection, with the silhouette of a bear.


    Type of Project: Client - Fredo by Martinez & SordoCredits: AEStatus of the Project: In Process

    a a

    Maximum Buildable Area Cristal Container

    Inner EnvelopeOuter Envelope


    Plan - Section A-A

    Layering Of Elements

  • Top Image: Night view of the project, where the light become protagonist. From the outside, one can see the silhouette of a teddy bear. This illumination serve as a brand logo for the store and also illuminates the store.

    Bottom Left Image: During the day, the silhouette of the teddy bear is only suggested, due to contrast with sunlight. The glass cube becomes more evident because of sunlight, revealing all the layers.

    Bottom Right Image: The inside of the store appears as an over contained space, within several layers of containment. The glass cube contains an inner and an outer fabric envelop, which contains a bear.

  • Left Image: Day view fromthe parking tothe area whereno entrance isavailable. Thiscreates a condition toopen and bend.

    Right Image: Day view of thearea where thefacade ends.The sudden change reinforcesthe idea of anexterior skin,covering a building.

    Liverpool: Perisur

    Type of Project: Competition Credits: JSA Arquitectos - AE

    Bending - Opening For Light Control This project came by an invitation from JSA architecture office for a competition. The client is an Mexican apartment store called :Liverpool, which wanted to remodel their store facade, and extend the store. The faced is based on a parametric model, which uses light input to perform different bending and opening along the facade to control light, according to what the store program requires. The facade was thought as an exterior skin, which surrounds a glass facade.

    Bending Control(Schematic by JSA Arquitectos)

    Opening Control(Schematic by JSA Arquitectos)

    Opening Secuence(Schematic by JSA Arquitectos)

    Night Light(Schematic by JSA Arquitectos)

    Sunlight Control(Schematic by JSA Arquitectos)

    Focal Points For Opening - Bending According To Program - Solar Incidence(Schematic by JSA Arquitectos)

    (Render by JSA Arquitectos) (Render by JSA Arquitectos)

  • Top Image:(Render by JSA Arquitectos) Night view of the proyect, where night light filters through the openings, creating an opposite effect to the day light. While in the day, light is filter to the inside, on the night the light is filter outside.

    Middle Image:(Render by JSA Arquitectos) Day view of the apartment store: Liverpool. This view gives the idea, of a continuous facade, which change according to given parameters.

    Bottom Image:(Render by JSA Arquitectos) Day view of a service entrance, where stores get their supplies. The service area, forces the structure to close and maintain unfolded to hide this space from public.

  • Absolut Elevator

    Type of Project: Client - Pernod RicardCredits: AEStatus of the Project: Under Construction

    Geometric Gradient For this project, we where asked for a promotional area in an elevator. Working inside an elevator, was a challenging project because of its properties:Such a small space, with little possibility of intervention; because of security issues. These conditions lead us to create an inner skin, where openings and solids establish the space conditions. These conditions are created by light that emerges from the geometric gradient pattern generated by a parametric design, determined by a distance attractor.


    1 MDFRoutedSheet




    Creating A Gradien

    0.5mElevators Wall

    Transparent Acrilic

    Steel Sheet

    1 Routed MDF

    Steel Section


  • Top Image: Front fish eye view from the inside of the elevator. The geometry vanishes from right to left. This create specific conditions of illumination, in a relatively small space, as an elevator.

    Bottom Left Image: From the top, the gradient appearance of the geometries into a silhouette of a Absolut Vodka bottle becomes clearer. There is a vanishing effect of light, into a dark area with a sudden change to a illuminated zone, where the bottle appears.

    Bottom Right Image: From the bottom, the affect of light on the steel plates are more evident. The reflective property of steel and its blurriness creates unclear reflections of the light emanated from different size holes.

  • Jameson Elevator

    Type of Project: Client - Pernod RicardCredits: AE S.C.Status of the Project: In Process

    Image Sampling For this project, the main idea center on the process of image sampling, to help us reinforce the Jamesonsbrand image. A grid of points was created over an image of old barrels of Jamesons Irish Whiskey. This point sampled the image for brightness values, and this values determined the circles diameters. This circles were controlled by mathematical easingequations, that allowed a greater control over them. These circles determined the openings, where light filtrated revealing an image.



    Image Sampling

    0.5mElevators Wall

    Transparent Acrilic

    Steel Sheet

    1 Routed MDF

    Steel Section


    1 MDFRoutedSheet



  • Top Image: Front fish eye view from the inside of the elevator. The holes revealing an image, becomes awkward because of the splice of an image represented on a 3D space vs. a rectangular surface.

    Bottom Left Image: From the top, the small holes become more evident, these holes respond to quite different brightness values in the sampled photograph, reinforcing the 3D contradiction, with the elevator rectangular figure.

    Bottom Right Image: At the bottom, the holes with the denomination of origin of the brand, appears cropped. This area reveals some holes, which are part of the image imperfection, giving a sort of controlled randomness.

  • Liverpool Angelpolis

    Type of Project: RemodelingCredits: JSA Arquitectos - AEStatus of the Project: Under Construction

    Parametric FacadeThis project was an outsourcing job from JSA architects,who was designing a facade for a Mexican apartmentstore.They had this concept of modulation and variation,which could respond to night light and make storeentrances evident for users, which is very important inthe design of these stores.We translated these ideas into a 3D model and created colocation plans, for each one of these pieces.We also detailed the construction system for thesefacade, which was later developed by JSA Architectos.


    Left-Bottom Image:Photograph collage of a corner, during construction process. The design intentions start revealing, creating gradients andgeometric deformations, which will allow night lights to create specificpatterns of illumination and will help users find the entrances.

    Right Image:Photograph detail revealing the structural system, which consist on the colocation of concrete pieces, over steel RHS fixed to a concrete structure.

    View From The Parking Lot

    (Illustration by JSA Arquitectos)

    (Photograph by JSA Arquitectos)

    (Photograph by JSA Arquitectos)

    (Render by JSA Arquitectos)

  • Parametric LatticeFor this project we were asked to remodel an entireoffice building floor.The distribution was established by the client, who decided to have a private offices arrangement, in a building with a geometry that made it impossible to have sun light on each office.We decided to have a lobby with natural illumination,and trough this lobby the office that could not have sun light, would receive it.A parametric lattice run across the offices controlling theamount of illumination that they receive form the lobby.

    Nazas Office

    Type of Project: RemodelingCredits: AEStatus of the Project: Built

  • Plans

    Office Plan

    Section 1

    Section 2


    1m 3m

    2m 4m