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Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Randy Pausch Carnegie Mellon University Sept 18, 2007

Randy pausch's last lecture

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Text of Randy pausch's last lecture

Randy Pausch's last lecture

Don Marinelli (Drama) Randy Pausch (CS)

The Dream Fulfillment FactoryRight Brain / Left Brain

CancerThings more important than childhood dreams: my wife and kidsSpirituality & ReligionMy deathbed conversionWhat were not talking aboutTodays TalkMy childhood dreamsEnabling the dreams of othersLessons learned: how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others

My Childhood Dreams

My Childhood DreamsBeing in zero gravityPlaying in the NFLAuthoring an article in the World Book encyclopediaBeing Captain KirkWinning stuffed animalsBeing a Disney ImagineerBeing in zero gravity

The vomit comet

Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things

FootballDream: play in the NFLCoach Grahampractice with no footballfundamentalshim riding me all practiceCoach SetliffPower of enthusiasmTo this day, I am most comfortable on a football field

I Never Made it to the NFLBut football got me where I am todayFundamentals & Hard WorkExperience is what you get when you didnt get what you wantedMost of what we learn, welearn indirectly (or by head fake)

Being an author in theWorld Book Encyclopedia

Replace this with a picture of Sarah in the headmount and pinch gloves.Being like Captain KirkMeetingDreamBeing Captain Kirk

Its cool to meet your boyhood idol.Winning Stuffed Animals

I can hear the cynicsBeing an Imagineer

Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things

Jon SnoddyI had to brief the Secretary of Defense

Disneys Aladdin project

Lunch with Jon But you're in the business of telling stuff, and we're in the business of keeping secretsHe taught me: wait, and people will surprise you.

Our Villain; but alls well that ends well

Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things


Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryWorking on Aladdin VRa once in five careers opportunityForever changed me real people, real HCI issues how to put engineers & artists together

Really being an Imagineer and I said no.

Virtual Jungle Cruise

Enabling the ChildhoodDreams of Others or, Boy, am I glad I became a professor!

Building Virtual Worlds50 students from art, design, drama, and CS

Randomly chosen teams, change per project

Two weeks to design, implement, and test

Five projects during the semesterThe First YearListed in Five Departments (I love CMU!)

Content: Anything you wantNo shooting violenceNo pornography

They blew me away w/first assignment

I called Andy van Dam

The first showIn McConomy for its A/VPresident Cohons reaction

Campus-wide Exhibition

BVW was a pioneering courseAnd as they say

Entertainment Technology Center (ETC)Artists + Technologists workingin small teams to make things

2 year professional degree: Mastersof Entertainment Technology

Two kindred spirits: try things a new way; were both a little uncomfortable in academia

CMU is the only place I know where this could happen.

Don & I shared an office for six yearsCo-Director Credit for the ETCs Success

The ETC is to masters degreesas Cirque Du Soleil is to circus

ETC Curriculum: First DraftProject Course

First Year FallOptional InternshipFirst Year SpringSecond Year FallSecond Year SpringProject Course

Project Course

Project Course

ETC CurriculumThe Visual StoryImprovisational ActingIntro to Entertainment TechnologyBuilding Virtual Worlds

ETC Interdisciplinary Project Course IIElective

First Year FallOptional InternshipFirst Year SpringETC Interdisciplinary Project Course IIIElective

ETC Interdisciplinary Project Course IVElective

Second Year FallSecond Year Spring

Key to the ETCs Success: FreedomNo deans to report to

License to Break the mold

Project-based curriculum

Intense, fun student experience

Field trips!

EdutainmentDeveloped with FDNY Networked simulation to train 1st responders to chemical spills and terrorist attacks

Companies guaranteed hiring our students

Don has taken the ETC global:Australia, Korea, SingaporeKeys to the ETCs Success: Focus on People and Learning to work in Groups


The Infinitely Scalable Dream FactoryAnd I guess this makes me the mad hatter

AliceNovel way to teach Computer Programming

Kids make movies and games; the head fake is that they are learning to program

Over 1 million downloads, 8 textbooks, 10% of US colleges using right now

Alice is my Professional LegacyHelping millions of kids have fun while learning something hard

v3.0 will release in 2008, in Java, with characters from the best-selling PC game in history: The Sims

Cant mention everyone, butDennis Cosgrove is building itWanda Dann, Steve Cooper, Don Slater are developing the pedagogyCaitlin Kelleher is going to hit the home run with middle schoolers

Lessons LearnedThe Roles of Parents, Mentors, and Students

My Dad, age 80

My MomThe theory qualifier

My son, the doctor

Other people who help usTeachers



ColleaguesAndy van DamMythical creature

Dutch uncle-d me my sophomore year

Made me go to graduate school

My Bosses: Respect authority while questioning it

We learn from our studentsThe best head fake of all time Caitlins idea about storytelling in AliceMore Lessons LearnedPresident Cohons AdviceTell them about having FUN

Like a fish giving a talk about the importance of water

Decide if youre Tigger or Eeyore

Never Lose the Child-like Wonder

Help others

Jessica Hodgins: The best gift everDenny Proffitt:Forgotten more than Ill ever knowMK Haley:Limit case of my large family theory

Its kind of fun to do the impossible

Professor boy

Loyalty is a two-way street

Never Give UpBrown University didnt get in.

Carnegie Mellon for Graduate School didnt get in.Meeting with Nico

How to Get People to Help YouYou cant get there alone, and I believe in Karma

Tell the truthBe earnestApologize when you screw upFocus on others, not yourself (an example)

Brick walls let us show our dedication

Dont bail; the best gold is at the bottom of barrels of crapGet a feedback loop; and listen to it!

Show GratitudeETC admissionsHow can you do this?

Dont complain; just work harder.Important AdviceBe good at something: it makes you valuableWork hard whats your secret?Find the best in everybody; no matter how you have to wait for them to show itBe prepared: luck is where preparation meets opportunityTodays TalkMy childhood dreamsEnabling the dreams of othersLessons learned: how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others

How to achieve your dreamsHave you figured out the head fake?How to achieve your dreamsHave you figured out the head fake?How to lead your lifeHave you figured out the second head fake?Have you figured out the second head fake?This talk wasnt for you guys.

It was for Dylan, Logan, and Chloe.Really Achieving Your Childhood DreamsRandy PauschCarnegie Mellon UniversitySept 18, 2007



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