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Ramsey County, MN · PDF file 2017. 7. 12. · Ramsey County Profile 1 Ramsey County Vision, Mission and Goals 3 Ramsey County Organizational Chart 4 Services Provided by Ramsey County

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    Ramsey County, MN

    2018 - 2019



    2018 - 2019 PROPOSED BUDGET



    Blake Huffman 1

    Mary Jo McGuire 2

    Janice Rettman 3

    Toni Carter 4

    Rafael Ortega 5

    Jim McDonough 6

    Victoria Reinhardt 7


    Julie Kleinschmidt

    Prepared by the Finance Department


    Page No. VOLUME I Ramsey County Profile 1 Ramsey County Vision, Mission and Goals 3 Ramsey County Organizational Chart 4 Services Provided by Ramsey County 5 INTRODUCTION LETTER TO THE HONORABLE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS 7 2018 Proposed Budget 2018 Proposed – Graphic Presentation Where the County Dollar Comes From; Where the County Dollar Goes 11 Comparison of 2017 Approved with 2018 Proposed 12 2018 Ramsey County Proposed Budget Summary 13 2019 Proposed Budget 2019 Proposed – Graphic Presentation Where the County Dollar Comes From; Where the County Dollar Goes 21 Comparison of 2018 Proposed with 2019 Proposed 22 2019 Ramsey County Proposed Budget Summary 23 Budget Preparation Team 29 GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award 30 BUDGET GOALS & RECOMMENDATIONS 2018-2019 Budgetary Goals 31 2018-2019 Budget Highlights 32 2018-2019 Personnel Highlights 34 BUDGET STATISTICAL DATA 2018 Proposed Budget and Tax Levy 37 2019 Proposed Budget and Tax Levy 49 Unallocated Revenues, Contingent Accounts, and Appropriation of Fund Balance/Retained Earnings - 2017 Approved, 2018 Proposed, & 2019 Proposed 61


    Page No. Summary of Budget by Department 2016-2019 62 Summary of Personnel by Department 2016-2019 63 Summary of Personnel by Service Team 2017-2019 64

    A Comparison of Expenditures / Appropriations for 2016-2019 by Major Object of Expenditure 65 Comparison of Expenditures / Appropriations - 2016-2019 66 Summary of Countywide Personal Services – 2016-2019 67 Summary of Operating Capital Outlay - 2016-2019 69 Classification of Estimated Revenues & Fund Balance - 2016-2019 70 Federal Revenues Summary - 2016-2019 70 State Revenues Summary - 2016-2019 71 Comparison of Revenues / Estimated Revenues by Major Classification of Revenues - 2016-2019 72 Mandated / Discretionary Services & Legal Obligations: 2018 Proposed Graphic Presentation 73 2018 Proposed Summary by Functional Area 74 2019 Proposed Graphic Presentation 75 2019 Proposed Summary by Functional Area 76 General Revenue Fund 77 Solid Waste Management Fund 78 Workforce Solutions Fund 79 Forfeited Tax Properties Fund 80 Forfeited Tax 4R Fund 81 Ramsey Conservation District Fund 82 Emergency Communications Fund 83 County Debt Service Fund 84 MPFA Pedestrian Conn Loan Debt Service Fund 85 Care Center Fund 86 Lake Owasso Residence Fund 87 RC Vadnais Sports Center Fund 88 Law Enforcement Services Contract Fund 89 Information Services Fund 90 Law Enforcement Center Firearms Range Fund 91 Public Works Facility Fund 92 Courthouse and City Hall Fund 93 Ramsey County Buildings Fund 94 Union Depot Facility Fund 95 Centralized Fleet Fund 96 Library Operations Fund 97 Library Facilities Fund 98 Library Debt Services Fund 99 Transit and Transit Oriented Development 100 Community and Economic Development 101


    Page No. CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Capital Improvement Program 2018-2023 103 BUDGET PROCESS & POLICIES Description of Budgetary Basis 125 Financial Management Policies & Guidelines 126 Description of the 2018-2019 Budgeting Process 132 General Information on Budget Presentation and Format 133 Budgetary Amendment Process 135 2018-2019 Budget Instructions Memorandum 136 Resolution Approving the County Board’s Vision, Mission and Goals 155 2018-2019 Budget Forms Checklist 157 2018-2019 Schedule of Levy Targets 158 2018-2019 Budget Hearing Schedule 159 SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Intergovernmental Revenue 161 Annual Debt Service 162 Capital Outlay 163 Personnel Complement by Service Area 164 Changes in Fund Balances of Governmental Funds for Last Ten Fiscal Years 165 Net Tax Capacity and Market Value of Property for Last Ten Fiscal Years 166 Property Tax Rates and Tax Levies for Last Ten Fiscal Years 167 Property Tax Levies and Collections for Last Ten Fiscal Years 168 Ratio of General Outstanding Debt by Type for Last Ten Fiscal Years 169 Direct and Overlapping Governmental Activities Debt as of December 31, 2016 170 Legal Debt Margin Information for Last Ten Fiscal Years 171 Principal Property Taxpayers for Current Year and Nine Years Ago 172 Demographic and Economic Statistics for Last Ten Fiscal Years 173 Principal Employers for Current Year and Nine Years Ago 174 GLOSSARY 175

  • Ramsey County Profile


    A seven-member Board of Commissioners elected by district for staggered four-year terms governs Ramsey County. The County Attorney and Sheriff are also elected officials. County Commissioners are responsible, among other things, for authorizing resolutions, adopting the annual budget, appointing committees, and hiring a County Manager. The County Manager is responsible for carrying out the policies and resolutions of the Board of Commissioners, for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the County, and for appointing the heads of the County’s departments. In 1990, Ramsey County citizens voted to become the first Home Rule Charter County in Minnesota. Adopted in 1992, the Charter means the people assume more control on the local level over the County and the policies it makes. The Ramsey County Charter called for a strategic plan to be created on behalf of the County. The current strategic plan is reflected in the County Board’s Mission, Values Statement, Operating Principles, Goals and Critical Success Indicators. On December 19, 2008 the Ramsey County Board unanimously selected Julie Kleinschmidt as Ramsey County Manager. Ms. Kleinschmidt served as Ramsey County Finance Director for eight years and has more than 20 years of government finance experience. The County is one of the approximately 34 counties nationwide to receive a triple A credit rating, the highest possible from both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s rating agencies. Ramsey County has maintained the Standard & Poor’s rating since 2001, and has maintained Aaa rating with Moody’s since 1977.

    1st District Commissioner Blake Huffman 2nd District Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire 3rd District Commissioner Janice Rettman 4th District Commissioner Toni Carter 5th District Commissioner Rafael Ortega 6th District Commissioner Jim McDonough 7th District Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt ____________________ County Attorney John J. Choi County Sheriff Jack Serier Geography Ramsey County was established by the territorial legislature of Minnesota in 1849, nine years before Minnesota became a state and was named for Alexander Ramsey, the first governor of the Minnesota territory. Ramsey County is located at the bend in the Mississippi River, which forms a portion of its southern border. The City of Saint Paul, the county seat and the capital of Minnesota, is one of 19 cities located in the county’s borders. The County encompasses 170 square miles with 81 lakes and numerous parks and trails providing recreational opportunities and community amenities to residents.


  • Population Ramsey County has the second largest county population in Minnesota and the smallest land area. With its population of 540,649, it is the most fully developed and densely populated county in Minnesota. It is also one of most developed counties in the U.S. Saint Paul is the central city and has about 56% of the residents. The suburban area includes communities that range in size from less than 500 people (Gem Lake) to approximately 40,000 people (Maplewood). The County is a diverse community. The largest communities of color are Asian (13%) and African American (11.1%). About 7.3% of the people have a Hispanic or Latino ethnic background. Of people ages 5 years and older, 21.9% live in homes where a language other than English is spoken. Income Income in Ramsey County is above the U.S. median. The Census Bureau estimated 2013 median household income was $56,734 compared with the U.S. median of $52,250. About 16.1% of the population were below the poverty level; nationally 15.8% were below poverty. Education Ramsey County has a well-educated population. Of people 25 years and over, 16% have a graduate or professional degree; the U.S. rate is 11.2%. About 40.4% have a bachelors or higher degree in Ramsey County; 90% have completed high school. The national rates are 29.8% and 86.7% respectively. Jobs Ramsey County is a major employment center that draws people from surrounding counties to fill the need for emp