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Rajasthani Mojari Online & Leather Juti

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Call @ +91 – 8955728877, 'Mojari' or 'Juti' , made of soft leather is the standard footwear of Rajasthan and is also being liked in other shares of India and abroad. The tortuously overstated Mojari, is available in numerous colors and traditional designs. It also known for comfort and toughness. There are numerous other lovely leather articles similar waterbags, fans, pouches, saddles etc. offered in the city. Stophere is good place for buying leather ware in Jaipur.http://stophere.in/Rajasthan-Mojaris

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Stophere.inPhone: +91-8955728877Email: [email protected]: stophere.in

WELCOMERajasthan mojari online & Leather Juti

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online rajasthan Leather Jutistophere.inPhone: +91-8955728877Email: [email protected]: stophere.in

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