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  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple



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  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    1 0 - m i n u t e s a l a d s

    composed salads

    ScallopCarpacciowithSeaweedSalad&LemonOil 36

    Tiradito 37

    SmokedSalmonwithPetiteSalade, GoatCheese& LimeVinaigrette 38SpoonedAvocado, Lime& SmokedPaprika 38

    Last-MinuteGravlax 39

    SpicedSalmononaMoroccanSalad 40

    WatermelonSaladwithFeta&BlackOlives 42

    A PairofProsciuttoSalads 43

    Tomato, BuffaloMozzarella& FriedBasilSalad 44

    HeirloomTomatoeswithLemonyTahina 45

    SummerTomatoeswithZaatarPesto 45

    BeetswithBalsamicSyrup,Mint&Walnuts 46ChilledAsparagusTonnatowith Confetti 46

    Asparagus, BokChoy& RadicchioSalad 48

    ShavedFennelwithParmigiano& HotPepper 48

    WarmWildMushroomsonHummus 49

    l i t t l e s ide sa l ads

    Eggplantand RoastedPepperSaladwithFeta 62



    Slaw 62

    MoroccanCarrots 63

    CouscouswithDates& Almonds 63

    MagicBeets 64

    AppleCiderCucumbers 64

    TurkishCucumbers 64

    RussianRedBeanSalad 65

    ItalianWhiteBeanSalad 65s im pl e dress ings

    Carrot-GingerDressing 66

    BeetVinaigrette 66

    Maple-MustardVinaigrette 66

    LebanesePomegranateDressing 67

    Caesar-etteDressing 67


    l eafy green sa l ads

    SpringMixwithCarrot-GingerDressing& Prosciutto Bacon 50

    SaladeNormande 50

    PeaShoots& GreenswithGoatCheese&CuminVinaigrette 53

    Watercress, Endive&St. AgurBlueCheese 53

    Endive,Mche& CranberrySaladwithParmesanFrico 54

    LemonyArugula& Sun-DriedTomatoSaladwithSmokedMozzarella 55

    BabyRomaine& CrispyChickpeaswithHazelnutVinaigrette 56

    Grapefruit,Date& ArugulaSaladwithParmesan

    Shards 57Fig, Fennel& EndiveSaladwithPistachio

    Vinaigrette 58

    GrilledRomainewithRoquefort& DeviledPecans 5

    EgglessCaesarSaladwithGreenApple Croutons

    ArabicOrangeSaladwithNasturtiums 61

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    3 6

    r a d i c a l l y s i m p l e

    3 6

    r a d i c a l l y s i m p l e

    sc a l lo p ca r pacc i o w i th s e awe ed sa l ad &l emon o i l

    This dish looks like something from a four-star restaurant. Jade strands ofhiyashi wakame,

    a Japanese seaweed salad that you can buy packaged from an Asian market, form a dramatic

    backdrop for gossamer slices of raw scallops. Buy the biggest scallops you can find and use only

    dry scallops, rather than the usual chemically dipped and waterlogged specimens; their surface

    should be matte, not shiny.

    12 cup olive oil

    1 lemon, zested and halved1 cup hiyashi wakame (seaweed salad)

    4 or 5 huge sea scallops, about 10 ounces total

    Put the oil in a small pitcher. Stir in the lemon zest; add a large pinch of salt. On eachof 4 large plates, scatter 14 cup seaweed salad to cover the entire interior of the plate in

    wisps. Slice the scallops paper-thin horizontally to form large circles. Squeeze a little

    lemon juice on the salad. Arrange the scallop slices over the salad, leaving spaces

    between them. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Drizzle with the lemon oil. S e r v e S 4

    c o m p o s e d s a l a d s

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    1 0 - m i n u t e s a l a d s


    ti r a d i t o

    Tiradito is the Peruvian equivalent of sashimiexcept thattiradito is glossed with a dressing

    or briefly marinated in assertive pepper purees. It is no coincidence that the innovative sushi

    chef Nobu Matsuhisa got his start in Lima, Peru, where such things are common. My tiradito

    begins with thin slices of impeccably fresh raw fish that get bathed in a tart elixir of a whole

    pureed lemon, olive oil, and garlic.

    12 ounces raw halibut or red snapper, sliced paper thin1 small lemon12 cup olive oil

    1 medium garlic clove

    3 tablespoons finely minced fresh chives

    Handful tender mesclun or pea shoots

    Arrange the fish slices in a tight circle without overlapping in the centers of 4 large

    plates. Sprinkle the f ish lightly with salt. With a small sharp knife, cut the rind and pith

    from the lemon; quarter the flesh and remove the seeds. Process the lemon (including

    the rind and pith), oil, garlic, and 14 teaspoon salt in a blender until very smooth. Spoon

    the dressing lightly over the fish to coat completely. Sprinkle with chives and coarselycracked pepper. Garnish the plates with mesclun or pea shoots. S e r v e S 4

    c o m p o s e d s a l a d s

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    3 8

    r a d i c a l l y s i m p l e

    3 8

    r a d i c a l l y s i m p l e

    smok ed sa l mo n w i th p e t i t e sa l ad e ,goat ch e e s e & l i m e v i n a i g r e t t e

    This is a sexy way to serve smoked salmon. A more radical approach would be to just put it on a

    plate with a wedge of lemon . . . but this is a show-of f dish for company.

    3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

    Grated zest and juice of 1 large lime

    12 ounces thinly sliced smoked salmon

    1 large handful microgreens or mesclun

    3 ounces firm goat cheese

    1 tablespoon pink peppercorns or fresh lemon thyme leaves

    Put the oil in a cup. Stir in the lime zest, 112 teaspoons lime juice, and a pinch of salt.

    Arrange the salmon slices on 4 large plates. Put a little mound of greens in the center of

    each. Cut 4 thin slices of cheese and place on the greens; crumble the remaining cheese

    over the salmon. Drizzle the salad and salmon with the lime oil. Sprinkle with pink

    peppercorns or thyme. S e r v e S 4

    s poon ed a vocado , l i m e & smok ed pa p r i k a

    This is a radically simplified version of guacamole that is very impromptu. Serve it almost as soon

    as you spoon it. Nice to serve with batons of crunchy jicama or Tortilla Ribbons (page 102).

    4 very ripe medium avocados

    2 to 4 large limes20 grape tomatoes14 large red onion, slivered14 teaspoon smoked paprika, or more to taste

    2 handfuls baby arugula14 cup olive oil

    Cut the avocados in half; remove the pits. Using a large spoon, scoop large pieces into a

    large bowl. Squeeze the juice of 2 limes over the avocado. Cut the tomatoes in half

    lengthwise. Add the tomatoes and slivered onion to the bowl. Add the smoked paprika

    and salt. Add the arugula; drizzle oil over everything. Toss, adding more lime juice, salt,and smoked paprika to taste. S e r v e S 4

    c o m p o s e d s a l a d s

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    s o up s



  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    9 6

    r a d i c a l l y s i m p l e

    ca l a b a z a sou p w i th c e l e r y & c r i s p y sage

    This has an air of the West Indies about it, with its earthy flavors of ginger, scotch bonnet

    pepper, celery, thyme, and sage. Butternut squash may be substituted for the calabaza.

    312 pounds calabaza, in one wedge

    6 tablespoons olive oil

    2 cups finely chopped onions

    1 cup finely chopped celery, plus leaves for garnish

    2 tablespoons finely chopped peeled fresh ginger12 small scotch bonnet pepper, finely minced

    1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves

    20 medium-large fresh sage leaves

    1 tablespoon dark brown sugar

    Preheat the oven to 400F. Remove seeds from the squash. Place in a roasting pan.Drizzle with 1 tablespoon of the oil. Pour 1 inch water into the pan and bake 114 hours,

    until very soft. Scoop out the flesh.

    Heat 3 tablespoons of the oil in a 4-quart pot. Add the onions, celery, ginger, minced

    pepper, thyme, 2 sage leaves, and 1 teaspoon salt. Cook 15 minutes over medium heat.

    Add the sugar and 4 cups water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and add the squash.

    Cover and cook 15 minutes. In batches, puree the soup in a food processor until very


    Fry the remaining sage leaves in 2 tablespoons hot oil until crispy. Drain on paper

    towels and sprinkle with salt. Reheat the soup if necessary; garnish with the fried sageand celery leaves. S e r v e S 6

    h o t s o u p s

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    f i s h

    16 5

    ch a r r e d tu n a , m i z u n a & p e a r w i thb l a c k v i n a i g r e t t e

    This alluring vinaigrette is made with Chinese black vinegar, available in most Asian food

    stores, and further darkened with soy sauce. A slice of fresh sweet pear, warming slightly under

    the fish, is a radical jolt of pleasure.

    12 cup Chinese black vinegar12 cup soy sauce

    2 tablespoons honey

    2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for the tuna2 teaspoons Asian sesame oil

    1-inch piece peeled fresh ginger

    1 large garlic clove

    2 thick tuna steaks, 10 to 12 ounces each

    3 cups Asian greens, including mizuna

    1 ripe Bartlett pear or Asian pear, thinly sliced

    2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds

    Mix the vinegar, soy sauce, honey, olive oil, and sesame oil in a bowl; stir until the honey

    dissolves. Grate the ginger and garlic on a Microplane grater; add to the dressing. Halve

    the tuna steaks (you want 4 thick pieces) and coat lightly with olive oil and salt. Heat a

    large skillet until hot. Sear the tuna 2 minutes on each side. Keep the tuna very rare.

    Divide the greens among 4 shallow bowls and top each portion with 2 pear slices. Drizzle

    with some of the dressing. Cut the tuna into thick slices; arrange atop the salads.

    Drizzle dressing on and around the tuna and sprinkle with sesame seeds. S e r v e S 4

    t u n a & s w o r d f i s h

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    3 0 4

    r a d i c a l l y s i m p l e

    c u s t a r d s

    eggs, sugar,pineappleju

  • 8/8/2019 Radically Simple


    d e s s e r t s

    3 0 5

    p i n e a p p l e f l a n

    Here, just three ingredientseggs, sugar, and pineapple juiceform a luscious, creamy (but

    creamless) custard of tropical intensity.

    1 cup sugar

    4 extra-large eggs plus 4 extra-large yolks

    2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice

    Fresh mint sprigs or edible flowers for garnish

    Preheat the oven to 375F. Melt 12 cup of the sugar in a small nonstick skillet over

    medium-high heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, 3 minutes, until a clear

    dark caramel forms. Carefully divide among 5 (5-ounce) custard cups. Place the cups in

    a deep baking dish.

    Using an electric mixer, beat the whole eggs and yolks. Add the remaining 12 cup sugarand beat 1 minute; beat in the pineapple juice. Divide among the custard cups. Add

    2 inches boiling water to the baking dish. Bake 40 to 45 minutes, until firm. Remove

    the cups from the pan and let cool. Cover and refrigerate until very cold. Unmold onto

    plates. Garnish with mint. S e r v e S 5

    chocolat e pou s s e

    Somewhere between pudding and mousse, this can be made as little as an hour before serving.

    6 ounces top-quality semisweet chocolate chips3 tablespoons unsalted butter

    2 tablespoons sour cream or crme frache

    2 teaspoons dark rum

    5 extra-large egg whites

    Combine the chocolate and butter in a small heavy saucepan. Melt over very low heat,

    stirring constantly, until smooth. Cool slightly; then stir in the sour cream and rum. With

    an electric mixer, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff, with the consistency of

    shaving cream, 4 minutes. Fold the chocolate mixture into the beaten whites. Mix until

    smooth and creamy. The mixture will deflate dramatically. Spoon into 4 wineglasses.

    Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. S e r v e S 4

    c u s t a r d s