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  • Radial Analysis of Production Screenshots

  • Handheld It gives a realistic effect to the shot, so the audience can feel like they are more involved.Ambient Sound It helps to establish the atmosphere portrayed in the shot. It will further enhance the effect of realism. Diegetic sound The sound of the gears gives the effect that they are actually being checked, even though that is not the caseCasual clothing It shows the character to be conventional and ordinary. The white and the other clear colours connote the innocence and purity of the victim.The lighting is notan, since the only light source used is natural sunlight (only slightly bright). This is further signification that the entire shot is not artificial, so the audience will feel part of the action.The bike is shown from the roof to show the entire mechanism in all its glory. Birds Eye We wanted to have a very different shot, so to give a differing visualisation, this shot was used. It gives a more detailed look into the gear checking. Basically, it gives the shot a more exciting feel.Mise-en-scene It is set outside the shed of 20 Meadow Close. The hand movements show that there is genuine checking of the gears. This will make it believable for the audience to feel that the bike is actually being checked.

  • The shot is a medium long shot. It shows the majority of the background, which can perhaps help some of the audience recognise the location. It mainly shows the current position of the bike and the rider.The lighting is obviously notan, since the sun is at its brightest. This helps to give a clearer visual of the shot. From the facial expression of the rider (even though it isnt too clear), it seems perceivable that he is in a slight bit of pain. This may be due to the uncomfortable feel of the bike. This could make the audience relate to the shot, since it is possible they have been in a similar position in their lives.The bushes and branches give the shot a very nature-filled atmosphere. The diegetic sound of the bike helps to prove the fact the bike is actually being ridden. It also helps with continuity, since the previous and later bike riding shots have the same sound of the riding. The buildings in the background give a sense of a more realistic atmosphereThe shadows certify this is all happening in real time, not in a green room. So it will prove there are no cheat shots.

  • The shot is a medium long shot. It shows the majority of the field, yet enough of the character. It gives a large atmospheric feel to the shot, as he is about to enter the woods. This may create a sense of suspense for the audience, since the shot is giving a vibe that this is a critical stage in the production.The lighting is notan, since we have still used the outdoors as our light source. This keeps the continuity of the production.The background of trees and buildings help to enhance the scale of the surrounding, proving to the audience that this production uses actual locations rather than computer-generated imagery. However, the fact they are slightly out of focus is useful, since it means the full attention will still be on the character. The bicycle path is used for cycling, so no laws were broken during the filming of this shot. This is crucial, since it will ensure that the audience cannot criticize, nor get influenced into breaking a rule.