R EVIEW What have we learned about nutrition so far? Why do we eat? Why do we need these nutrients to survive? How do we know what nutrients we are receiving.

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  • REVIEWWhat have we learned about nutrition so far?

    Why do we eat?

    Why do we need these nutrients to survive?

    How do we know what nutrients we are receiving and which are healthy and unhealth?


    ...Reading The Label


  • WHOA! THAT WAS A LOT OF INFORMATION!Lets start with serving size. All information is based off of the serving size. Serving size of Mac n Cheese: 1 cup Do you thinkthis is one cup?

  • INGREDIENTS AND NUTRITION FACTS These are the only two things that need to be on a label by law from the government of Canada.

    INGREDIENTS: Whole wheat, wheat bran, sugar/glucose-fructose, salt, malt (corn flour, malted barley), vitamins (thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, d-calcium pantothenate), minerals (iron, zinc oxide).

  • INGREDIENTS What does the ingredients list tell us? Enriched pasta (from wheat), cheese sauce [ cheese (milk, bacterial culture, salt, cream, lipase, microbial enzymes, calcium chloride, colour), modified milk ingredients, salt, sodium phosphates, colour (contains tartrazine), flavour, citric acid].What does Mac and Cheese consist of? What does it have the most of? Ingredient lists are also important for people with allergies

  • NUTRITION FACTS Nutrition Facts: Easy to find Easy to read On most prepackaged foodsIncludes calories and 13 core nutrientsThe actual amount of the nutrient and the % of daily value of that nutrient

  • WHAT DOES THE LIST LOOK LIKE AND WHERE CAN I FIND IT? Always looks the same Usually on the back of a product Can also be on the side of a product container Always set up the same way

  • AMOUNT AND DAILY VALUE OF NUTRIENTS The amounts are on the left (this case in grams) The daily value is on the right in %.

  • DAILY VALUE 5% DV or less is a LITTLE15% DV or more is a LOTThe % DV helps you see if a specific amount of food has a little or a lot of a nutrient.

  • DAILY VALUE Make a better choice for you. Here are some nutrients you may wantmore of Fibre Vitamin A Calcium Ironless of FatSaturated and trans fatsSodium

  • FOR EXAMPLE If you would like to eat more fibre which cereal would be the better choice?

  • WHAT PRODUCTS HAVE NUTRITION FACTS?Almost all prepackaged foods have Nutrition Facts.Some exceptions are:fresh fruit and vegetables;raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood;foods prepared or processed at the store:bakery items, sausage, salads;foods that contain very few nutrients: coffee beans, tea leaves, spices;alcoholic beverages.

  • BRAIN BREAK!Knee tap!

  • ONLINE GAMEhttp://www.nourishinteractive.com/kids/en/label-game/label-game

    Show one cup of mac n cheese *What do you notice about these three? They are each claiming something. *


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