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  • 1. Health IT Marketing Content Effectiveness SurveyA look at howhospital executivesuse health ITvendor-generatedcontent fordecision-making
  • 2. Introduction The health IT marketplace is a unique, dynamic and highly competitive environment. Very few target audiences are as skeptical and disillusioned. Very few products have a life and death impact. Very few markets or solution offerings are as complex. Health IT companies generate a ton of content for prospects and customers along a very long sales cycle. Considering the budget and resources allocated to creating all this content, the big question is: how effective or compelling is any of it? With little room for waste in todays marketing budgets, its time to take a hard look at the content we spend so much time and resources developing. Thats why Quiddity conducted a survey with 100 hospital executives on LinkedIn, through online surveys and telephone interview to better understand the perception and role of vendor- generated marketing content in decision-making, as well as identify key challenges and opportunities. The results are interesting, and the trends very strong and consistent with larger research studies in other industries. Randi Rossman Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Quiddity Marketing
  • 3. What Youll Learn in This eBookWrite an introductory sentence and use bolding here . . Lesson 1: Something hereFinish with something like first lets talk about the challenges facing OVERVIEW
  • 4. I wish more vendors would focus less onall the marketing hype, and insteadprovide us with material that will help setpriorities, build internal champions forinitiatives and understand best practicesfor mitigating risk and successfulchange management. Hospital CIO
  • 5. What vendor generated marketing material influences your Health IT most purchasing decisions?Hospital executives do not find mostmarketing collateral useful orrelevant for making purchasing Case Studiesdecisions. The reasons why were Conversations with Sales &investigated in this survey. ExecutivesThe leading vendor-generated White Papersinfluencers for health IT purchasingdecisions are executive/sales Websiteconversations and case studies,followed by the vendors website andwhite papers. Note that not one Brochureshospital executive were influenced bybrochures. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  • 6. What Youll Learn in This eBookWrite an introductory sentence and use bolding here . . Lesson 1: Something hereFinish with something like first lets talk about the challenges facing HEALTH IT VENDOR COLLATERAL
  • 7. I dont understand how so many vendorssay the same thing and think they are sodifferent.If you are different, then give me anexample of what I can do with yoursolution that I cant somewhere else . . .And dont make me work so hard to getthe picture of the value of taking on anew initiative. Hospital CEO
  • 8. Brochures Brochures a credible source of information for purchasing decisions? Not at all. Who writes these things anyway, and why do they bother? CIO brochures influence Why dont your purchasing decisions?The key reason that brochures donot influence health IT purchasing They provide no valuabledecisions is that the messages and informationcontent are undifferentiated they They make unsubstantiatedall sound the same. claimsHospital executives also believed They all sound the samethat brochures are so broad andvague that they dont provide anyvaluable information, and They are marketing hypeparticularly called out vendors fortheir marketing hype. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%
  • 9. Case Studies I do skim over health IT vendor case studies. Most dont provide much useful information, but they do at least tell me who their customers are. CMIO case studies provide you with Do meaningful information for decision-making?In spite of being considered themost influential tool in the CASE STUDIES DONTmarketing collateral toolbox, case PROVIDE MEANINGFULstudies dont deliver meaningful INFORMATION CASE STUDIES SORT OFinformation for purchasing decision- PROVIDE MEANINGFULmaking. INFORMATION CASE STUDIES DO PROVIDE MEANINGFUL 66% INFORMATION 32% 2%
  • 10. Case StudiesCase Studies If you want me to seriously consider taking on a new initiative, then Id like to see more peer-to-peer content, like we see at conferences. VP Patient Safety How can health IT vendors make their case studies more useful for purchasing decision-making?Hospital executives overwhelminglyagree that case studies that focus Focus on the customeron the customer and best practices instead of the productinstead of the product help themmake purchasing decisions. Veryfew found product differentiators Best practice focus instead of producthelpful.The good news? Hospital Focus on what the product does differentlyexecutives do believe vendormarketing material can be credibleand valuable. Nothing, vendor material is never credible 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
  • 11. White PapersWhite Papers Im hungry for knowledge, but dont expect me to plow through 20 pages of dense writing that doesnt teach me anything new. CMIO Vendor white papers provide information that allows me to:While many vendors create whitepapers in the hopes of generating Think about a problem in ways Idemand or leads, hospital havent beforeexecutives tend to fi