Quick Start Guide for Mac OS X

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Quick Start Guide for Mac OS X


  • C e n t r i f y S u i t e Q u i c k S t a r t f o r M a c O S X

    This Quick Start Guide provides a brief summary of the steps for installing and getting started quickly with Centrify DirectControl. For more information about any step, see the appropriate chapters in the Administrators Guide for Mac OS X.

    Centrify DirectControl for OS X supports two deployment models:

    One that leverages Centrifys unique Zones technology for centrally managed access control and administrative separation of duties.

    A simpler Auto Zone Mode that enables integration into Active Directory more like a Windows system in which any AD User can login without any Mac-specific account information associated with their AD account.

    The following instructions describe how to join the Mac OS X system to Auto Zone since it is the simplest and fastest way to evaluate DirectControl.

    1 If necessary, unzip the centrify-suite archive file. Then open the DMG file: CentrifyDC-version.dmg.

    2 Run ADCheck and enter your Active Directory domain name to analyze your network and Active Directory environment. If all tests pass, go to the next step; otherwise review the tests that failed and fix any issues if possible.

    3 Launch the CentrifyDC-version.pkg to install DirectControl and follow the prompts.

    4 When the installation is complete, the ADJoin dialog appears in which you can join Active Directory. You can also join Active Directory later by launching ADJoin from /Applications/Utilities/Centrify.

    Note: Please make sure that the Apple AD plug-in is disabled prior to joining Active Directory.

    5 Select Auto Zone to join Active Directory through Auto Zone in which a DirectControl Zone is not required, thus allowing any AD User to login without any Zones configured within Active Directory.

    6 Verify authentication by attempting to log on to a Mac OS X computer that is part of the Active Directory domain using an Active Directory user account.

    In order to configure and enforce Group Policies you must install the Centrify Suite Standard Administrator package on a Windows administrative workstation. The Centrify Suite Administrator package, which is a separate download from the Centrify Download Center, provides the Active Directory administrator with additional Group Policies for Mac OS X that allow definition of OS X specific configuration settings.

    Thats it!

    From here, if you want to explore further, you can:

    Set group policies for Mac OS X computers and users

    Create new Zones for centralized Access Control and Separation of Duties

    Import existing local users and groups in Zones

    Run reports

    Setup Mac OS X systems for smart card login to Active Directory

    For more information about any topic, see the Centrify DirectControl Administrators Guide.