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Quick Reference Guide Managing your Employee TGM 103 - My Employee File.p · PDF file Employee File < Profile < SF Badges 2. Click on the name of the employee who sent you the badge,

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  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 1

    Quick Reference Guide

    Managing your Employee Profile


    The Employee File contains all personal and professional information about the employee. The employee

    can view the information in various sections arranged on the page and edit the fields as well. However, the

    information has limited visibility to other employees who are visiting your profile. For Example, some

    information is only visible to your manager but invisible to your peers or direct reports.

    1. From the drop down home menu tab on the Wallem People home Page, click on My Employee File option.

    2. After clicking my employee file, your profile page appears on the screen.

    Profile Page

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 2

    B. SECTIONS – THE EMPLOYEE FILE The profile page is divided into four sections, namely

    a. Profile

    b. Badges

    c. Org Chart

    d. Tags

    a. Profile

    The Profile drop down menu has several Employee Records.

    There are two types of profiles for the user, the Public Profile and the Profile. Let’s discuss the Public Profile

    since it is auto-selected on the profile page.

    The public profile displays the professional information of the employee. This information is visible to anyone

    searching and visiting your profile. The public profile has information like the name, the profile photo, the job

    title, the department, the company division, the country, the business phone number and the email.



    a. Profile

    b. Badges

    c. Org Chart

    d. Tags

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 3

    1. You can edit the information displayed on your public profile by clicking on the Edit Profile tab.

    2. Change your profile photograph by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile Photo’. As a best practice, upload the

    photograph with your face clearly visible, preferably till neck. You may choose the following dimensions:

    399 (H) * 500 (V) Pixels while editing your photograph. Save changes by clicking on the Done tab.

    3. Click on the ‘Edit About’ tab to write something about yourself. Once you have finished expressing yourself,

    click on the Done tab.

    4. Click on either of the Expressive or the Standard tab to display your profile page in a particular mode. As

    the name suggests, the expressive tab communicates more about you and enhances the look and feel of

    the profile page. Choose the standard tab if you wish to display your profile page in a simple and basic

    format. Click on the Done tab to save changes.

    5. After selecting the expressive mode, click on the ‘Edit Background Photo’ option to upload/change the

    background/cover photograph. You may select from the standard templates or upload the photograph of

    your choice.

    You can execute step 2 and step 3 in the expressive mode as well.





    Profile Editing

    Edit your profile

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 4

    6. Your immediate connections, i.e., the managers, the peers and direct reports can be viewed by clicking on

    your name drop down menu (next to your profile photo).

    7. Click on the profile drop down menu to view other employee records.

    8. By clicking on the profile option, one can see the detailed information fields like the Personal Information, the

    SF Badges, the Work Experience within Company, the Functional Experience, the Leadership Experience, the

    Previous Employment etc.

    Scroll down the page to explore further.

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 5

    The information fields have limited visibility. You, your manager and HR can view all

    information fields in your profile. However, only the personal information section is visible to

    another employee visiting your profile.

    9. Click on the icon to edit the information fields. You may not have the permission to edit some of the

    information fields.

    10. Thereafter, save changes by clicking on the icon.

    11. Upload documents, resumes etc. by clicking on the ‘Upload Attachment’. Then, save the changes.

    Scroll Down to see more


    Edit the fields

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 6


     How to add the new documents/information?

    Just click on the icon on the far right. A row with the fields will appear to edit, add documents and select

    options etc.

     How to order documents/information?

    You may click on the up and down icon to move the entire row (containing documents/information) up or


     How to delete documents/information?

    Click on the icon to delete the entire row.

     How to delete the Badges given to you?

    Click on the cross icon over the Badge , placed on the far right.

    The Badges are public and everyone checking your profile can see them. Only the employee

    who sends you the badge and yourself can delete the badge.

    Add the documents

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 7

    12. What is a Scorecard?

    To access your Scorecard, click on the Scorecard option from the profile drop-down menu.

    The Scorecard is a graphical representation of the employee performance over a period of time. The scorecard is

    the overall employee performance portfolio. It displays your performance based on parameters like the

    performance history, the goal ratings, competencies and gaps.

    It displays the parameters in the following sections:

     Overview

    Overview is the brief description of your employment record.

     Performance History Portlet

    Performance History displays your overall performance over a period of time.

     Objective Ratings Portlet

    It displays the rating achieved for your specified goals.

     Competencies Portlet

     Competency Behavior Breakdown Portlet

    Competencies are the speciality and the soft skills required for conducting the specific job code.

    The competency dashboards demostrate gaps between the present and the expected competencies.

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 8

    The scorecard has limited visibility. Only you, your manager and the HR can see your scorecard.

    13. From the profile drop down menu, click on the Goal Plan option to see your goal plan page. You can also see

    the goal plan page of another employee.

    b. Badges

    A Badge is a honour or recognization for your work. You can receive the badge from other employees or your

    manager. Similarly, you can send various badges to the employees. It also helps the company to reward and

    recognize the team players. Some examples of the badges are:

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 9

    1. You can view your badges on your employee File home page. Hover the cursor over the badges to see the


    Alternatively, you can find them at the following location:

    Employee File < Profile < SF Badges

    2. Click on the name of the employee who sent you the badge, if you wish to send a badge to him/her. You

    will be directed to his/her employee file page.

    3. Alternatively, go to the employee file page of the employee and click on the ‘Give this person a badge’

    option in the badges section. Click on the Add option to send the badge.

    Similarly, click on the Notes option from the employee records to give recognition to other

    employees or to write something about yourself.

    4. Click on ‘Change badge’ option to choose another badge. Click on Add tab to send the badge.

    Click on the name to respond with another badge

  • TGM – 103 – My Employee File Page 10

    c. Org Chart

    The Org Chart displays your team i.e. your manager, yourself and your direct reports.

    1. Click on the ‘Full size’ to view the org chart in the full size. You will be directed to your org chart page.

    2. Click on the manager or direct reports photo to reach their employee file page.

    d. Tags

    The tags are the keywords or labels describing your profile, designation, work nature etc. The tags facilitate

    easy search of your profile in the system. Tag yourself with appropriate keywords like trainer, superintendent,

    receptionist etc.

    1. Click on the ‘Give this person a tag’ to add a tag to yourself. Save the tag by clicking on the Add option.

    2. To delete the tag, click on the icon.

    Select the


    Org Chart


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