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ragi dosa recipe with step by step photos this is a quick and healthy dosa variety. ragi also known as finger millet or red millet is commonly used in the maharashtra and karnataka regions of india. in marathi it is calles as nachni. it is used to make bhakris, dosas, puddings, porridges, halvas.in india ragi dishes are commonly fed to infants, lactating mothers and people recovering from illnesses. ragi is rich in calcium and extremely good for vegans and vegetarians. ragi is the best source of calcium. 100 gms of ragi contains approx 350 mg of calcium. ragi also has some essential amino acids which are required by the body.when me and my sister were sick or recovering from sickness my mother would make ragi porridge for us. everyday i would have the ragi porridge so much so that i got fed up of it and its taste. it was so much that i could not stand ragi porridge for some time. though now, i know its health benefits. ragi is easily digestible and very nutritious.the recipe here is a ragi dosa recipe. nowadays we make ragi dosas everyday in our house as most of us do not have milk or milk products. so we make ragi dosas everyday to get our required calcium intake. women should have a good amount of calcium in the diet as with age and deficiency of calcium, the bones become porous and cause problems.this ragi dosa recipe is different and super quick and super easy. it does not require you to grind anything you just have to mix everything. and then start making the dosas. i have also shared the process of making fermented ragi dosa recipe.my step by step photographs for the ragi dosa recipe are not that good due to less light in my kitchen. anyways i hope that my regular readers wont mind it. for this recipe i have used sprouted ragi flour, but you could use ragi flour or even combine both and make the ragi dosas.


  • quick ragi dosa recipe

    PREP TIME :30 mins

    COOK TIME :25 mins

    TOTAL TIME : 55 mins

    ragi dosa - crepes made from finger millet or red millet flour

    AUTHOR: dassana

    RECIPE TYPE: breakfast

    CUISINE: south indian

    SERVES: 10-12 dosa

    INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)

    2 cups ragi flour or sprouted ragi flour ( i used organic sprouted ragi flour)

    1 cup dessicated coconut

    1 cup curd

    salt water


    1. take the ragi flour or sprouted ragi flour in a bowl or pan.

    2. add the dessicated coconut to it.

    3. then add the curd and salt.

    4. add water to the mixture and start to mix everything well.

    5. the batter should be slightly thin than the regular dosa batter. keep this batter

    covered for 30 minutes.

    6. on a medium hot tava or griddle pour the batter with a help of a ladle and spread it


    7. sprinkle some oil/butter/ghee on top. flip and cook the other side. cook the ragi

    dosa, the way you cook dosas at home. 8. serve the ragi dosa with any vegetable dish, sambar, dal or any chutney.




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