Quality by Design Getting It Right The First Time

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Dr. Eli Collins-Brown SLATE Blackboard Users Group Oct. 15 16, 2009 University of Chicago. Quality by Design Getting It Right The First Time. About Me. Started 1997 How do we do this? Basic instructional design Shovelware Recorded lectures Tests Discussions. More About Me. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Quality by DesignGetting It Right The First TimeDr. Eli Collins-BrownSLATE Blackboard Users GroupOct. 15 16, 2009University of Chicagowww.elicbrown.com1About MeStarted 1997How do we do this?Basic instructional designShovelwareRecorded lecturesTestsDiscussions www.elicbrown.comMore About Me2003 doctoral workWhat works better online than F2FWhat is unique about online Teaching onlineBasic instructional designMissing piecesEvaluating online courses for qualitywww.elicbrown.comEvaluating for QualityQuality Matters Maryland OnlineCertified reviewerBlackboard Exemplary Course RubricCourse reviewer 2009ROI Cal. State U Chico - http://www.csuchico.edu/celt/roi/QOCI Illinois Online Network - http://www.ion.illinois.edu/initiatives/qoci/index.asp www.elicbrown.com Evaluation CategoriesQMBB ROIQOCICourse Overview and IntroLearning ObjectivesAssessment & MeasurementResources and MaterialsLearner EngagementCourse TechnologyLearner SupportAccessibilityCourse DesignInteraction & CollaborationAssessmentLearner SupportInstructional Design/DeliveryInnovative Teaching w/TechAssessment /Evaluation of student learningLearner SupportOnline Course DesignFaculty Use of Student Feedback

Instructional DesignCommunication, collaboration, interactionStudent Eval and AssessmentLearner SupportWeb DesignCourse Evaluation

www.elicbrown.comQuality MattersEvaluates only course design, not teachingMost appropriate - build into course design1st tried to use the evaluation rubric - cumbersomeNow incorporate criteria into course design processGet an overview of the rubric at http://qminstitute.org/home/Public%20Library/About%20QM/RubricStandards2008-2010.pdf www.elicbrown.comCourse Design ModelAnalysisAudience, ContextLearning goalsLearning ObjectivesAssessmentsLearning ActivitiesContentModule mapsCourse Organizer/Activity Tracker

www.elicbrown.comAnalysisBack beyond the beginningBasic Course Design AudienceContextContentwww.elicbrown.comLearning Goals2 5 years after finishing your courseWhat should they still know or be using?Uses these domains for consideration:Foundational knowledgeApplicationIntegrationHuman dimensionCaringLearning How to LearnL. Dee Fink, (2006). Creating Significant Learning Experiences, Jossey Basswww.elicbrown.comAssessment and FeedbackUsing these high level, holistic (whole course and beyond) goals:Write course objectives 2.1,2.3, 2.5What types of assessments 3.1What kinds of useful feedback 2.4What resources will they need and that you can provide 4.3, 4.4www.elicbrown.comTopical OrganizationContent not chunked by weeks, but by topicsOutlineTopics become modules, units, lessons, etc.Will come back to the weekly structure at the end with the course organizer

www.elicbrown.comTopics/ModulesLearning Objectives for each module 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5Assessments 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4Learning Activities 3.5, 5.1, 5.2, Resources 6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 6.5www.elicbrown.comModule MapSequence Learning ActivitiesAssignments 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4Interactions 5.2, 5.4Content 6.1 6.7, media with scripts 8.1 8.4Assessments, including rubrics or grading criteria 3.3, 3.4Student Feedback 3.5One minute paperBrookfields 5 questionsCheck in

www.elicbrown.comCourse Organizer & SyllabusCalendar styleList styleSyllabusInclude expectations 5.3, 5.4Grading schedule 3.2Grading scheme 3.2, 5.4

www.elicbrown.comHow This Course WorksCourse Walk-thru 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,1.6, 1.7Course Orientation - 1.1Quiz for verification 1.1www.elicbrown.comLearner SupportPut Technical Support information in every course 7.1 7.3Put Technical Support information on our websitewww.elicbrown.comDiscussion ForumsThree required forums:Content questions 7.4Tech questions 7.4Ice Breaker or Intro with instructor post first 1.4, 1.5www.elicbrown.comQM RubricHow did we do?Every criteria and sub-criteria is addressed in the design plan

www.elicbrown.comSuccesses and ChallengesSuccess:Revising Program Outcomes

Challenges:Time to design and developBasic understanding of learningAppreciate time for design and development www.elicbrown.comWebsitewww.elicbrown.com