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12/14/11 QTP interview questions and answers TechInterviews1/11 www.techinterviews.com/qtp-interview-questions-and-answersTesting >> QTP interview qoestions und unswersSearch Tech Interv iews SearchTech InterviewsPrepare for job interviews with the questions and answers asked b high-tech emploers. NET C++ Dat abase Gener al Har dwar e Jav a Net wor king Puzzles SAP ABAP Test ing Unix/Linux VB Web dev WindowsQTP interview qoestions und unswersBy admin | Oct ober 1 9, 2 0061 . Whut ure the Ieutores & BeneIits oI Qoick Test Pro {QTP S.o)? - Operates stand-alone, or integrated into Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury QualityCenter. Introduces next-generation zero-configuration Key word Driv en testingtechnology in Quick Test Professional 8.0 allowing for fast test creation, easiermaintenance, and more powerful data-driv ing capability . Identifies objects withUnique Smart Object Recognition, ev en if they change from build to build, enablingreliable unattended script execution. Collapses test documentation and test creation toa single step with Auto-documentation technology . Enables thorough v alidation ofapplications through a full complement of checkpoints.2. How to hundle the exceptions osing recovery scenurio munuger in QTP? -There are 4 trigger ev ents during which a recov ery scenario should be activ ated. A popup window appears in an opened application during the test run: A property of anobject changes its state or v alue, A step in the test does not run successfully , An openapplication fails during the test run, These triggers are considered as exceptions.Youcan instruct QTP to recov er unexpected ev ents or errors that occurred in y our testingenv ironment during test run. Recov ery scenario manager prov ides a wizard thatguides y ou through the defining recov ery scenario. Recov ery scenario has three steps:1 . Triggered Ev ents 2. Recov ery steps 3. Post Recov ery Test-Run3. Whut is the ose oI Text ootpot vuloe in QTP? - Output v alues enable to v iew thev alues that the application talks during run time. When parameterized, the v alueschange for each iteration. Thus by creating output v alues, we can capture the v aluesthat the application takes for each run and output them to the data table.4. How to ose the Object spy in QTP S.o version? - There are two way s to Spy theobjects in QTP: 1 ) Thru file toolbar, In the File Toolbar click on the last toolbar button(an icon showing a person with hat). 2) True Object repository Dialog, In Objectrepository dialog click on the button object spy . In the Object spy Dialog click on thebutton showing hand sy mbol. The pointer now changes in to a hand sy mbol and wehav e to point out the object to spy the state of the object if at all the object is not v isible.or window is minimized then, hold the Ctrl button and activ ate the required window toand release the Ctrl button.5. How oes Ron time dutu {Purumeterizution) is hundled in QTP? - You can thenenter test data into the Data Table, an integrated spreadsheet with the fullfunctionality of Excel, to manipulate data sets and create multiple test iterations,without programming, to expand test case cov erage. Data can be ty ped in or importedfrom databases, spreadsheets, or text files.6. Whut is keyword view und Ixpert view in QTP? - Quick Tests Key wordDriv en approach, test automation experts hav e full access to the underly ing test andobject properties, v ia an integrated scripting and debugging env ironment that isround-trip sy nchronized with the Key word View. Adv anced testers can v iew and edittheir tests in the Expert View, which rev eals the underly ing industry -standardVBScript that Quick Test Professional automatically generates. Any changes made inthe Expert View are automatically sy nchronized with the Key word View.7 . Ixpluin uboot the Test Iosion Report oI QTP? - Once a tester has run a test, a TestFusion report display s all aspects of the test run: a high-lev el results ov erv iew, anexpandable Tree View of the test specify ing exactly where application failuresoccurred, the test data used, application screen shots for ev ery step that highlight anyAds by GoogleWipro is Hiring IreshersGet Handsome Package for Your First Job. Submit &Apply to WiproMonst er India. com/Wipr o-JobsWuter Iilled Weight BugsProof Load Test Water Weight Bags Testing forCrane, Dav it, Derrickwww. doowin-dooflex. comSoItwure Testing JobsSearch for Software Testing Job postings - Find y ournew job today . Indeedindeed. co. in/Soft war e-Test ingJob Interview Qoestion ArticlesC# Interv iew Questions and AnswersQTP Interv iew Questions and AnswersC++ Interv iew Questions and AnswersPHP Interv iew Questions and AnswersXML Interv iew Questions and AnswersJav aScript Interv iew Questions and AnswersAsp.Net Interv iew Questions and AnswersJ2EE Interv iew Questions and AnswersABAP Interv iew Questions and AnswersPerl Interv iew Questions and AnswersJav a Interv iew Questions and AnswersResoorcesTechnology Question and Answer WebsiteHow to dance around the salary -expectationquestion12/14/11 QTP interview questions and answers TechInterviews2/11 www.techinterviews.com/qtp-interview-questions-and-answersdiscrepancies, and detailed explanations of each checkpoint pass and failure. Bycombining Test Fusion reports with Quick Test Professional, y ou can share reportsacross an entire QA and dev elopment team.8. Which environments does QTP sopport? - Quick Test Professional supportsfunctional testing of all enterprise env ironments, including Windows, Web,..NET,Jav a/J2EE, SAP, Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Visual Basic, Activ eX, mainframeterminal emulators, and Web serv ices.9. Whut is QTP? - Quick Test is a graphical interface record-play back automation tool. Itis able to work with any web, jav a or windows client application. Quick Test enablesy ou to test standard web objects and Activ eX controls. In addition to theseenv ironments, Quick Test Professional also enables y ou to test Jav a applets andapplications and multimedia objects on Applications as well as standard Windowsapplications, Visual Basic 6 applications and.NET framework applications1 0. Ixpluin QTP Testing process? - Quick Test testing process consists of 6 main phases:1 1 . Creute yoor test plun - Prior to automating there should be a detailed description ofthe test including the exact steps to follow, data to be input, and all items to be v erifiedby the test. The v erification information should include both data v alidations andexistence or state v erifications of objects in the application.1 2. Recording u session on yoor upplicution - As y ou nav igate through y ourapplication, Quick Test graphically display s each step y ou perform in the form of acollapsible icon-based test tree. A step is any user action that causes or makes a changein y our site, such as clicking a link or image, or entering data in a form.1 3. Inhuncing yoor test - Inserting checkpoints into y our test lets y ou search for aspecific v alue of a page, object or text string, which helps y ou identify whether or noty our application is functioning correctly . NOTE: Checkpoints can be added to a test asy ou record it or after the fact v ia the Activ e Screen. It is much easier and faster to addthe checkpoints during the recording process. Broadening the scope of y our test byreplacing fixed v alues with parameters lets y ou check how y our application performsthe same operations with multiple sets of data. Adding logic and conditional statementsto y our test enables y ou to add sophisticated checks to y our test.1 4. ebogging yoor test - If changes were made to the script, y ou need to debug it tocheck that it operates smoothly and without interruption.1 5. Ronning yoor test on u new version oI yoor upplicution - You run a test to checkthe behav ior of y our application. While running, Quick Test connects to y ourapplication and performs each step in y our test.1 6. Anulyzing the test resolts - You examine the test results to pinpoint defects in y ourapplication.1 7 . Reporting deIects - As y ou encounter failures in the application when analy zing testresults, y ou will create defect reports in Defect Reporting Tool.1 8. Ixpluin the QTP Tool interIuce. - It contains the following key elements: Title bar,display ing the name of the currently open test, Menu bar, display ing menus of QuickTest commands, File toolbar, containing buttons to assist y ou in managing tests, Testtoolbar, containing buttons used while creating and maintaining tests, Debug toolbar,containing buttons used while debugging tests. Note: The Debug toolbar is notdisplay ed when y ou open Quick Test for the first time. You can display the Debugtoolbar by choosing View Toolbars Debug. Action toolbar, containing buttons and alist of actions, enabling y ou to v iew the details of an indiv idual action or the entire testflow. Note: The Action toolbar is not display ed when y ou open Quick Test for the firsttime. You can display the Action toolbar by choosing View Toolbars Action. If y ouinsert a reusable or external action in a test, the Action toolbar is display edautomatically . Test pane, containing two tabs to v iew y our test-the Tree View and theExpert View ,Test Details pane, containing the Activ e Screen. Data Table, containingtwo tabs, Global and Action, to assist y ou in parameterizing y our test. Debug Viewerpane, containing three tabs to assist y ou in debugging y our test-Watch Expressions,Variables, and Command. (The Debug Viewer pane can be opened only when a test runpauses at a breakpoint.) Status bar, display ing the status of the test1 9. How does QTP recognize Objects in ALT? - Quick Test stores the definitions forapplication objects in a file called the Object Repository . As y ou record y our test, QuickTest will add an entry for each item y ou interact with. Each Object Repository entrywill be identified by