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    Standard sports arena (table tennis courts, volley ball courts, badminton courts,

    basketball court, gymnasium, school), kindergarten, exhibition space, social welfare

    facilities .

    It can be used as the base material of various sports grounds. They are mainly made

    from natural rubber, and performed in plant. They are green and environment-friendly and

    have other advantages such as superior physical properties, convenient for construction and

    long service life, etc.


    1. Excellent durability and wear resistance to heavy traffic and abrasion: Adopting the thick wearlayer and the special U.V. coating

    2. No need for initial polishing:U.V. coating

    3. Excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning: Adopting the special U.V. coating

    4. Sanitized treatment with nano-silver technique:Strong antibacterial function

    5. Size stability:We use high quality fiberglass layer and high quality cloth indicate makes the products more toughness,also it makes the size more stable.

  • Special Features:

    MULTIMAXX Sports Flooring is a heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists

    of multiple layers. Each layer or coating has unique

    1. Performance: The polyurethane treatment provide excellent resistance to dirt build-up

    while providing a durable surface thats easy to maintain.

    2. Wear resistance: 100% vinyl wearlayer provides superior durability and the sports floor

    life expectancy is 15 years above.

    3. Dimensional stability: A compact PVC layer with reinforced woven fiberglass gives

    superior dimensional stability.

    4. Shock Absorption: The back foam layer has has an extremely dense cellular structure,

    providing unrivalled acousticperformance, ideal shock absorption, and natural ball.

    5. Perfect Adhesion: The backing is an engineered honeycomb texture for perfect

    adhesion to the subfloor.


    Portable event flooring easily install for indoor court

    Event flooring 100% Pure PVC

    Roll Size 1.5m 20m, 1.8m 20m

    Thickness 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm

    Color Solid Color & Wooden Design


    Pattern Lichi, Leather, Sand, Wooden, etc.

    Surface Treatment PUR

    Usage Basketball Badminton Table Tennis Volleyball Futsal Tennis Gym

    Warranty 2 years

    Certification ISO9001:2000 ISO14001:2004 EN14904(France Labosport)

    Function 1. Shock absoption 2. Ball rebound 3. Slip resistance 4.


    MOQ 500m

    Delivery Within 20 days after receiving the deposit

    Package Brown kraft paper

    Payment Via maybank



  • Multimaxx sports flooring is becoming one of the most popular multi-use sports floor in the world. Its performance characteristics make it ideally suited as Basketball floor, Volleyball floor, Badminton floor, Table tennis floor, Tennis floor, Futsal floor, Handball floor, Martial arts floor, Gym flooring, Event flooring