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Puente Asia's corporate information including services description regarding private, educational and public sector.

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  • Who Are We? We are an experts network in Asia and Latin America.

    We are engaged in project management and development within public, private and academic entities in the International sphere.



    Public (Sustainable development)

    Private (Business)

    = Multidisciplinary projects

  • We have over 30 years accumulated experience as professional global consultants in the Asian and Latin American region.


    2011 Google - Map data 2011 Europa Technologies, Geocentre Consulting, Tele Atlas, Whereis(R), Sensis Pty Ltd -

    Google Maps http://maps.google.com.mx/?ie=UTF8&ll=19.311143,96.679...

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    Main objective: To offer our clients the benefits of a consulting firm engaged in bringing together two of the w o r l d s m o s t d y n a m i c , challenging, and promising regions, by providing professional consultant services, tailor-made advice and resources to ensure the success of their enterprises in Asia and Latin America.

  • Mission To create, manage, and assist the execution of projects

    linked to Asia and Latin America using highly experienced human capital and mutual understanding as our working platform.

    Vision To improve the relations between Asia and Latin America

    looking forward to enhancing societys well being in both regions.


  • Service Areas


    Educational Private Public

    Discovery Mission (Context-sensitive)Specialized Mission (Sector-sensitive)

    Agreements and negotiationInternational Development Projects

    Discovery Mission (Context-sensitive)Specialized Mission (Sector-sensitive)

    Agreements and negotiationInternational Development Projects

    Discovery Mission (Context-sensitive)Specialized Mission (Sector-sensitive)

    Agreements and negotiationInternational Development Projects

    -High quality tailor-made academic programs designed in

    collaboration with Asian and Latin American universities.

    -Professional Training agreements.

    -Binational and sector-specific workshops.

    -International liaisons.

    -Business plan design for specific target markets in


    -Business Intelligence (what, how, when, where)

    -Attracting Asia Investment (and vice versa).

    -Investment portfolio-Investment strategy and

    agenda-Project Management

  • Discover Mission To ease the cultural and language immersion in Asian and Latin American

    countries. Academic Mission

    To learn from academic institutions and organizations in one or more countries (Asia or Latin America).

    Educational programs (language, culture, business, and social and economic context).

    Tailor made programs in collaboration with local universities and organizations.

    Programs focused on boosting participants employment rate.

    Theme-driven workshops (multi-institutional).

    Institutional match-making. Agreement management and negotiation.


    Educational Services

  • Cooperation between Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterey (ITESM) (Mexicos largest private university network) and:

    Tsinghua University (China) and World Bank: Negotiation and design of poverty alleviation program.

    Kanda University (Japan): Design and management of Business Development in Japan and China workshop with International Relations undergraduate students.

    Queretaro and several institutions: Design and management of Diplomacy and economic development in China, Korea and Japan.


    Relevant Experience

  • Design and management of Business in China workshop for Diego Portales University (Chile).

    Collaboration between Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) (One of Mexicos most well-known academic centers in economics and political sciences) with Beijing Normal University (BNU): China-Mexico comparative social policy workshop (undergrad and grad summer school).

    Advisers to the Mexico-China Binational Meeting (Top bilateral negotiation mechanism) between Mexicos Ministry of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education (2008).


    Relevant Experience

  • To design and plan business strategies

    Strategy management and logistics Business intelligence

    Trading procedures in the Asian and Latin American markets (what, how, when, and where).

    Market research

    Business Plan design in China, Japan, India and others.

    Match-making (supplier, customer and joint ventures).9

    Private Sector

  • Aguascalientes States Chamber of Commerce: Immersion in China program.

    Argentinean chemical enterprise: Business intelligence in the Chinese market.

    Cooperation agreements with Technology Parks in Japan and China.

    Chiapas coffee promotion in EXPO Shanghai 2010.

    BIMBO (Mexicos largest bakery company): Human Resources in China

    CNPC: Executive and Technical Training for Latin America

    Shanghai Printing Group, Official printing company in Shanghai World Expo 2010.10

    Relevant Experience

  • Public Sector To design diverse strategies to attract Foreign Direct

    Investment such as: Strategic sector studies for investment portfolios.

    What to promote, how and where? Project negotiation and management.

    Who should you look for? Project management and negotiation. Cities brotherhood. Cooperation on sustainability and development issues supported

    by Asian institutes. Binational workshops. International commerce promotion. Seminars International liaison assistance for the educational area.11

  • Strategy formulation1.To define key government entities to link to Asian countries.

    2.To identify a project-area with multiplying effect:

    a.Sector research.

    3.Portfolio project design (investment marketing)

    a. Investment seminars to identify the right Asian market.

    b.Public relations strategies

    i. Asian investors visit.

    ii.Asian officers visit.12

    Public Sector Importance

  • 4.To prepare government institutions and human resources.i. Interpretersii.Region and country experts.

    i. Agreements between research centers, technological parks and/or universities.

    ii.Commercial Chambers liaison.iii.Cities and/or counties brotherhood.

    iii.Regional missions, trading and investment fairs.iv.Seminars.


    Public Sector Importance

  • EXPO Shanghai 2010: Logistics assistant for ProMexico (Mexican government foreign trade promotion agency) and for the Government of Chiapas (Mexican state).

    Nuevo Leon States Technology Park agenda development in China and Japan.

    Puente Asia served as adviser in the binational meeting between Mexicos Ministry of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education (2008).


    Relevant Experience

  • Extensive network of development consultants and experts Grassroots Government Officials Civil Society Academics

    Technical assistance Advocacy building Partnerships Training and academic programs and workshops Liaison building


    Introducing International Development Area

  • Collaboration between Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mxico (ITAM) (One of Mexicos most renowned universities especially in the fields of economic and political sciences) with Beijing Normal University (BNU) to develop a China-Mexico comparative social policy workshop (undergrad and grad summer school).


    Relevant Experience