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  • White Sapphire Investment Corp.

    White Sapphire Investment CorpInvest in your future.Amia Ross, Alex Dortzbach, and Shaan Patel

  • Prospectus

    Investment StrategyStrategyWe want to achieve our goal by investing mainly in stocks, but alsoinvesting in real estate, bonds, and cash investments. We are diversifyingby investing in numerous stocks and bonds to reduce risk of oneinvestment in particular failing. We will invest in some up-and-comingneighborhoods, but also established resort cities. Always keeping somemoney in cash investments will ensure that the money keeps pace withination. Overall, we want this to provide a 100% return over the ten yearperiod. However, we will take 5% of all prots made.

    GoalsOur goal as an investment group is to assist in creating the beginnings ofretirement savings for someone who has already started out in life butstill has 15-20 years left before they do retire.

    Startup InformationOur startup minimum is $25,000, and the required amount of money foreach additional year is $2,500. If someone pulls their money out in therst ve years, the penalty is 25% of what they already put in. However, ifthey choose to pull out their money after the rst ve years, the penaltyis only 5%. We want our plan to be exible with the amount of timeclients wish to invest their money, but we do recommend that clientskeep their money in our corporation for the full 10 years for maximumreturn, as the plan is designed for a 10 year period.

    Investment Types:Our investment strategy mainly deals with these four types ofInvestments:

  • 1. Stocks- 45%2. Bonds- 15%3. Real Estate- 25%4. Cash Investments- 15%

    StocksWe invest in stocks that are rmly planted in their industry, sell popularproducts, and are on the rise. All stocks have relatively low betas (under1.25), have low-medium P/E ratios, and have a dividend & yield of at least2%, with the exception of a minimal number of stocks. Our stocks arediverse; we usually do not invest in two stocks belonging to the sameindustry. Our main stock investment strategy is to use dollar costaveraging, at regular intervals of every year.

  • Here are the stocks we invest in:

    Exxon (XOM) Oil and gas stocks are steadily rising As of March 2014, Exxon-Mobil was the third largest oil and

    gas company in the world Revenue of $420 billion Has a .89 beta, low-medium risk Div & Yield of 2.70%, nice return

    Coca-Cola Company (KO) Leading beverage company in the world Creating new, healthier drinks that we

    predict will be successful Has a .34 beta, very low risk Div & Yield of 2.90%, nice return Last revenue was larger than predicted

    Target (TGT)67 High quality, cheap retail store 6000 customers every day Revenue of $72.6 billion Has a .81 beta, low-medium risk Div & Yield of 3.60%, sizeable return

    Apple (AAPL) High quality technology store Quarterly revenue of $45.6 billion Has sold 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads Popular company Has a .74 beta, low-medium risk Div & Yield is 2.10%, medium return

    The Hershey Company (HSY) Revenue of $1.871 million Leading North American chocolate manufacturer

  • Quality chocolate, non-chocolate candies, and chocolaterelated grocery goods

    Also leads in the gum and mintsection

    Has a .14 beta, very low risk Div & Yield of 1.90%, a little low, but we think the company is

    successful and a good investment Vanguard Wellesley Fund (VWINX)

    Mutual fund, good way to diversify stockportfolio

    Div & Yield of 2.97%, nice prot Cheap stock price ($26.02)

    General Mills (GIS) Among the worlds largest food companies Sells cereal (Cheerios, Golden Grahams, etc.), Yoplait, Nature

    Valley bars, Pillsbury dough, Wanchai Ferry dumplings, GreenGiant vegetables, Haagen-Daaz icecream

    Revenue of $17.91 billion Has a .24 beta, very low risk Div & Yield is 3.00%, sizeable return

    Dunkin Donuts (DNKN) Largest coee retailer in America Sell 1.7 billion cups of coee per year Revenue is $656.77 million Has a .52 beta, low-medium risk Div & Yield is 2.10%, medium return

    Wal-Mart (WMT) Large, cheap retail store More than 245 million customers per week Revenue is $473.1 billion Has a .37 beta, low risk Div & Yield is 2.50%, nice return

  • American Eagle Outtters (AEO) Popular clothing store for teenagers Revenue is $3.3 billion Has a .77 beta, low-medium risk Div & Yield is 4.30%, relatively large return

    All of the stocks listed above are long-standing, popular companies thatcontinue to grow and prosper. They each contribute something to societythat everyone seem to like, such as stylish clothing, soda, ice cream,candy, gas, technology, and almost everything in between. Each one isrelatively low risk and has an average to high amount of return. Wepredict that they will continue on their steady growth path.

    Bonds and Bond Funds:Colorado Bondshares Tax-Exempt (HICOX)

    Investment grade- A+Risk Grade- A-

    Blackrock Secured Credit Inv A (BMSAX)Investment Grade- A+

  • Risk Grade- B+Five-Year Treasury Constant Maturity

    Investment Grade- AAARIsk Grade- AAA

    PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend Portfolio (SPHD)Investment Grade- A+Risk Grade- A

    SPDR Nuveen Barclays Build America Bond (BABS)Investment Grade- ARisk Grade- B+

    All of the bonds we plan to invest in have high returns with very little risk.All with an investment grade of no lower than A- and a risk grade of B+and above, we believed that these were the safest stocks that producereturns in a 5-10 year period. The interest rates keep up with the currentination rate of 1.5% (US Ination Calculator) so the value of the moneywill not decrease over time.

  • Real Estate:For our real estate, we will be investing in up- and- coming Real Estate.Rental properties are our main focus as they are more aordable andshow good signs of health in growing. Additionally, the rental rates inmajor cities are going up. All of this means a good amount of prot. Wewill be putting 25% into Real Estate. All of the Real Estate haveattractions such as sports teams, theme parks, casinos, etc.

    Property Rental Investments:Here is the list of the main places that buying a property rental wouldhave good potential: Las Vegas, NevadaOrlando, FloridaMemphis, TennesseeJacksonville, FloridaPhoenix, Arizona

    Why These Will Be Good Investments:Las Vegas-Vacancy Rate: 8.6%Average Rent per Month: $803According to realtytrac, a foreclosure company, one in every 89 houses inLas Vegas are up for foreclosure. The average house goes for $128,000,which is way less than $220,000 (the price they were selling for two yearsbefore). The intrinsic value of these homes are higher than what they areselling for, and it would be a great time to buy before a turnaroundhappens. The main attractions in Las Vegas are its casinos, which can bringin tenants. Las Vegas also has some top rated public high schools such asthe Advanced Technologies Academy, which is 10 out of 10 star. For

  • middle schools they have Sig Rogich Middle School, which is 10 out of 10stars. Las Vegas also has several job opportunities, in elds such asnance, business, construction, etc.

    Orlando-Vacancy Rate: 7.9%Average Rent per Month: $871Orlando, like Las Vegas, has the average price of a house selling for$120,000 which is way less than the value of the houses a year ago whichwas $200,000. There is also the attractions of theme parks such asUniversal Studios, Wet and WIld, and Disney World. Some schools inorlando for high schoolers is Jones high school, which is rated 4 out of 5stars. A highly r