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  • 1. Different types of props and poses

2. Jewellery is a typical prop which many female artist wear, so for my female artist I choose elegantbling such as pearls as I dont want to much going on confusing the readers.So there will be a limited amount of jewellery used.
3. Clothing for female artist
For my female artist I chose casual clothing, asfrom the research I done and looking at variety of music magazine most artist are wearing casual clothing, such as casual dresses.
I chose leggings as they are the attractive and willis fitted onto the artist, and this is what most female artist wear.
For shoes I chose heels as they are what most hip hop artist tend to wear relating more to my audience.
4. Clothing for male artists
For my male artistswithin the magazine I have alsogone for the idea of casual clothing as it will be shown from the coming slides thathip hop artist tend to wear casualclothing also from magazinesI have seen that jeans and jackets arewhat most artist tend to wear.
This type of hat isseen to be on artistas they arein there casual clothing so this is the reason for choosing this type of hat.The trainers show a laid back look whch Iam aiming for.
5. General props
These are the types of props I will be using in my images, most likely with the boy band or anyother artist which will be held in the contest page, using these props will allow the audience to understand what genre I am aiming for.
6. Types of poses
7. Boy band poses
8. The poses in the previous slides are mainly of boy bands and solo female artist, as I am planning to have a female artist as the main image and a boy band in the contents page, from the poses I am able to decide which types of poses I would prefer for my music magazine and how it willaim towards the audience of the magazine