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Proofreading Marks. 21 st Century Skills Kennard-Dale High School. Insert - Delete. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proofreading Marks21st Century SkillsKennard-Dale High School1Insert - Delete

This weeks shocking east coast earthquake no pun intendedd spotlighted many interesting points and about both where we live and how communicate. To even momentarily feel ground shake in such a manner was a jarring event for those new to the Earthquake scene. The East Coast is around 100 times less active than California, for example, when things it comes to earquakes.Insert Space - Close Up

4Since the eastcoast does not have many faults, when an earth quake occurs it resonatesmore. As many as 25 states felt this weeks east coast earth quake.Spelling

6Earthquakes are less frecant in the central and easarn U.S. than in the wesern U.S., but they are typically felt over a broader region.An earthquake east of the Rockies may be felt over an area as much as ten times larger than a semilear earthquake on the west coast. A magnitude 5.5 eastern U.S. earthquake may be felt as far as 300 miles from wear it occurred.Uppercase - Lowercase

8For myself, a few minutes after the Earthquake, I decided to check facebook and twitter.Transpose

10While it is not entriely clear what compels many rihgt after a major event to hit the internet and recuont the details sometimes as the event is still occurring it happens more and more frequently now.Period - Comma

12I saw a very fascinating graphic that tracked the Twitter response in the immediate aftermath of the Earthquake The image produced by Twitter engineer Miguel Rios shows the lightning speed with which responses went out over Twitter about the event.Insert Enter

14What is even more interesting is that reports showed that the Earthquake had an impact on cell phone connectivity. As a result online communications became not only the preferred method but the only method of communications..Ignore (Let It Stand)

16It is fascinating to realize that online communications remained relatively unaffected through Earthquake, while more traditional forms faltered another reason why social media and online communications are becoming the preferred communication during big events.Italicize

18In the meantime, hopefully the next watershed social media moment is a little less groundbreaking, so to speak.Alignment

20Recent Earthquakes

Time Magnitude LocationYesterday 6.2 Vanuatu Yesterday 7.0 Northern Peru 2 days ago 4.2 Central California3 days ago 5.8 Virginia