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Promotion and Strengthening of Agriculture Mechanization through

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Text of Promotion and Strengthening of Agriculture Mechanization through


(This document has been prepared by NABARD Consultancy Services (NABCONS) Pvt. Ltd for the Mechanization and Technology Division, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, (MoA), New Delhi based on the field study.The views expressed in the report are advisory in nature. They do not represent or reflect the policy or views of NABCONS/ National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD). NABCONS/ NABARD accepts no financial liability or any other liability whatsoever to anyone in using this report.)

Table of ContentsDisclaimeriAcknowledgementviList of AbbreviationsviiList of TablesviiiList of FiguresxList of AnnexurexiExecutive Summaryxii4. Salient Features of the Schemexii5. Need for the StudyxiiChapter 1: Introduction201.1 Challenges of Farm Mechanization201.2 Scope of Mechanization201.3 Components of the Scheme & Salient Feature211.4 Need for the Study221.5 Term of Reference22Chapter 2: Research Design & Methodology242.1 Types of Data Used for the Study242.2 Sampling Design242.3 Selection of Institutions252.4 Limitations of the Study25Chapter 3: Contextual Background and Implementation273.1 Component of Scheme273.2 Fund Allocation under the PSAMTTD Scheme.283.2.1 Year wise Fund Allocation283.2.2 Institution wise fund allocation303.2.3 Zone wise fund allocation313.2.4 Zone wise shares of fund allocation323.2.5 Fund Utilization323.2.6 Zone wise Utilization of Fund33Chapter 4: Study Findings354.1 Study Coverage- Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institutes354.2 Performance of the FMTTIs during the XI Five Year Plan (2007-08 to 2011-12) under Testing Activity354.2.1 Testing of Machinery/Equipments354.2.2 Availability of Testing Infrastructure with FMTTIs374.2.3 Quality Improvement in Major Machines Tested During Last Five Years424.2.4 Posers faced by FMTTIs during the conduct of testing activities424.3 Performance of the FMTTIs during the XI Five Year Plan (2007-08 to 2011-12) under Training Programmes434.3.1 Central Region Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institutes-Budni (Madhya Pradesh)434.3.1.1 Course wise number of Training Programs conducted in CRFMTTI434.3.1.2 Course wise targets and achievements in training444.3.1.3 Category Wise Participation in Training Courses464.3.1.4 Regional Participation of Trainees464.3.1.5 Target & Achievements-Testing of Equipments in FMTTI- Budni474.3.1.6 Number of Machines Tested by Types of Test484.3.1.7 Training & Testing Infrastructures494.3.1.8 Revenue Generated by the Institute504.3.1.9 Total Receipt and Expenditure504.3.2. Northern Region Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institute (NRFMTTI)- Hissar (Haryana)514.3.2.1 Targets and Achievements in Training514.3.2.2 Category Wise Participation in Training Courses524.3.2.3 Regional Participation in Training Programs534.3.2.4 Targets and Achievements- Testing of Equipments in NRFMTTI (Hissar)544.3.2.5 Number of Machine Tested by Types of Test554.3.2.6 Training and Testing Infrastructure554.3.2.7 Revenue Generated by NRFMTTI- HIssar564.3.2.8 Total Receipt and Expenditure- NRFMTTI564.3.3 Southern Region Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institute (SRFMTTI)574.3.3.1 Course wise number of Training Program conducted in SRFMTTI574.3.3.2 Course wise targets and Achievements in Training584.3.3.3 Category wise participation in Training Courses594.3.3.4 Regional Participation of Trainees604.3.3.5 Target & Achievements- Testing of Equipment in SRFMTTI-Anantpur614.3.3.6 Machines Tested by Types of Tests614.3.3.7 Training and Testing Infrastructure614.3.4 North Eastern Region Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institute- Assam624.3.4.1 Course wise number of Training Program Conducted by NERFMTTI-Assam624.3.4.2 Year wise Target and Achievements in Training624.3.4.3Regional Participation of Trainees644.3.4.4 Targets and Achievements- Testing of Equipment in NERFMTTI-Guwahati654.3.4.5 Revenue Generated by NERFMTTI-Guwahati664.3.4.6 Revenue Generated by NERFMTTI-Guwahati664.4 Response of Trainees on Training Conducted by FMTTIs674.4.1 Demographic Details of Respondents674.4.2 Education wise distribution Respondents684.4.3 Caste/Category wise Distribution of Respondents694.4.4 Respondents Distribution Occupation wise694.4.5 Sources of Information on Training Programs704.4.6 Motivation for Attending Training Programs704.4.7 Effectiveness of Training Program714.4.8 Appropriateness of Training Logistics734.4.8 Usefulness and Utilization of Training Program734.4.8.1 Ex Post Use of Skills by Training beneficiaries754.4.9 Impact of Training Program774.4.9.1 Impact of Training on different Impact Indicators784.4.9.2 Overall Rating of the Training Program804.4.9.3 Dissemination and Sharing of Knowledge804.5 Outsourcing of Training and Demonstration814.5.1 Fund release and utilization pattern844.6 Beneficiary Response on Outsourcing of Training cum Demonstration Component under PSAMTTD914.6.1 Demographic Profile of Respondents914.6.2 Sources of Information924.6.3 Motivation for attending the training program934.6.4 Effectiveness of training program934.6.5 Appropriateness of Training Logistic944.6.6 Utilization of Training Skills post Attendance of Training Program954.6.7 Types of Training Program cum demonstration964.6.8 Impact of training on different Impact variables.974.7 Beneficiaries Response on Demonstration Component under PSAMTTD1004.7.1 Area Coverage, Demonstration Time and Participation Rate1014.7.2 Beneficiaries Response on Organization of Demonstration1034.7.3 Relative Preference of Equipments Demonstrated1034.7.4 Technology Use, Adoption, Availability of Equipments1054.7.5 Benefits of Equipments demonstrated as explained by the respondents1064.7.6 Regional wise specific requirement of machines for demonstration1084.8 Post Demonstration use of Machinery Purchased for Demonstration109Chapter 5: Insights and Recommendations1105.1 Recommendations for Effective and Efficient Implementation of Training at FMTTIs1105.2 Recommendations for Effective and Efficient Implementation of Testing At FMTTIs1125.3 Recommendations for Effective and Efficient Implementation of Outsourcing of Training1135.4 Recommendations for Effective and Efficient Implementation of Demonstration of Equipments114Chapter 6 Conclusion116Annexure117


The Evaluation Study of Central Sector Scheme for Promotion and Strengthening of Agriculture Mechanization through Training Testing and Demonstration was undertaken by NABARD Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. on behalf of Mechanization & Technology Division, Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India covering the period of XI Five Year Plan, with a view to assessing the schemes adequacy, effectiveness and its performance in addition to evaluating operational roles of various stakeholders, identifying constraints and bottlenecks and suggesting areas for improvement. NABCONS would like to offer special thanks to MoA for their financial support to this study.

We would also like to place on record, our special gratitude to Shri Narendra Bhushan, Joint Secretary, and Mechanization & Technology Division for extending his supports & cooperation. We also thank Shri. H.K. Suanthang, Deputy Secretary, Shri. V.N.Kale, Additional Commissioner, Shri. A. N. Meshram, Deputy Commissioner, and Shri. Himmat Singh Director, NRFMTTI for their valuable inputs and contribution during the course of the study..

The cooperation, support, valuable inputs and insights received from the following Senior Officials of NABCONS/NABARD and other distinguished persons in finalizing this study report, is gracefully acknowledged:

Shri Krishan Jindal, Chief Executive Officer, NABCONS, H.O. Mumbai

Shri P V S Suryakumar, CGM NABARD and Principal Consultant, NABCONS, New Delhi

Shri C R. Lohi, Director, CRFMTTI, Budni, MP

Shri Himmat Singh, Director, NRFMTTI, Hissar, Haryana

Shri M.K. Vishwakarma, Director, NERFMTTI, Sonitpur, Assam

Shri P.K. Pandey, Director, SRFMTTI, Gardalline, Andhra Pradesh

The study team would like to thank all the Directors of FMTTIs, Director of Agriculture of respective states, CIAE, and State Agriculture Universities without the support of whom the study would not have been completed. The cooperation received from the Nodal Officers and Consultants of NABCONS and other Officers of various Regional Offices of NABARD in conducting the study, especially in data collection and compilation of preliminary study observations is also duly acknowledged.

The study would not have been completed successfully but for the best efforts put in by the staff attached to the Zonal Office of NABCONS, New Delhi who deserves our appreciation.

List of Abbreviations


Agriculture Engineering Department


Bureau of Indian Standard


Batch Test


Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering


Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology


Central Motor Vehicle Rule


Central Region Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institute


Directorate of Agriculture


Department of Agriculture and Coopertion


Field Management Committee


Farm Mechanization Training and Testing Institute


Five Year Plan


Indian Council for Agriculture Research


Initial Commercial Test


Krishi Vigyan Kendra


Ministry of Agriculture


Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology


National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development


NABARD Consultancy Service Pvt. Ltd


North Eastern Region Farm Mechanization Training and

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