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Product Data Sheet Long Beach Decanter Centrifuge · Product Data Sheet Long Beach Decanter Centrifuge Description: Long Beach Decanter Centrifuge is designed for trea-ting heavier

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  • Product Data SheetLong Beach Decanter CentrifugeDescription:

    Long Beach Decanter Centrifuge is designed for trea-

    ting heavier slop waste such as sludge, water saturated

    mud etc. The separation technology includes an

    emulsion breaker injection system in combination

    with a decanter centrifuge with high slenderness ratio.

    The unit is perfectly equipped to separate the solids

    from the water. The effluent water is suited for water

    treatment with the CTU.

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    Features: Small footprint, 14 ft container Capacity, 12 m3/h Proven technology Hydraulic Drive Variable speed & diff. speed Multipower, 400-690VAC 50/60Hz Standalone unit Extra ISO fittings for CTU stacking Controlled by PLC system NORSOK Z-015 standard and DNV 2.7-1

    Decanter Centrifuge


    Screw conveyor

    Wall of the bowl

    Inlet distributor Conical end



    Feed tube

    Discharge port

    Hydraulic Drive

    Benefits Dewatering of sludge/mud to prepare water for water treatment with the CTU. Cost reduction on transport of sludge/mud to shore and hazardous waste handling. The unit can further dewater the CTU sludge and therefore make it more efficient. The unit has extra ISO fittings so it can be stacked on top of the CTU for the saving of deck space.

  • Technical Data:

    Clean seas. Your choice. Our mission.

    [email protected] Rev. 06.02.2015

    UNIT CERTIFICATION Manufacturer Nature Oil & Gas Container DNV 2.7-1Size/weight 14 ft / 13000 kg Equipment CE - Labelling General Design Norsok Z-015CONTAINER Dimensions (L x W x H) 4267 x 2438 x 3000 mm CONNECTIONS Coating According to Norsok standard Electrical Plug / Junction Box Inlet 2 Cam-Lock Male MAIN POWER SUPPLY Water Discharge 2 Cam-Lock MaleVoltage 400-690 + 230 VAC 50/60 Hz Reject 2 Cam-Lock MalePower 52 kW, 100 A (440 VAC) Sludge to Skip 2 Cam-Lock Male Solids Screw ConveyorPROCESS Air Supply 1 Chicago ClawCapacity 12 m/h Water Supply 1 Chicago ClawDesign Pressure 10 Bar Oil Discharge 2 Cam-Lock MaleDesign Temperature 0 - 35 C Material Wetted Parts 316 L CONSUMPTIONS Design pH 2 - 12 pH Power 52 kW Pressurized Air Instrument only Water Max. 100 l/h (Intermittent) Chemical Dosing dependent of slop characteristics,

    About Nature Oil and Gas:

    Nature Oil and Gas is a part of Nature Group, a market leader in handling all Marpol and Offshore waste

    with over 25 years collection and treatment experience. Nature Oil and Gas designs, builds, implements and

    operates waste treatment solutions for the oil and gas industry onshore and offshore, including slop water,

    drain water and produced water treatment solutions. Nature Oil and Gas delivers state of the art separation

    equipment, patented chemicals and biological treatment plants and specializes in containerized mobile

    solutions, on- and offshore. Our CTUs has been in operation since 2008 and we have an extensive portfolio

    of satisfied oil majors and drilling contractors. If you have any questions regarding our Long Beach Decanter

    Centrifuge or our company in general please send us an email.