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  • PROCRASTINATION gradually Kills Business.!
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  • What is Procrastination ??? Procrastination is a Latin word, which means put off until tomorrow. It is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to the more urgent ones to overcome discomfort.
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  • Attributes It has two dimensions: Emotional and Cognitive components Emotional and Cognitive components - Anxiety and impulsiveness Ambiguity in Time Management- Ambiguity in Time Management- - Lack of knowledge & fear of failure.
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  • WHY PROCRASTINATION ? Fear of Failure Lack of self confidence
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  • How about checking Ourselves Run through your own judgment.
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  • Segments of Procrastination At Study At Study At Work / Organization At Work / Organization At Home / Social activity At Home / Social activity
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  • Methods to Eliminate PROCRASTINATION. Stay organized Keeping thoughts, work and tasks in order helps avoid overload and PS. Break tasks into chunks Divide work into 15 minutes slices and commit to self. Carry a positive attitude and being assertive. Do less Being productive is totally different to being busy.
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  • Cont.. Get some exercise Staying active and healthy helps focus and productive viz. practicing office ergonomics. Email and Social media to a halt Constant stream of information readily available encourages PS. Find your Zone and start Working in it Discover the environment which helps inspires and gets your neurons sparking.
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  • Procrastination : PS is the wasted time between what you want and your first step towards it. PS is debating about if the glass is half empty or half full instead of drinking the damn water. PS is waiting for the perfect life partner in spite of the one you have is perfect for you.. PS is rehearsing all your life while the world waits for your debut performance. PS is being slow to eliminate PS from your life.
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