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Finding aid for the Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence, 1882- 1929, undated Part of the Frick Family Papers, on deposit from the Helen Clay Frick Foundation Summary Information Repository The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives 10 East 71st Street New York, NY, 10021 [email protected] © 2010 The Frick Collection. All rights reserved. Creator Frick, Henry Clay, 1849-1919. Title Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence ID HCFF.1.2 Date 1882-1929, undated Extent 39.4 Linear feet (95 boxes) Abstract Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), a Pittsburgh industrialist who made his fortune in coke and steel, was also a prominent art collector. This series consists largely of Frick's incoming correspondence, with some outgoing letters, on matters relating to business and investments, art collecting, political activities, real estate, philanthropy, and family matters. Preferred Citation Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence. The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives. Return to Top » Biographical Note Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919) was a prominent industrialist and art collector who made his fortune in the coal, coke, steel, and railroad industries. Born into modest circumstances in West Overton, Pa., Frick ended his formal education by the mid-1860s. In 1871, he borrowed money to purchase a share in a coking concern that would eventually become the H.C. Frick Coke Co. Over the next decade, he continued to expand his business through the acquisition of more coal lands and coke ovens, and entered into partnership with fellow industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1882. Frick assumed the chairmanship of Carnegie Bros. & Co. (later Carnegie Steel Co.) in 1889, and served in that capacity until his resignation from the company in December 1899. During his tenure as chairman, differences between Frick and Carnegie emerged, most significantly in their approach to labor issues. The 1892 Homestead Strike further strained relations between the two men, and in 1899, Frick permanently severed his relationship with Carnegie. In December 1881, Frick married Adelaide Howard Childs of Pittsburgh. The couple purchased a house (called Archives Search Finding Aids Institutional Records Frick Family Papers Manuscript Collections Table of Contents Summary Information Biographical Note Scope and Content Arrangement Administrative Information Controlled Access Headings Collection Inventory

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Finding aid for the Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence, 1882-1929, undated HCFF.1.2 Part of the Frick Family Papers, on deposit from the Helen Clay Frick FoundationFinding aid for the Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence, 1882- 1929, undated Part of the Frick Family Papers, on deposit from the Helen Clay Frick Foundation
Summary Information
Repository The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives 10 East 71st Street New York, NY, 10021 [email protected] © 2010 The Frick Collection. All rights reserved.
Creator Frick, Henry Clay, 1849-1919.
Title Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence
Extent 39.4 Linear feet (95 boxes)
Abstract Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), a Pittsburgh industrialist who made his fortune in coke and steel, was also a prominent art collector. This series consists largely of Frick's incoming correspondence, with some outgoing letters, on matters relating to business and investments, art collecting, political activities, real estate, philanthropy, and family matters.
Preferred Citation
Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence. The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives.
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Biographical Note
Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919) was a prominent industrialist and art collector who made his fortune in the coal, coke, steel, and railroad industries. Born into modest circumstances in West Overton, Pa., Frick ended his formal education by the mid-1860s. In 1871, he borrowed money to purchase a share in a coking concern that would eventually become the H.C. Frick Coke Co. Over the next decade, he continued to expand his business through the acquisition of more coal lands and coke ovens, and entered into partnership with fellow industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1882. Frick assumed the chairmanship of Carnegie Bros. & Co. (later Carnegie Steel Co.) in 1889, and served in that capacity until his resignation from the company in December 1899. During his tenure as chairman, differences between Frick and Carnegie emerged, most significantly in their approach to labor issues. The 1892 Homestead Strike further strained relations between the two men, and in 1899, Frick permanently severed his relationship with Carnegie.
In December 1881, Frick married Adelaide Howard Childs of Pittsburgh. The couple purchased a house (called
Archives Search Finding Aids Institutional Records Frick Family Papers Manuscript Collections
Table of Contents
Clayton) in Pittsburgh's East End, and had four children: Childs Frick (1883-1965), Martha Howard Frick (1885- 1891), Helen Clay Frick (1888-1984), and Henry Clay Frick, Jr. (born 1892; died in infancy). After his break with Carnegie in 1899, Frick began spending less time in Pittsburgh. In 1905, he leased on the Vanderbilt mansion at 640 Fifth Avenue in New York City, and built an elaborate summer residence (Eagle Rock) on Boston's North Shore, which was completed in 1906. Though Frick maintained his status as a Pittsburgh resident for the remainder of his life, he and his family chiefly divided their time between Massachusetts and New York. In 1907, Frick purchased land at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 70th Street in New York City. Construction of the new Frick residence, designed by Thomas Hastings of the firm Carrère and Hastings, began in 1912, after the demolition of the Lenox Library formerly on the site. The family moved into the house at One East 70th Street in the fall of 1914, and Henry Clay Frick died there on 2 December 1919.
Frick showed a lifelong interest in art collecting, acquiring his first painting in 1881, and continuing to add to his collection until just before his death. Little is known about Frick's early experiences with art, but his taste initially favored local Pennsylvania artists, contemporary French painters, and Barbizon landscapes. Around the turn of the century his focus shifted to old master paintings, and he began to collect works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Dyck, and Gainsborough. In the mid-1910s, Frick greatly expanded his collection by acquiring paintings, porcelains, sculpture, enamels, and furnishings from the estate of J.P. Morgan, who had died in 1913. Though Frick acquired paintings from a variety of sources, his primary dealer was M. Knoedler & Co., and two principals of that firm, Charles Carstairs and Roland Knoedler, were friends of Henry Clay Frick in addition to helping him build his collection. Upon his death, Frick bequeathed to the public his New York residence, along with the paintings, furnishings, and decorative objects contained therein. The Frick Collection opened to the public in 1935.
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Scope and Content
Henry Clay Frick's Correspondence series (1882-1929, and undated) consists chiefly of incoming letters, including circular letters, telegrams, statements, reports, memoranda, and notes, as well as enclosures and related material. In some cases, copies of Frick's outgoing responses are also included. Items in this series are arranged alphabetically, either by the last name of the correspondent, or by the name of the firm, organization, or publication (e.g. Chas. D. Barney and Co., Seamen's Church Institute, Princeton University, Scottdale Observer, etc.) In a handful of instances, materials are filed by subject (e.g. La Sarraz, Switzerland; painter Andrea del Sarto, etc.) Topics discussed in Frick's correspondence vary widely, and include business dealings, investments, art collecting, philanthropy, politics, real estate, and family matters.
The earliest items in this series date from 1882, and include correspondence with Andrew Carnegie and the distillery A. Overholt & Co. From the 1880s through the 1910s, though, Frick corresponded with a wide array of industrialists, bankers, investment firms, executives, and managers, and was a frequent correspondent with members of the Phipps, Mellon, Morgan, and Rockefeller families. Frick's principal business activities were in the areas of coal and coke, iron, steel, and railroads. Materials pertaining to these concerns may be found either under the name of the corporate entity or under the names of individual executives. For instance, in addition to the correspondence filed under Carnegie Steel Co., additional letters can be found under Andrew Carnegie, Millard Hunsiker, A.L. Griffin, J. Ogden Hoffman, F.T.F. Lovejoy, H.M. Curry, and John C. Fleming. Similarly, H.C. Frick Coke Co. correspondence also appears under the names Thomas Lynch, Robert Ramsay, and W.C. Magee. Other executives in the coke, steel, and railroad industries with whom Frick corresponded include Jay C. Morse, W.L. Brown, W.H. Donner, Elbert H. Gary, J.W. Gates, E.B. Leinsenring, Samuel Mather, George W. Perkins, Morris Ramsay, Josiah V. Thompson, and A.R. Whitney, as well as Alexander J. Cassatt, Samuel Rea, William H. Joyce, James McCrea, and John S. Wilson, all of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Examples of industrialists and bankers associated with Frick are Henry G. Morse, Carl C. Law, F.W. Haskell, S.L. Schoonmaker, H.C. McEldowney, and E.B. Morris. Also documented in this series are Frick's investments at various brokerage houses, largely through statements and transactional correspondence with firms such as Lee, Kretschmar and Co., Boissevain and Co., Charles Smith and Sons, James D. Smith and Co., and Kuhn, Loeb and Co.
Letters to Frick on the subject of art collecting range from offers of paintings and other objects available for purchase, to requests to visit Frick's gallery, to transactional correspondence regarding the purchase, framing, conservation, insurance and transport of paintings. Such letters are filed under the names of his principal art dealers, M. Knoedler
and Co. and Charles Carstairs, as well as under Duveen Brothers, through whom Frick made acquisitions from J.P. Morgan's estate among other purchases, Roger Fry, who assisted Frick in the acquisition of Rembrandt's Polish Rider and also alerted Frick to the availability of other works, and Arthur Tooth & Son, through whom Frick purchased his first old master painting. Additional correspondents who wrote about acquisitions or possible acquisitions include Alice Creelman, Virginia P. Bacon, James H. Dunn, H. Silva White, Julius Oehme, and Jacques Seligmann, among numerous others. An index of works offered to Frick in these files is available, and additional art correspondence can be found in the Henry Clay Frick Papers, Series I: Art Files and in the Henry Clay Frick Art Collection Files in this repository.
Correspondence on philanthropic matters documents Frick's contributions to museums and other cultural institutions, colleges and universities, hospitals, churches, and civic organizations. These include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, American Museum of Natural History, the American Academy in Rome, Harvard University and its Arnold Arboretum, Princeton University, from which Frick's son Childs graduated in 1905, and Columbia University. Materials may be filed under the name of the institution, but can also appear under the names of officials and administrators, as in the case of John Grier Hibben of Princeton University, and Nicholas M. Butler of Columbia University. Notable civic organizations in receipt of Frick's assistance were the Pittsburgh Newsboys' Home, Pittsburgh Association for the Improvement of the Poor, Kingsley House Association, and the Henry Clay Frick Educational Commission, founded by Frick in 1909 with the assistance of Pittsburgh astronomer John Brashear.
In addition to his interests in business and art, Frick's papers also document his political activities. Though he himself never held office, he was a strong supporter of the Republican Party, and took an interest in both national politics and those in Pennsylvania, where he maintained legal residency and returned to cast his ballot annually. Frick had prominent political connections, as evidenced by correspondence with Senators Boies Penrose, M.S. Quay, and Philander Chase Knox (later a cabinet member to Presidents Roosevelt and Taft), Representative Edward E. Robbins, and Judge Joseph Buffington, Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary, Leslie M. Shaw, and Roosevelt's personal White House secretary, William Loeb, Jr. Frick's correspondence contains letters to and/or from all U.S. Presidents from Harrison through Wilson, though in some instances there is only a letter or two. The bulk of Frick's presidential correspondence is with Theodore Roosevelt, through whom Frick donated a painting to the White House in 1903. Topics discussed in Frick's political correspondence include campaign contributions, nominations and appointments, and the political climate of the time. Local politics and civic matters are also discussed, especially in the letters of H.D.W. English, Frank F. Nicola, and Pittsburgh mayor William A. Magee.
Frick's correspondence concerning real estate details the acquisition, improvement, and administration of property, whether for the family's personal use, or for commercial, industrial, or rental purposes. Of note is his correspondence with various architects of the period, including F.J. Osterling and F.E. Alden, who undertook projects at the Frick residence in Pittsburgh; Little & Browne, who designed the Frick house in Prides Crossing, Mass.; Thomas Hastings, architect of the Frick family's New York residence; Daniel Burnham, who designed the Frick Building in downtown Pittsburgh as well as the Frick monument in Homewood Cemetery; and Hunt & Hunt, who made alterations to the Vanderbilt mansion in New York during the time of the Frick family's residency there. Files of letters to and from George Lockhart Allen, a real estate and insurance broker based in Salem, Mass., document the acquisition of land for Frick's Prides Crossing estate, relations with his neighbors, and the social climate of the area at that time. Another correspondent of note, D.B. Kinch, was at times responsible for the administration of the Frick Building in Pittsburgh, and superintending the construction of the Frick residence in New York.
These letters sometimes give insight into Frick's personal interests and hobbies, especially those items documenting his memberships in various sporting, social, and fraternal organizations, as well as in correspondence with C.L. Charley, a Parisian auto dealer who imported cars for Frick, and the naval architectural firm of Tams, Lemoine and Crane, through whom he chartered a yacht just after the turn of the century. These papers also document aspects of Frick's private life and the operation of his office and household through correspondence with his immediate family (his wife Adelaide, son Childs, and daughter Helen Clay), members of the extended Frick, Childs, and Overholt families, employees at his various residences, and office staff in New York and Pittsburgh.
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Arranged alphabetically. Items are nearly always filed under the name of the correspondent (last name first, in the case of personal names; corporate bodies are filed in direct order). In a handful of cases, materials are filed by subject.
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Administrative Information
Access Restrictions
These records are open for research under the conditions of The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives access policy. Contact the Archives Department for further information at [email protected]
Processing Information
Arranged and described by Julie Ludwig, 2004-2009, with funding from the Helen Clay Frick Foundation.
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Controlled Access Headings
Arthur Tooth & Sons. Carnegie Steel Company. Carrère & Hastings. Duveen Brothers. H.C. Frick Coke Company. M. Knoedler & Co.
Allom, Charles, Sir, 1865-1947. Burnham, Daniel Hudson, 1846-1912. Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919. Carstairs, Charles. Creelman, Alice. De Wolfe, Elsie, 1865-1950. Frick, Adelaide Howard Childs, 1859-1931. Frick, Childs, 1883-1965. Frick, Helen Clay, 1888-1984. Frick, Henry Clay, 1849-1919. Fry, Roger Eliot, 1866-1934. Hastings, Thomas, 1860-1929. Knox, Philander C. (Philander Chase), 1853-1921. Osterling, F. J., 1865-1934. Penrose, Boies, 1860-1921. Quay, Matthew Stanley, 1833-1904. Rockefeller, John D. (John Davison), 1874-1960. Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
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A. Dodge and Son Corp. (Beverly, Mass.), 1914
A.E. Masten and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1915
A.E. Osler and Co. (Toronto, Can.), 1919
A.E. Thiede and Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1911
A.F. Parsons Publishing Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1893
A.G. Spalding Bros. (Chicopee Falls, Mass.), 1897
A.H. Kinkaid and Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1903
A. Iselin and Co. [New York, N.Y.?], 1907
A.J. Woodruff and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1907
A. Kimbel and Sons (New York, N.Y.), 1892
A.N. Marquis and Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1919
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A.W. McLaughlin and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1915
A. Warner and Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1889
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Ablett, J., 1893
Academy of Science and Art (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1890
Acetylene Gas Illuminating Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1901, 1903
Acheson, Ernest F., 1913
Ackerman, Geo. W., 1908
Ackermann, Harry B., 1910
Adams, Henry H., 1896-1903
Adams, Herbert K., 1909
Adams Express Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1913
Adams, Livingston and Davis (New York, N.Y.), 1913
Adamson, Robert, 1913
Aeolian Company (New York, N.Y.), 1906-1918
Aetna Sand and Gravel Co. [no place], 1906
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Agnew, Lockett, 1916
Aishton, R.H., 1917-1919
Alan, Hebert and Greening, Ltd. (London, England), 1913
Albany Burgesses Corps (Albany, N.Y.), 1909
Albery, F.F.D., 1913
Return to Top »
Aldis, Owen, 1901
Aldred, J.E., 1910
Alexander and Colby (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1903
Alexander and Green (New York, N.Y.) - See: C.B. Alexander
Alexander and Steiner (Augusta, Ga.), 1910
Alexander Brown and Sons (Baltimore, Md.), 1906
Alexander, C.B., 1902
Alexander Hamilton National Memorial Association, [no place], 1909
Alexander, Harriet F. (Mrs. C.B. Alexander), 1909, 1917
Alexander, J.F., 1905-1910
Return to Top »
Alexander, Leo, 1900
Alexander, Maitland, 1905-1915
Alexander, W., 1894
Alexander, William, 1905
Algeo Brother Real Estate Agency (Allegheny, Pa.), 1889
Alger, Philip R., 1894
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Allan A. Ryan and Co. (New York, N.Y), 1919
Allan, Anna (Mrs. Bryce J. Allan), [1913-1914], 1917
Allan, Bryce J., 1907-1917
Alldred, J., 1886
Allegheny County Light Co., 1896-1897
Allegheny County Sabbath School Association, 1906
Allegheny General Hospital, 1903, 1908
Allegheny Union Fresh Air Mercy Mission, 1900
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Allen, Harold, 1916
Allen, Jennie L.C., 1895-1896
Allen, John A. - See: Pullman Palace Car Porters and Railway Employees Beneficial Association
Allen, Wm. H., 1886
Allerton House Company [New York, N.Y.?], 1922
Allewelt, D.B., 1903
Allied Theatrical and Motion Picture Team (New York, N.Y.), 1918
Allies Hospitals Relief Commission (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Allison, Chas. J., 1895, 1898
Allison, Wm. M., Jr., 1904
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Almy, W.F., 1897
Alten, Geo., Mrs., 1897
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American Academy of Arts and Letters (New York, N.Y.), 1916
American Academy of Political and Social Science (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1903-1908
American Art Annual (New York, N.Y.), 1906, 1916
American Art Association (New York, N.Y.), 1913
American Artists' Committee of One Hundred (New York, N.Y.), 1917
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American Civic Alliance (New York, N.Y.), 1909-1910
American Coal and Railway Company (New York, N.Y.), 1905
American Committee for Training in Suitable Trades the Maimed Soldiers of France - See: Louis Baylies
American Consul (Thomas R. Wallace) [no place], 1913
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American Golfer, Inc. [no place], 1909-1919
American Home Watchmen (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1917
American Immigration and Distribution League (New York, N.Y.), 1914
American Institute of Architects (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1898, 1907
American Institute of Mining Engineers (New York, N.Y.), 1903, 1918-1919
American International Corporation (New York, N.Y.), 1916-1918
American Iron and Steel Association (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1908
American Iron and Steel Institute (New York, N.Y.), 1913, 1919
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American League - American Red
American League for World Peace by Allied Victory (New York, N.Y.), 1918
American Loan and Trust Company (Boston, Mass.), 1906
American Locomotive Company (New York, N.Y.), 1902
American Mailing Device Corporation (New York, N.Y.), 1919
American Manufacturer and Iron World (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1893, 1897
American Museum of Natural History (New York, N.Y), 1903-1919
American Museum of Safety (New York, N.Y), 1911
American National Bank of Barberton (Barberton, Ohio), 1901, 1904
American Protective Tariff League (New York, N.Y.) - See: Edward H. Ammidown
American Red Cross [various locations], 1909-1910, 1918
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American Ship Building Company (Cleveland, Ohio), 1899-1902
American Social Hygiene Association, Inc. (New York, N.Y.), 1915, 1920
American Specialty Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1901
American Steel and Wire Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1905-1911
American Surety Company of New York [various locations], 1885, 1917-1924
American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1910, 1912
American Tinned Plate Association (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1889
American Trust Company (Boston, Mass.), 1910
American Tube and Iron Co. (Middletown, Pa.), 1892
American Vanadium Co., [no place], 1914
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Amerine, M.H., 1894
Ammidown, Edward H., 1890
Anderson, Geo. H., 1896-1901
Anderson, Henry B., 1905
Anglo-American Telegraph Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1910
Angus, G.W.R., 1911
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Anthoney, [?], 1923
Archibald, R.W., 1910
Architectural League of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1910, 1919
Architectural Record (New York, N.Y.), 1915
Armel, James, 1890
Armstrong, C.D., 1919
Armstrong, J.A. - See: Carrie A. Paddock
Armstrong, John A., 1890
Armstrong, Walter, 1915
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Army - Arthur, H.W.
Arno, Mary, 1916
Arnold, Albert, 1906
Arnold, F.L., 1896
Arnold, H.B., 1885
Arrott, James W., 1890-1901
Art Alliance of America (New York, N.Y.), 1918
Art Commission of the City of New York See: John Quincy Adams
Art in America (New York, N.Y.), 1919
Art in Trades Club (New York, N.Y.), 1913, 1915
Art Journal (London, England), 1910
Art Society of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1898
Arthur, H.W., undated
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Arts and Decoration (New York, N.Y.), 1916, 1918
Arundel, Alfred W., 1893
Assemblies (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1887
Associated Charities of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1908-1910
Associated News (New York, N.Y.), 1900
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor (New York, N.Y.), 1909, 1913
Association for the Improvement of the Poor, [Pittsburgh, Pa.?], 1908
Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks (New York, N.Y.), 1920
Association of Public School Teachers of Crippled Children in the City of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1912
Association of Railway Executives [no place], 1919
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Atcheson, Jas. M., 1889-1898
Atcheson, John F., 1886-1910
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Atlantic Publishing and Engraving Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1893, 1899
Atlantic Refining Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1917
Atlantic Transport Line (Baltimore, Md.) - See: B[ernard] N. Baker
Atterbury, W.W., 1911-1916
Audit Company of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1902
Auprecht, G., 1887
Auryansen, A.D., 1906
Austey, Herbert, 1912
Austin, O.P., 1913
Austin, R.W., 1918
Austin, W.F., 1902
Automobile-Club de France (Paris, France), 1920
Automobile Club of America (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1921
Automobile Club of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1903
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Averill, N.K., 1919
Avey and Irish (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1904-1909
Axtell, Silas Blake, 1916
Ayer, Charles F., 1906
B.C. Montgomery (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1901
B.F. Keister and Co. (Owensdale, Pa.), 1891
B.F. Stevens and Brown (London, England), 1899
B.P. Young Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1903
Babbage, R.G., 1902
Bacheller, W.M., 1902
Bachman, Adam, 1885
Bacon, Francis M., 1910
Bacon, Walter Rathbone, 1915
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Bailey, James M., 1887-1890
Bailey, John D., 1898
Bailey, Robert J., 1900
Bailey, W.E. - See: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co.
Bailie, Thomas S., 1915
Baily, Eli S., 1887
Baily, Herbert S., 1912
Baker, C.W., 1899
Baker Chain and Wagon Iron Manufacturing Co. (Allegheny, Pa.), 1891
Baker, Charles H., 1911
Baker, S.S., 1918
Baker, Stephen, 1899-1912
Baldinger, Baron de, 1915
Baldwin, H.A., 1905
Baldwin, Wm. H., 1916
Ballard, Samuel R., 1888
Ballou, Franklin, 1885, 1889
Balzer, E., 1915
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Bane - Bankers Club
Bane and Hill Customs and Insurance Brokers (New York, N.Y.), 1909-1910
Bank of Charleroi (Charleroi, Pa.), 1899-1903
Bank of Commerce (Cleveland, Ohio), 1901
Bank of Loveland (Loveland, Col.), 1898
Bank of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1888-1902
Banker Brothers Company (New York, N.Y.), 1902
Bankers Club of Chicago (Chicago, Ill.), 1916
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6 6
Barber, Amzi Lorenzo, 1900
Barbour, John B., Jr., 1897
Barbour, Percy - See: American Institute of Mining Engineers
Barbour, Robert W., 1903
Barclay, Decima Campbell, 1901
Barclay, Wm. K., 1900
Barcus, James F., 1909
Barker, Edward T., 1906
Barker, Robert M., 1916
Barnes, James R., 1900
Barnes, Jos. E., 1907
Barnes, Thurlow Weed, 1901
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Baron de Stackelberg, 1916
Barr, Anne Elizabeth, 1911
Barr, J. Carroll, 1901, 1903
Barr, Mary F., 1889
Barr, Mary McD., undated
Bartley, William J., 1906
Baruch, Bernard M., 1917
Bassford, Albert J., 1896
Batchelder, Ida W., 1919
Batchelder, J.P.C., 1910, 1912
Battle, George Gordon, 1915
Baucus, Joseph D., 1913
Bauer, Ralph S., 1911-1915
Bauersmith, W.R., 1912
Baum, Max C. - See: American League for World Peace by Allied Victory
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Bayard, C.M., 1903
Bayles, E.O., 1888
Baylies, Frank Leaman, 1916
Beach, Austin, 1901
Beach, Camille, 1912
Beachel, George S., 1903
Beadling, Chas. S., 1921
Beal, Thomas P., 1912
Bean, Henry W., 1908
Beaubian, Geo. H., 1919
Beaver, James A., 1905
Bedford Springs Hotel (Bedford, Pa.), 1889
Beebe, Alexander, 1916
Beegle, May, 1919
Beeson, J.K., 1890
Begg, R., 1905
Behn, Carl, 1916
Behrens, Carl, 1914
Belgium Legation (Washington, D.C.), 1910
Bell, C.C., 1916
Bellefield Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1900-1926
Bellet, Ernestine, 1916
Belloni, Leopold, 1918
Belmont, Alva E. (Mrs. Oliver H.P. Belmont), [no year] March 9
Belmont, August, 1906-1914
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Bent, L.S., 1896
Bentley, Robert, 1892-1906
Benton, George W. - See: Bankers Trust Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Benyon, John F., 1912
Bergstrom, E.C., 1916
Berkey, J.C., 1900
Berl, D.R., 1910
Beroldingen, Countess Adnah von, 1913
Berry, J.B.N., 1910
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Bessemer Trust Co. (Braddock, Pa..), 1906-1923
Beth Israel Hospital (New York, N.Y.), 1903-1904
Bethlehem Iron Co. (South Bethlehem, Pa.), 1892-1893
Bethlehem Steel Co. (South Bethlehem, Pa.), 1902-1903
Beveridge, Albert J., 1898, 1901
Beverly Althletic Field Fund [Beverly, Mass.], 1914
Beverly Evening Times (Beverly, Mass.), 1918
Beverly Farms Baptist Church [Beverly Farms, Mass.], 1906-1912
Beverly Farms Playground [Beverly Farms, Mass.], 1911
Beverly Gas and Electric Co. (Beverly, Mass.), 1903
Beverly High School [Beverly, Mass.], 1907
Beverly Improvement Society (Beverly, Mass.), 1909
Beverly Lighter and Wrecking Co. (Beverly, Mass.), 1911
Beverly, Mass. - Executive Department, 1918-1919
Beverly, Mass. - Fire Department, 1921
Beverly, Mass. - Office of the Mayor, 1913
Beverly, Mass. - Water Department, 1911
Beverly Men's Singing Club (Beverly, Mass.), 1919
Beverly National Bank (Beverly, Mass.), 1913
Beverly Republican Club [Beverly, Mass.], 1911
Beverly Y.M.C.A [Beverly, Mass.], 1909, 1913
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Bick, Walter Sears, 1907
Bigelow, A.S., 1909
Birkshire, R.L., 1901
Black, Starr and Frost [no place], 1910
Blackburn, A.W., 1903
Blair, Geo. W., 1910
Blair, Reed F., 1913
Blake, L.B., Mrs., 1913
Bledsoe, S.D. - See: Pennsylvania Railroad
Bleiman, Max, 1897
Blind Floral Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1917
Blind Men's Improvement Club of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1919
Bliss, A.W., 1887
Bloom, J.E., 1911
Blumenstien, R.C., 1919
Boardman, Blanche Bigelow, 1919
Boardman, Mabel T., 1909-1913
Bochdan, [?], undated
Bogard, Milo T., 1902-1904
Boley, W.M., 1908
Bollati, G., 1908
Bonnat, Léon, 1917
Boost Club of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1908, 1910
Booth, J.W., 1905
Bope, H.P., 1902
Borard, Martha, 1909
Boston Evening Transcript (Boston, Mass.), 1906
8 10
Boston and Maine Railroad [Boston, Mass.], 1903, 1917-1918
Boston Museum of Fine Arts [Boston, Mass.], 1907-1911
Boston News Bureau (Boston, Mass.), 1908-1919
Boston Press Club [Boston, Mass.], 1910
Boston Saturday Sun (Boston, Mass.), 1912
Boston, Second National Bank (Boston, Mass.), 1912
Boston Society of Architects (Boston, Mass.), 1908
Boston Traveler Charitable Society [Boston, Mass.], 1912
Boston University [Boston, Mass.], 1913
Boswell, Peyton - See: Associated Art Press of America
Boswell, S.H., 1916
Bosworth, G.B., 1889-1905
Boughey, A.H.F., 1916
Bourne, F.G., 1908
Bouvier, Caroline E., 1916
Bower, Laurance F., 1899
Bowker, Walter H., 1917
Bowland, H.F., Mrs., 1909
Bowles, Frank G., 1886
Bowles, J.B., 1904, 1907
Bowles, Marie G., 1901
Bowman, Sidney B., 1903
Boy Scouts of America, Allegheny Co. Council (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1916-1921
Boyce, Fred G., Jr., 1915
Boyd, Charlotte, 1915
Boyd, R. M., 1908
Boyle, C.E., [1886]-1888
Braddock, Anna (Mrs. James S. Braddock), 1890, 1910
Braddock, Homer Frick, 1906
Braddock, James S., 1887-1918
Braddock, John S., 1900
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Bradford, Morgan, Jr., 1919
Brearley, Harry Chase, 1912, 1914
Breck, E.G., 1903
Breeze, Charles, 1917
Brewer, William A., 1907
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Briggs, C.C., 1897-1898
British American War Relief Fund (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Brittain, Geo E., 1897
Britton, Edward E., 1919
Brokaw, W. Gould, 1912
Brombacher, Max H.C., 1905
Brook (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 1911, 1913
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1915-1919
Brooklyn Wharf and Warehouse Co. [Brooklyn, N.Y.], 1901
Return to Top »
Brooks, Edward H., 1891
Brooks, Edward C., 1890
Brooks, Geo. A., 1900
Brooks, J.T., 1891, 1895
Brooks, William Gray, 1912
Brotherhood of Andrew and Philip, St. John's Lutheran Church (Swissvale, Pa.), 1908
Brown, Alfred H., 1909
Brown and Tillinghurst (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1904
Brown Bonnell Iron Co. (Cleveland, Ohio), 1892
Brown Brother and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1905-1909
Brown Car Wheel Works (Buffalo, N.Y.) - See: Henry M. Brown
Brown, Charles P., et al, 1898
Brown, Charles W., 1902
Brown, Clara H., 1899-1904
Return to Top »
Brown, George E., 1918
Brown, Henry E.F., 1909
Brown, Henry Graham, 1910
Brown, Herbert P., 1904
Brown, Irving Swan, 1917
Brown, John H. [Reverend in Connellsville, Pa.], 1909
Brown, L.S., Mrs., 1915
Brown, Lewis T., 1902
Brown, Margaret B., 1901
Brown, W.K., 1924
Return to Top »
Browne, Charles Francis, 1914
Browne, Ed. F., 1914
Browne, Grant Hugh, 1906
Brownfield, John C., 1900
Bruce, John M., 1903
Bruce, Otto J., 1912
Bruggeman, J.F., 1891, 1902
Brush, A.J., 1900
Brush, Gerome, 1915
Return to Top »
Buck, John H., 1920
Buckham, Robert B., 1905
Buckman, Marie N., 1911
Buckner, M.L.S., 1900
Bullard, A.H., Mrs., 1916
Bumstead, Horace, Mrs., 1914
Buntin, William C., 1916
Bureau of Corporation Statistics (New York, N.Y.), 1905
Bureau of Municipal Research (New York, N.Y.), 1907
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Burgesses Corps [Albany, N.Y.], 1909
Burghardt, Louis, 1912
Burgher, F.I., 1918
Burgwin, George C., 1915, 1917
Burk, A.W., 1903
Burnham, Austin A., 1898
Burnham, Williams and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1897
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Burns Detective Agency (New York, N.Y.), 1912, 1915
Burns, Francis X., 1892-1903
Burroughs, Bryson, 1911, 1914
Burton, Robert, 1917
Burwell, E.L., 1910
Butterman, S., 1886
Byers, A.M., undated
Byrne, John R., 1891
Byrne, P.J., 1902, 1909
C. and G. Cooper Co. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio), 1909
C.C. Mellor Co., Ltd. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1903-1904
C.C. Mengel and Bro. Co. (Louisville, Ky.), 1909
C.F. Anderson and Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1906
C.J. Spellman and Sons [no place], 1902
C. Keur and Sons [?, France], 1903
C.R. Williams and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1901
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Cain, Wm. H., 1894
Caldwell, John, 1893, 1898
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Return to Top »
Campbell, Clidor, 1919
Campbell, Edward, 1907
Cannon, Jas. G., 1893-1896
Return to Top »
Cape Ann Golf Club (Rockport, [Mass.]) - See: George F. Babbitt
Cappeau, Lemley and Miller Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1911
Capital City Club (Atlanta, Ga.), 1895
Capps, W.L., 1893
Carborundum Co. (Niagara Falls, N.Y.), 1913, 1919
Carew, Lucie[?] B., 1907
Cargo, Warren S., 1900
12 5 Carnegie, Andrew, II [son of Thomas M. Carnegie]
13 1
Carnegie, Lucy C., 1892-1900
Carnegie Museum [Pittsburgh, Pa.], 1912
Carnegie, Phipps and Co., Limited (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1888
Carnegie Steel Co., Limited (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1892-1919
Carnegie, Thomas M., [1843-1886], [188]5, undated
Carnegie, Thomas M., 1906
Carr, Wm. Wilkins, 1899
Carrick, William C., 1901
Carroll, L.A., 1915
Carter, Frank F., 1919
Carter, G.[V?]., 1900
Carter, Mrs. J.T., 1901
Carter, Jesse Benedict, 1912
Carter, Mary A.E., 1902
Cary Smith and Barbey (New York, N.Y.), 1901
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Cass, Eleanore Baldwin, 1916
Cassell, W.A., 1908
Casson, Herbert N., 1906
Return to Top »
Caswell, Edwin Whittier, 1909
Catholic Women's League (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1916
Caton, Adda O., 1901
Cauldwell-Wingate Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1915
Caullet, J.[?], 1919
Cawley, George, 1894
Central District and Printing Telegraph Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1898-1912
Central National Bank (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1890-1900
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Central Young Women's Christian Association (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1899-1900
Century Theatre (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Cerro de Pasco Investment Co. (New York, N.Y), 1903-1925
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Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1906-1919
Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1907-1910
Chamberlain, John, 1887
Chambers, J.F., 1907
Chandler, J.H., 1897
Chappuis and Rapier (New Orleans, La.), 1900
Chapple, Joe Mitchell, 1917
Chappotin, J.B., Mrs., 1913
Charles Graef and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1899, 1902
Charles H. Fuller Co. (Toledo, Ohio), 1913
Charles Hathaway and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1894-1896
Charles, Heinrich, 1908
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15 5 Charleston, Parkersburg and Western Railway Co. (Charleston, W.Va.)
Charlton, Loudon, 1911
Chartran, E. [Mrs. Theobald Chartran?], 1901
Chartran, [Theobald], 1899
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15 10 Chas. D. Barney and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa., and New York, N.Y.)
Chase National Bank [no place], 1914
Châtelain, R.A., 1897
Chesebrough, A.S., 1900
Cheney, B.P., 1913
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Chicago City and Connecting Railways Collateral Trust (Chicago, Ill.), 1915-1923
Chicago Club (Chicago, Ill.), 1886-1917
Chicago Examiner (Chicago, Ill.), 1914
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Chicago, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1904
Chicago Ornamental Iron Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1902
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1903
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway Co. [no place], 1919
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Ill.), 1903
Chidester, H., 1911
Child, Harold, 1907
Childs, Albert H., 1913
Childs, Caroline D., Oct 19 [no year]
Childs, Clinton L., 1918
Childs, Harvey, Jr., 1893-1915
Childs, James H., 1913
Childs, Lilly Rankin, 1899-1919
22 4
Childs, Wallace, 1900
Chipley, C.A., 1886-1889
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Choate, Joseph H., 1913-1914
Christian Home for Working Girls [Pittsburgh, Pa.], 1901-1902
Christian Science Publishing Society (Boston, Mass.), 1919
Christmas Seal Committee (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1923
Christy, Walter J., 1911
Chrystie, T. Ludlow, 1906
Church Club of the Diocese of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1919
Church of the Ascension (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1900
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Churchill, Henry C., 1916
Cichocki, Henry, 1899
Citizens Committee for Perpetuating the Dewey Arch (New York, N.Y.) - See: T.B. Dean
Citizens Insurance Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1885-1886
Citizens National Bank (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1902
City and Suburban Homes Co. [no place], 1910
City Contracting Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1915
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City Midday Club (New York, N.Y.), 1901-1921
City Trust, Safe Deposit and Surety Co. of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1903
Civic Club of Allegheny County [Pittsburgh, Pa.], 1913
Civic Forum (New York, N.Y.), 1910-1913
Civil Service Reform Association (New York, N.Y.), 1914-1915
Claflin, John, 1910
Clagett, W.H., [1906]
Clapp, Charles E., 1901-1919
Clapp, D.C., 1893
Clapp, Harold C., 1915
Clark, Charles, 1903
Clark, Edwin H., 1904
Cleveland, J. Wray, 1906-1907
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Clingerman, Walter H., 1915-1919
Clinkaberry, Henry T., 1897
Cloutier, Sam, 1913
Return to Top »
Coffin, C.P., 1893, 1896
Coffin, Charles A., 1904-1918
Return to Top »
Cohill, Clara Curtis [Mrs. Geo. H. Cohill], 1896
Coke Company of Connellsville (Baltimore, Md.), 1889
Col. J.W. Patterson Corps, No. 1 (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1916
Colburn, R.T., 1907
Coleman, J. Howard, 1914
Coleman, John C., 1909-1910
College for Women [Pittsburgh, Pa.?], 1914
College of Jersey City (Jersey City, N.J.), 1915
College of St. Francis Xavier [no place], 1916
College of the City of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1912
Collier, J.H., 1914
Collier Engineer Co. (Scranton, Pa.), 1896
Collins, Amelia, 1898
Collins, F.W., 1909
Colonial Steel Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909-1915
Colonial Trust Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1906
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Colorado Light and Power Co. (Canon City, Col.), 1909
Colt, H.S., 1908
Return to Top »
Columbian Engraving and Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1893
Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Railway Co. (Columbus, Ohio), 1888
Columbus Iron and Steel Co. (Columbus, Ohio), 1903
Colvin, J.T., 1893
Combined News Service, Inc. (New York, N.Y.), 1910
Commercial and Financial Chronicle (New York, N.Y.), 1899
Commercial Club of Indiana Harbor and East Chicago (Indiana Harbor, Ind.), 1909
Commercial National Bank (Chicago, Ill.), 1899-1900
Commercial Trust Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1902-1911
Commercial Union Insurance Co., Ltd. (New York, N.Y.), 1920
Committee of Chauffeurs [no place], 1918
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23 8 Commonwealth Real Estate and Trust Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Communipau Coal Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1900
Compton, Chas. R., 1912
Congreve, J.G., 1914-1916
Conn, C.A., 1902
Connellsville, Pa. - Centennial, 1906
Connellsville, Pa. - Park, 1909
Connellsville, Pa. - Trinity Lutheran Church, 1909-1911
Connellsville Coke and Iron Co. (Mauch Chunk, Pa., and Philadelphia, Pa.), 1885-1889
Return to Top »
Connellsville Masonic Association (Connellsville, Pa.), 1909
Connelly, Eugene L., 1905
Return to Top »
Conner, H.P., 1905, 1907
Connfelt, Una Soley, 1916
Connolly, Gregory P., 1905, 1907
Connolly, John, 1900
Connor, Albert, 1917
Connor, Washington, 1894
Conrad, G.W., 1903
24 1 Conrow, Wilford S., 1916
Consolidated Gas Co. of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1914-1919
Consolidation Coal Co. [no place], 1916
Constans, J.J., 1898
Conti, Cesare, 1909
Convent of Mercy (Cresson, Pa.), 1898
Convent of Mercy [Pittsburgh, Pa.], 1896
Convent of the Good Shepherd (Allegheny City, Pa.), 1886
Converse, E.C., 1891, 1911
Coolidge, H.J., Mrs., 1908
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Corbett, W.H., 1893-1900
Corey, J.B., 1891
Return to Top »
Cornelius, Richard, 1893, 1896
Corning, Nicodemus J., 1895
Corporation Debenture Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1903
Corporation Trust Company of New Jersey (Jersey City, N.J.), 1899
Cortelyou, George B., 1898-1906
Corwine, William R., 1906
Cosmopolitan Magazine (Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y.), 1902-1903
Cossey, Robert, 1920
Cotter, Arundel, 1915
Cotting, Francis J., 1906
Country Club of Augusta (Augusta, Ga.), 1910
County, A.J., 1918
Courtland Babcock and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1899
Courtney, Gladys V., 1917
Cowan, James B.O., 1905
Cowell, Arthur Westcott, 1920
Cox, John F., 1893, 1900
Coyan, Sadie, 1907
Coykendall, L.T., 1908
Cramp, Edwin S., 1896, 1899
Cranston, Edith, 1912-1913
Return to Top »
Cravath, Paul D., 1914
Crawford, Everett L., 1915
Crist, Harris M., 1913
Criswell, R.T., 1916, 1918
Crockett, E.A., 1915
Crosby, John Schuyler, 1912
Cross, C.E., 1914
Crossland, F.W., 1897
Crucible Steel Company of America (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1901
Cruikshank Company (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Crum, A.R., 1900
Crutcher, Ernest, 1905
Crutchfield, J.S., 1920
Return to Top »
Culbertson, B.H., 1901-1910
Cullinan, J.S., 1902
Cummin, Joseph W., 1902-1903
Cummings, J. Howell, 1902
Cunningham, Mary H. [Mrs. James Cunningham], 1909
Cunningham, William Allan, 1916
Current Opinion (New York, N.Y.), 1918
Currier, A.M., 1909
Return to Top »
Curtis Francis, 1916
Curtis, H.D., 1919
Curtis, A.H., Mrs., 1915
Cutting, R. Fulton, 1907-1913
D.C. Weeks and Son (New York, N.Y.), 1908
D. Linehan and Son (Prides Crossing, Mass.), 1907
D.O. Haynes and Co., Publishers (New York, N.Y.), 1902
D.S. Hess and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1890
D.T. Moore and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1918
Dabbs, B.L.H., 1890, 1898
Daggett, Carrie E., 1909
Dain, James K., 1887
Dale, Richard C., 1889-1890
Dalzell, J. Willis, 1889-1890
Darlington, H., 1902
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25 9- 12
Darr, Luke and Moore [formerly Darr and Moore] (Pittsburgh, Pa. and New York, N.Y.)
Darragh, M., 1889
Darsie, Jas., 1890-1891
Return to Top »
Davenport, Butler, 1914
Davenport, Homer, 1906
Davidge, Clara Sedwy [Mrs. Mason C. Davidge], 1911
Davidson, H.P., 1912, 1915
Davidson, Robert C., 1897-1917
Davidson, William A., 1886
Davidson, William M., 1916
Davies, John M., 1907
Davies, Julien T., 1908
Davis, Arthur B., 1919
Davis, Ethel A., 1914
Davis, F.W., Jr., 1913-1914
Davis, Fred'k W., 1910
Return to Top »
Day, Frank Miles, 1907
Day, William A., 1905-1915
De Beruete, A., 1911
De Bow, T.L., 1894
De Castes, F.M., 1915
De Chambrun, Countess, 1915
De Forest, George, 1904
Return to Top »
De Kay, Charles, 1903
De Larrea, Miguel, 1916
De Mot, Jean, 1910
De Orueta y Rivero, José, 1916
De Pew, Chauncey M., 1903
De Roy, H.D., 1900
De Wolfe, Elsie, 1916-1917
De Wolfe, Tensard, 1909
De Young, M.H., 1908
Dean, Jno., 1897
Dean, T.B., 1900
Return to Top »
Decker, Muriel Richey [Mrs. B.R. Decker], 1902, undated
Decour, A., 1916
Deering, Charles, 1901-1916
Deering, James, 1903
Degelman and Co. [formerly Degelman and Vogle] (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1905-1916
Deitrick, James, 1904
Del Sera, Count, 1911-1912
Delavan, T.C., 1906-1907
Return to Top »
Delaware Water Company (Delaware, Ohio), 1909
Delineator (New York, N.Y.), 1909
Dellenbach property on Grant St. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909
Delmonico, L. Crist, 1897
Denniston, James, 1886
Denver and Salt Lake Railroad Co. (Denver, Col.), 1913
Return to Top »
Devor, William T., 1901
Dewar, John, 1887, 1901
Dewey, C. Frank, 1900
Dewey, Edward W., 1901
Dexter, Geo. T., 1907
Di Campo, Marquis, 1915
Dice, Margaret, 1894, 1899
Dick, M.M., 1890
Dickey, John N., 1909-1910
Dilworth, L.L., 1903
Return to Top »
Distributing and Importing Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1914
Ditson, Alice M. [Mrs. Charles H. Ditson], 1906, 1909
Dixon, C.H., 1906
Doerr, William H., 1912
Dominick, Bayard, 1915
Donohoe, T.J., 1897
Donegan, James S., 1908
Donkin, Wm. S., 1915
Donlon, Thomas James, 1908
Donnelly, Chas., 1889, 1892
Dougherty, Wm., 1916
Return to Top »
Downing, Dwight F., 1886
Downing, Henry F., 1919
Dreicer and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1913-1916
Dreiser, Theodore, 1909
Drexel and Co. Bankers (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1887-1907
Drill, J.M, 1894-1916
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Du Bois - Duniway
Du Val, C. Raoul, 1906
Du Val, Horace C., 1907
Duane, Morris, Heckscher and Robert (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1906
Dudley, James L., 1903
Dulfer, I.W., 1893
Dumbauld, D.W.C., 1896
Dumm, C.E., 1894
Dummett, Arthur, 1920
Dunham, Wm. R., 1889
Dunn, Louise K., 1916
Dunne, Finley Peter, 1918
Duquesne Chemical Mfg. Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1913
Duquesne Club (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1886, 1919
Duquesne Land Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1888
Duquesne Light Co. [Pittsburgh, Pa.], 1917
Duquesne National Bank (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1902-1920
Return to Top »
Durkin, Edward Lawrence, 1912
Dusenberry, L.H., 1888
Dysart, J.C., 1888
E.A. Williams and Son (Jersey City, N.J.), 1896
E.B. Latham and Company (New York, N.Y.), 1920
E.C. Miller and Co. [no place], 1906
E. Gimpel and Wildenstein (New York, N.Y.), 1915
E.H. Gay and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1906
E. Lamontagne and Sons (New York, N.Y.), 1893
E.M. Todd Co. (Smithfield, Va.), 1900-1902
E.P. Dutton and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1909-1918
E.R. Chapman and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1907
E.R. Grabow and Co. (Swampscott, Mass.), 1912
E.V. Brokaw and Bro. (New York, N.Y.), 1918
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Ealy, Taylor F., 1893
East End Cadets, East End Christian Church (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1912
East End Dramatic Club [Pittsburgh, Pa.], 1890
East End Electric Light Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1888-1893
East End Gas Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1887
East End Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1900-1901
East End Savings and Trust Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909
Easton, Susan R. (Mrs. F.C. Easton), 1902
Eaton, D.C., 1899
Eaton, H.B., 1915
Eaton, Seymour, 1905
Eaton, W.H., 1899
Eberhart, A.O., 1918
Economic Club of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1908, 1915
Eddy, Robt. E., 1898
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Edmonds, Richard H., 1906-1917
Edmunds, Frank W., 1903
Edward F. Caldwell and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1906, 1909
Edward G. Roberts and Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1915
Edward, Geo. D., 1907
Edwards and Bryan (New York, N.Y.), 1908
Edwards, Andrew S., 1907
Eicher, Thos. D., 1886
Eiler, Edw., 1890
Eisenhuth, John W., 1901
Elder, Cyrus, 1889, 1891
Elkins, S[tephen] B[enton], 1897-1902
Elkins, William L., Jr., 1901
Elkins, Morris and Co. [no place], 1921
Ellman, Lawrence B., 1917
Ellis, David A., 1908
Ellis, Rudolph, 1899, 1913
Ellis, W.H., 1916, 1918
Ellis, William [S.?], 1902
Ellsworth, James W., 1887, 1906
Ellsworth Steam Laundry, Dye House, and Bath Rooms (Ellsworth, Me.), 1886
Ellwood, I.L., 1897
Elmore, James, 1904-1912
Elmore, Susan, 1915
Elmore, W.A., 1918
Eltonhead, E.Y., 1911
Emmet, B.H., 1914
Emmett, John, 1911
Emmons, H.E., 1902
Employers' Liability Assurance Corp., Ltd. (London, England), 1920, 1922
Encyclopedia Americana Corp. (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Endicott, Clara T., 1907
Endicott, William C., 1919
Enell, George A., 1902-1913
Engineering Magazine (London, England), 1905
Engineers' Club (New York, N.Y.), 1899-1900
Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1901
English, George W., 1897
English, Mary C., 1893-1897
Epping-Carpenter Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909
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Equitable Life Assurance Society (New York, N.Y., and Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1897-1920
Equitable Trust Company of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1910
Return to Top »
Ernst, Eugene C.F., 1909
Ertell, W.H., 1886
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Essex County Club (Manchester, Mass.), 1902-1925
Essex County Co-Operative Farming Association (Topsfield, Mass.), 1922
Estate Stove Co. (Hamilton, Ohio), 1911
Estes, Clifford N., 1916
Estopinal, Leonidas B., 1917
30 11
Eureka Consolidated Mining Co. (San Francisco, Cal.), 1887-1889
Eureka Fire Brick Co. (Mt. Braddock, Pa.), 1890
Eustis, [?],Mrs., 1917
Evening Mail (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Evening Post (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1908
Everett, Edward, 1906
Ewing, Jno. K., 1889-1892
Ewing, Nathaniel, 1897-1899
Exchange Bank (Beaver Falls, Pa.), 1893
Exchange National Bank (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1890
Export Shipping Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1903
Eyermann, Peter, 1907
F.G. Conley and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909
F.H. Prince and Co. (Boston, Mass.), 1907-1912
F. Kleinberger Galleries (New York, N.Y.), 1909, 1917
F. Sander and Co. (St. Albans, [England]), 1899
Fagan, A. Florence, 1902
Fagans, Philip D., 1917
Fairbairn, Andrew, 1896
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Farmington Society (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1906
Farquhar, A.B., 1894-1911
Farrand, Wilson, 1918
Farrell, A.J., 1918
Farrell, J.A., 1908
Return to Top »
Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1923
Federal Reserve Board (Washington, D.C.), 1916
Federal Steel Foundry Co. (Chester, Pa.), 1913-1918
Federal Trade Information Service (Washington, D.C.), 1919
Felician Sisters (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1919
Fellowes, Charles, 1915
Felton, E.C., 1893-1909
Felton, S.M., 1893-1894
Fidelity Appraisal Co. (Milwaukee, Wis.), 1916
Fidelity Insurance, Trust and Safe Deposit Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1898-1901
Fidelity Title and Trust Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1888-1898
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31 11- 12
Fifth Avenue Association (New York, N.Y.), 1914-1919
Fifth Avenue Bank (New York, N.Y.), 1905-1916
Fifth Av. Pres. Ch. Project [?], [no place], 1886
Figaro, Huret, 1903
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Filbert, G.H., 1909
Filbert, W.J., 1915-1916
Financial Encyclopaedia (New York, N.Y.), 1909
Finch, J.A., 1899
Finelli, Joseph, 1902
Finley, J.B., 1916
First M.E. Church (Monaca, Pa.), 1909
First National Bank (Columbus, Ohio), 1899
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First National Bank (Connellsville, Pa.) - First National Bank (Mt. Pleasant, Pa..)
First National Bank (Connellsville, Pa.), 1885-1894
First National Bank (Mt. Pleasant, Pa.), 1887-1895
Return to Top »
First National Bank (Washington, Pa.), 1893-1894, 189[?]
First National Bank (Youngstown, Ohio), 1903-1904
Fischer, G., 1909
Fischer, Paul, 1915
Fiscus, John M., 1889
Fish and Marvin Country Real Estate and Insurance (New York, N.Y.), 1919
Fish, Stuyvesant, 1897
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Fisler, J.G., 1900
Return to Top »
Fitz, Francis, 1902
Fitz, Norman, 1907
Fitzgerald, D.H., 1911
Fitzgerald, Desmond, 1905
Fitzgerald, F.C., 1909
Fitzgerald, Louis, 1902
1890-1899, no year
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Flower, John, 1894
Floyd, Thos., 1895
Folger, Wm. M., 1892-1902
Fombelle, A.M., 1898
Foote, C.H., 1896
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Forrest, Richard E., 1913
Return to Top »
Forward, C.M., 1915
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Fowler, Chas. E., 1908
Foye, J.E., 1911
Francis, Charles S., 1905
Franklin, Eugene, 1903
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Frazier, L.O., 1888
Frazier, Schuyler, 1889
Frederick R. Wood and Son (New York, N.Y.), 1906-1917
Fredericks and Bower (Lloydville, Pa.), 1890
Free Dispensary (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1891
Free Lecture Forum [no place], 1915
Freeland, Theo. H., 1895
French Benevolent Society (New York, N.Y.), 1909
French Museum of Art [no place], 1917
French Syndicate in United States Steel Corp. Common Stock, 1909, 1917
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Frew, Martha E., no year
Frew, Virginia (re: Helen Clay Frick's luncheon for Miss Frew), 1909
Frew, W.N., 1894-1908
Frewen, Moreton, 1908-1909
Frick, Frances S. Dixon (Mrs. Childs Frick), 1913-1920
Frick, Frank, 1909
35 6
Frick, Theo., 1919
G.M. Long and Co. (New London, Conn.), 1899-1904
G. Stuart Simons and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1904
G.W. Bromley and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1922
G.W. Koch and Son (New York, N.Y.), 1891, 1898
G.W. Sheldon and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1901-1903
Gable, M.E., 1894-1896
Gadiel, Oscar, 1900
Gallup, D.L., 1907-1910
Gallup, M.C., 1910
Gammell, R.I., 1906
Gannon, Thomas J., 1915
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Gardner, Henry B., 1905
Gardner, Marsh C., 1887
Garner, James Herbert, 1918
1898-1914, undated
Gates, C.C., no year
Gaze, L.J.[?], 1893
Geer, M.E., 1913
Gehrke, L., 1893
Gellatly, John, 1916
General Federation of Women's Clubs (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Geo. A.M. Gillimay and Co. (London, Canada), 1906
Geo. B. Hill and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1885-1898
Geo. C. Flint Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1903, 1906
Geo. Faucett and Sons (West Chester, Pa.), 1902, 1905
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George Barrie and Sons (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1908, 1912
George Bros. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1898-1912
George E. Drayton Association [no place], 1915
George, Frank, 1903
George A. Fuller Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1901, 1916
George Junior Republic Association of Western Pennsylvania (Grove City, Pa.), 1910
George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), 1908, 1910
Georgia State Prison (Milledgeville, Ga.), 1915
Gérard, André, 1916
German Consulate (Cincinnati, Ohio), 1916
German Publication Society (New York, N.Y.), 1915
Gernert[?], Charles, 1899
Geschel, Jos. R., 1911
Gibson, Archer, 1908-1917
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Gilchrist, John, 1902
Giles, James Morton, 1914
Gill, Laura Drake, 1914
Gillies, John Wallace, 1917
Gittens, S.R., 1916
Glew, Wm., 1909
Globe Steam Heater Co. (North Wales, Pa.), 1898
Gloekler, Bernard, 1887
Godfrey, M.A., 1902
Godkin, Lawrence, 1906
Godlove, E.E., 1905
Gofflot, L.V., 1902
Golding, G. Franco, 1915
Golding, John N., 1905-1915
Goodell, John M., 1903
Gorer, Edgar, 1914
Gorman, Geo. J., 1891
Gorman, Mary C., 1919
Gould, E.R.L., 1910-1914
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Gourd - Graham, E.R.
Gove Lumber Co. (Beverly, Mass.), 1912
Govett, Ernest, 1915-1916
Graham, Walter, 1915
Grammer, G.J., 1897
Grammes, H.A., 1915-1916
Grand, Pascal, 1917
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Committee (New York, N.Y.), 1917-1919
Grand Rapids Electric Railway Co. (Grand Rapids, Mich.), 1910
Grange, R.W., 1902
Grant Street property (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909
Grau, Geo., 1915
Grau, Robert, 1911
Graves, M.E., 1905
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Graydon, Samuel, 1908-1909
Grayson, T.W., 1907
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Greek, John M., 1908
Green, John P., 1905-1906
Greene Cananea Copper Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1913-1924
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Greenleaf, Ray, 1917
Greensburg Coal Co. (Greensburg, Pa.), 1889
Greenwich House (New York, N.Y.), 1905, 1907
Greer, David H., 1906
Grier, John P., 1909-1917
Griffith, Geo. T., 1894
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Groinner, Louisa J., 1897
Groke, Th., Mrs., 1912
Groome, John C., 1917
Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association (Caldwell, N.J.), 1913, 1918
Grube, Blanche C., 1906, 1909
Gruber, S.A., 1901
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Guaranty Trust Co. of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Guerin, William, 1913
Guiler, W.G., 1902
Gulliver, W.C., 1902
Gumbert, A.C., 1915
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Günther, E.F., 1916
Gunton, George, 1898
Gustin, A.J., 1892
Guthrie, F.S., 1902, 1906
Guthrie, Geo. W., 1904-1911
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H.C. Spiller and Co. (Boston, Mass.), 1919
H. Content and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1914
H.O. Hornberger Real Estate Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1919
H.W. Bennett and Co. [no place], 1907
H.W. Johns-Manville Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1915
Haagsma, Y.B., 1891
Haardt, Georges, 1915
Haas, H.P., 1917
Hackett, O.J., 1914
Hadden, James, 1914
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Hamer, J.W., 1909
Hamsworth, J.V., 1904-1905
Hamilton, C.C., 1908
Hamilton, Frank C., 1902
Hamm, A.G., 1898
Hammer, F.H., 1912
Hammersmith, J.J., 1915
Hammerstein, Oscar, 1906
Handy, Jam, 1918
Handy, R.M., 1902
Hanna, A.F., 1915
Hansen, J.M., 1902
Hanye, H.D., 1890
Harbison, Ralph W., 1910-1915
Harbison, S.P., Mrs., 1900
Hardenbrook, William Ten Eyck, 1901-1914
Harder, H.J., 1902
Harding, Wm. C., 1906
Hardt, William M., 1911
Hardy, Chas. A., 1910
Hare, John W., 1889
Hare, Margaret E., 1896
Harlan, Richard D., 1908-1910
Harper, Flora W.S. (Mrs. J.A. Harper), 1902-1911
Harper, John A., 1897-1910
Harper, John S., 1892
Harriman, Cornelia, 1907
Harriman, E.H., 1906-1909
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Harris, Forbes and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1912
40 1 Harris, Gates and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1903
Harris, Harry W., 1914
Harris, Winthrop and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1907-1909
Harrison and Boyer (Goldfield, Nev.), 1909
Harrison and Wyckoff (New York, N.Y.), 1903
Harrison, Benjamin, 1892
Harrison, D.R., 1905
Harrison, E.F., 1908
Harrison, Inez, 1912
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Hart, Charles Henry, 1916-1917
Hart, F. Vincent, 1912
Hartford, William J., 1900
Harvard Alumni Association (Boston, Mass.), 1914
Harvard Aviation Association [no place], 1911
Harvard Endowment Fund (New York, N.Y.), 1919
Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.), 1905, 1913
Harvey, D.T., 1885
Harvey, George, 1918
Harvey, H.L., 1907
Hastings, Daniel H., 1896-1899
Hastings, James A., 1907
Hathaway, C.H., Mrs., 1922
Hatton, Harold Finch, 1900
Haymond, Frank T., 1898
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Hays, Jennie, 1905
Hays, W.D., 1887-1888
Heard, S.B., 1907
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Helena, Tupelo and Decatur Railroad Co. (Tupelo, Miss.), 1901
Hellen, Jos., 1906
Hellen, S.J., 1891
Helme, Birch, 1922
Henry C. Frick Educational Commission (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1920-1925
Henry D. Winans and May (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1912
Henry M. Robinson and Co. (Boston, Mass.), 1912
Henry, Mellinger E., 1913
Henry Shenk Co. [no place], 1912
Henry Sproul and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1891-1903
Henry Street Settlement [no place], 1913
Henry's Lake Club [no place], 1902
Henschel, C.R., 1912
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Hepburn, Beulah E., 1914
Herring, John A., Mrs., 1896
Herrlich, John F., 1918
Herron, Andrew W., 1900
Herron, John W., 1916
Heywood, F.E.H., 1921
Hicks, D.J., 1910
Hicks, J.E., 1900
Hicks, R.W., 1901-1909
Hicks, S.H., 1901
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Hilands, Wm. A., 1900
Hill, John W., 1904
Hill, John Wesley, 1913
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Hines, Walker D., 1910-1919
Hiss, Philip, 1896-1903
Histed, [F.W.], 1904
Hitchings, Hector M., 1919
Hodges, George, 1897-1909, undated
Holland House (New York, N.Y.), 1897-1901
Hollar Lock Inspection and Guaranty Co. of New York (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1902-1905
Hollar, Wm. H., 1913
Holliday George L., 1906
Holliday, John, Mrs., 1916
Holmes, A.G., 1916
Holmes, John G., 1898-1904
Holmes, Wm. N., 1902
Holt, Winifred, 1906, 1910
Homœopathic Medical and Surgical Hospital and Dispensary (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1888- 1911
Homer, E.A., 1911
Homestead Business Men's Association (Homestead, Pa.), 1906
Homestead Hospital Board (Homestead, Pa.), 1908-1911
Homewood Avenue M.E. Church (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1916
Homewood Cemetery (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1905, 1909
Homewood Realty Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1909
Hook-Hastings Co. (Kendal Green, Mass.), 1905
Hooker, Howard M., 1910
Hooker, Susie M., 1904
Hörmann, Schütte and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1904
Hornaday, William T., 1901-1913
Hornberger, J.B.L., 1902, 1909
Horne, Durbin, 1897, 1906
Horner, E.W., 1902
Hosack, Geo. M., 1905
Hospital-School for Backward Children (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1912
Hossman, [?] (c/o Pullman Company, New York, N.Y.), 1909
Host, Zeno M., 1905
Hostetter, D. Herbert, 1915
Hotchkin and Co. (Boston, Mass.), 1913
Hotchkiss, C.W., 1901-1913
Hotel Burlington (Washington, D.C.), 192[?]
42 9 Hotel Manhattan (New York, N.Y.), 1917-1920
Hotel Touraine (Boston, Mass.), 1918
Hotel Traymore (Atlantic City, N.J.), 1900
Hotel Washington (Washington, D.C.), 1921
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House, Edward M., 1913-1919
Housman, A.A., 1904
Howard - Howell, George
Howard, Francis, 1914
Howard, M.[?] W. [executor for the estate of Martha H. Childs, Sr.], 1889
Howard, Oliver Otis, 1909
Howell, Charles S., 1909
Howell, George D., 1898-1904
Hoy, Thomas, 1915
Hoyt, Colgate, 1906
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Hudson, Charles I., 1899-1904
Hudson, Thos. J., 1898-1901
Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission Committee on Art Exhibits [New York, N.Y.], 1909
Hudson Motor Car Company of N.Y. (New York, N.Y.), 1915
Huff, Geo. F., 1904
Hughes, Elizabeth K. (Mrs. W.E. Hughes), 1911
Hughes J.L., 1896
Huhn, Edey and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1911
Huhn, George A., 1903-1915
Humphreys, Alex C., 1915
Hungarian Consul [no place], 1907
Hunnewell, Henry S., 1917
Hunt, Wm. P., 1904
Huntington, C.P., 1900
Huron College [no place], 1911
Hussey, John U., 1903
Huston, Jas. A., 1902
Hutchings, Geo. S., 1892
Hutchins, Charles H., 1902
Hutchins, James C., 1889-1890
Hylan, [John F.], 1918
Ichenhäuser, Julius D., 1907
Ikirt, Geo. P., 1901
Illinois Steel Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1889-1906
Imel, Judson, Mrs., 1911
Imgard, Alice F., 1906
Imperial German Consul (A. Mezger) [no place], 1916
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Index Publishing Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1912-1917
Indian Ridge Coal and Coke Co. [no place], 1906, 1914
Indiana Harbor (Ind.), 1912
Industrial Record (Birmingham, Ala.), 1917
Industrial School for Cripples and Deformed Children (Boston, Mass.), 1906, 1909
Infants Hospital (Boston, Mass.), 1911-1912
Ingalls, Melville E., 1905
Ingersoll, Charles E., 1907-1914
Inland Steel Company (Chicago, Ill.), 1907, 1909
Institute of Industrial Research (Washington, D.C.), 1911
Interborough Rapid Transit Company (New York, N.Y.), 1923
International Banking Corporation (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1903, 1921
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International Corporate Guarantors Company (New York, N.Y.), 1906
International Harvester Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1902
International Historical Society (New York, N.Y.), 1918
International League of Press Clubs (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1904
International News Service (New York, N.Y.), 1915
International Peace Forum [no place], 1913
Interstate Coal Company (Columbus, Ohio), 1915
Interstate Commerce Commission (Washington, D.C.), 1906
Irish, Howard, 1915
Irish American Volunteers of the State of New York, 1914
Iron Age (New York, N.Y.), 1890-1914
Iron City Engineering Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1916
Irving, A. Macrobert, 1917
Ivory, Robert B., 1903
Izenour, Harry F., 1905
J. and S. Ferguson (New York, N.Y.), 1886-1905
J.B. Crooks and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1899, 1901
J.B. Farnham and Company (New York, N.Y.), 1917
J.C. Cording and Co. (London, England), 1902
J.C. Kurtz and Son (Chicago, Ill.), 1896
J.E. Barr and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1906
J.E. Caldwell and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1892-1893
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J.K. Rice, Jr. and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1910, 1914
J.L.D. Speer and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1898
J.M. Askin and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1918
J.N. Knight and Son (New York, N.Y.), 1915
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44 8- 10
J. Pearson and Co. (London, England), 1908
J.S. Bache and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1918
44 11
J.W. Hampton, Jr. and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1887, 1899
Jaccaci, August F., 1913
Jackson, A.F., 1913
Jackson, P.C., 1906
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44 13 James D. Smith and Co. (New York, N.Y.)
James McCutcheon and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1903, 1906
James T. White and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1893-1903
James W. Arrott, Ltd. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1923
James W. Bell Son and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1903
Jamieson, Arthur, 1915
Jamieson, J.C., 1909
Jamison, John, 1909
Japan Society of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1910
Japanese Government, Special Finance Commission (Tokyo, Japan), 1918
Jaques, William H., 1896, 1900
Jarrett, John, 1890-1908
Jarvis, J.N., 1890
Jefferson, J., 1904
Jefferson, William Winter, 1917
Jemison, Robert, Jr., 1917-1919
Jno. Hy. Andrew and Co. (Sheffield, [?]),1903
Joffre, J[oseph-Jacques-Césair], 1917, 1919
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John B. Shannon Co. [no place], 1915
John Bradley Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1899
John C. Yorston and Company (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1898
John Curtin, Inc. (New York, N.Y.), 1908
John Dewar and Sons, Ltd. (Perth, Scotland), 1897-1902
John E. Born and Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1921
John K, Ewing and Co. (Wilkinsburg, Pa.), 1901
John M. Watson and Co. (New Castle, Pa.), 1889
Johns, David, 1909
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Johnson, John G., 1900-1915, undated
Johnson, John O., 1904, 1908
Johnson, Katherine, 1909
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47 5- 11
Johnson, Owen, 1909
Johnson, Stewart, 1913
Johnson, W.E., 1917
Johnson, W.S., 1891
Johnston, Charles Marshall, 1907
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Jones and Laughlin Steel Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1903
Jones, B.F., Jr., 1903-1904
Jones, Carrie S., 1915
Jones, E. Alfred, 1911
Jones, H. Willis, 1900-1915
Jones, W.H., 1907
Jones, W.R., 1887
Jones, Wallace, 1901
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Jordan, Wm., 1898
Joseph Kramer Iron and Steel Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1901
Joseph Woodwell Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1904
Joy, Frank, 1906
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Jusserand, [Jules], 1918
Kaan, Frank W., 1916
Kahn, Lazard, 1897, 1902
Kahn, Otto H., 1902-1919
Kanawha and Hocking Coal and Coke Company (Cleveland, Ohio), 1920
Kane and Co. (Paris, France), 1901
Kane, James R., 1903
Kane, Joseph C., 1897
Kane, William S., 1897
Kaufer, John C., 1914
Kay, Jenny M., 1904-1919
Kearney, J.L., 1909
Keating, A.F., 1896
Kelly, A.J., Jr., 1902-1910
Kelly, C., Mrs., 1918
Kelly, Anna K., 1921
48 9
Kennedy, D.J., 1899
Kennedy, Moorhead C., 1912-1913
Kerbey, Joseph Orton, 1901, 1904, no year
Kerby, Frederick M., 1910
Keresey, George F., 1917-1918
Keresey, James F., 1916
Keresey, John T., 1906-1919
Kerr, Howard L., 1904
Kessler, George A., 1915-1916
Keyser, R. Brent, 1890
Keystone Stable and Storage Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1902
Kiernan, E.E., 1898, 1901
Kindl, F.H., 1899-1909
Kinnaird, Emily, 1907
Kinnear, J.W., 1906
Kinsman, Chas. F., 1901
Kinsolving, Arthur B., 1916
Klages, Henry S., 1897
Kleber, Oscar, Mrs., 1899
Kleibacker, Fred R., 1916
Klein, Frederic E., 1920
Klein, Harriet J., 1907
Kleinberger, F., 1915, 1916
Knibboff, [?],1899
Kniffler, Oscar, 1901-1915
Knight, H.J.J., 1903
Knights of Pythias of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1915
Knights Templar of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1906
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Knox, Hugh, 1913
Koonsen, W.F., 1911
Koppel, Joseph, 1915
Koradi, R., 1906
Kough, Clark, 1915
Kovacevic, Janko, 1906
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Krebs, Stanley L., 1903-1904
Kronig, J.O., 1913
Kubly, Henry, 1902
Kuenzli, Fred, 1917
L.A. Hammersly and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1906
L.H. Taylor and Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1891
L.J. Phillips and Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1913, 1921
L.M. Newgass Co. [no place], 1912
L. Rouff, Trousseaux and Layettes (Paris, France), 1900
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La Farge, John, 1903-1908
La Fontaine, Charles, 1915
La Provence [passenger list from French mail steamer, departing New York to Havre, 4 June 1908]
La Sarraz, Switzerland, 1911
Ladd, T. Gifford, 1913
Laemmle, Carl, 1919
Laidlaw, C.E., 1885
Lainy, Geo., 1899
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Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Co. (Cleveland, Ohio), 1890
Lally, John J., 1912
Landon, Jesse, 1912
Landstreet, F.S., 1916
Lane, F.H., 1893
Laughlin, Mary Irwin, 1905
Laurence, John S., 1918
Laux, James B., 1898-1908
Laveley, Henry A., 1898-1907
Law and Order Union of New York State (New York, N.Y.), 1912, 1917
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Layfield, John H., 1894
Layton, Hudson F., 1916
Layton, Jos. A., 1894
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League for the Preservation of American Independence [no place], 1919
League of American Artists (Paris, France), 1905
Leahy, M.C., 1913
Leahy, P.M., 1922
Leake, W.S., 1900
Leasure, Anna T., 1904
Leasure, N.W., Mrs., 1896
Lebanon Valley College (Annville, Pa.), 1909, 1916
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Lee, Elisha, 1917
Lee, George, 1912
Lee, M. (Miss), 1905
Leslie, A.H., 1902
Leslie, Frank, 1908
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Letsche, J.H., 1904
Levering, Albert M., 1910
Levin, Leonard S., 1909-1910
Levy, J. Leonard, 1902-1904
Levy, Jefferson M., 1914
Lewin, Jeffroy J., 1914
Lewis, Bernard W., 1913
Lewis, Frank C., 1913
Lewis, O.F., 1909
Lewisohn, Adolph, 1912-1918
Liebert, Gaston, 1917
Liebrecht, F., 1890
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Littett, S.B., 1908
Liggett, Thos., 1913
Lillie, Lewis, 1906
Lilley, G.C., 1915
Lilly, Wm., 1891
Lincoln, Robert T., 1903-1915
Linda, W.K. Van O., 1914
Lindabury, Richard V., 1911
Linden, R.J., 1887, 1891
Lindsey, R.H., 1888
Linehan, J.H., 1914
Linenberg, H., 1905-1906
Linhart, S.B., 1910
Links Golf Club (Roslyn, N.Y.), 1921
Linton, Horace J., 1911
Little Sisters of the Poor (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1886, 1911
Little, Wm. C., 1910
Livingston, Crawford, 1909-1917
Loar, James A., 1891-1906
Lobing, J. Smith, 1899
Locke, Bessie, 1908, 1911
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Lomax, H.J., 1914
Longnecker, Ralph, 1899
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Loree, L.F., 1902, 1918
Lorenz, R.H., 1913, 1915
Lorin, Jules F., 1911-1912
Loring, Augustus Peabody, 1908-1911
Loring, Susan M., 1908
54 5
Loughran, M.A., 1914
Love, Bell, 1909
Love, O.S., 1901
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Lufkin, Wilfred W., 1918
Luke, Arthur F., 1901
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M.A. Hanna and Co. (Cleveland, Ohio), 1890-1902
M.C.D. Borden and Sons (New York, N.Y.), 1912
M.F. Augustin and Son (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1899
M. Guggenheim's Sons (New York, N.Y.), 1899
M. Welte and Sons (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1917
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55 5- 12
MacConn, Townsend, 1914
MacDonald, Arthur, 1914-1919
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Mace, Ernest, 1917
Macfarlane, Eliza, 1900
Madigan, P.F., 1907
Madrazo, Ricardo de, 1909-1913
Magee, C.L., 1897
Magee, Edyth I., 1907
Major, E.M., 1911
Manchester, Dorset and Granville (Proctor, Vt.), 1917
Manchester Yacht Club [no place], 1906
Manhattan Opera House [New York, N.Y.], 1906
Manhattan Life Insurance Co. of New York (Cincinnati, Ohio), 1899
Manhattan Press Clipping Bureau (New York, N.Y.), 1917
Manhattan Trust Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1909
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Manufacturers Record (Baltimore, Md.), 1903, 1906
Marble Workers' Union No. 15 (Allegheny, Pa.), 1902
Marbury, Elizabeth, 1915
Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. [various places], 1900-1920
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Markle, John, 1916
Marsh, Benjamin C., 1909
Marsh, Daniel L., 1909
Marsh, F.L., Mrs., 1896
Marshall, M.A., 1896
Martin, E.J., 1900-1911
Martin, Easthope, 1914-1916
Martin, Percy, 1921, 1923
Masaoka, Naoichi, 1912
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Mass.), 1925
Massachusetts Police Association [no place], 1906
Massachusetts Society of Sex Education [no place], 1914
Massie, W.W., Mrs., 1900
Mather, Frank Jewett, 1915
Matthews, John C., 1905
Maxon, W.D., 1897-1898
Mayr, George, 1906
McAdoo, W.A., 1917-1918
McAllister, C.T., 1915
McAllister, J.R., 1902-1908
McAlpin, B.B., 1916
McAlpin, Henry, 1918-1919
McCandless, Geo. W., 1913
McClure, Thos. G., 1897, [1903?]
McClurg, J.F., 1920
McCombs, C.B., 1915
McConnell, Annie, 1916
McConnell, Edward, 1909
McConnell, N., 1900
McConway, Wm., 1901-1902
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McRea, Archibald M., 1910
57 10
McCurdy, [George O.?], 1886
McFarlane, Geo. L., 1901
McGurk, Jonce I., 1914-1915
McHugh, Michael J., 1911-1912
McKee, Anne Patrick, 1905
McKinley, William, 1891-1900
McKinney, J.L., 1894
McKinney, W.N., 1899
McKnight, Wharton, 1898
McMorran, Charles Wesley, 1912-1917, undated
McMunn, S.W., 1909
McNair, Chas. A., 1880
McPherson, J.D., 1910
McPherson, James, 1918
McWhinney, Robert, 1908-1911
Meehan Detective Agency (New York, N.Y.), 1914
Meersman, H., 1909-1914 See also: Bane and Hill (New York, N.Y)
Meert, V.E., 1910
Mellen, C.S., 1910
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Mellon, W.L., 1906, 1915
Mellon, Wm. P., 1907
Menken, Percival S., 1903
Menken, S. Stanwood, 1915
Menzies, Helta Graham, 1914
Mercantile Safe Deposit Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1904-1912
Mercantile Trust and Deposit Co. (Baltimore, Md.), 1915
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59 12- 14
Mercer, George, 1918
Mercer, J.C., 1902
Merchant Marine League of the United States (Cleveland, Ohio), 1909
Merchants' Association of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1918
Merchants Exchange National Bank (New York, N.Y.), 1901
Merchants' Loan and Trust Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1912
Merchants National Bank (Salem, Mass.), 1903
Mercur, William H., 1904, 1906
Mercy Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1896-1925
Meredith, J. Morris, 1903
Meredith, William F., 1919
Merrill, Wm. Hutchinson, 1900
Methodist Episcopal Church (South Essex, Mass.), 1911
Metropolitan Church Association (Chicago, Ill.), 1916
Metropolitan Club (New York, N.Y.), 1902-1921
Metropolitan Club (Washington, D.C.), 1903-1904
Metropolitan Coal Co. (Boston, Mass.), 1900
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1899
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Metropolitan Opera and Real Estate Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1907-1923
Metropolitan Trust Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1916-1919
Mettler, F.W., 1904
Metz, C.J., 1902
Meyer, Luis M., 1897
Michelland, Jno. E., 1919
Millard Construction Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1908
Milligan, J.L., 1901
Miles, Nelson A., 1902
Miller, C. Emil, 1900
Minor, L.L., 1915
Minor, W.B., 1897
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Mitchell and Co. (Cleveland, Ohio), 1900
Mitchell, Edmund, 1916
Mitchell, W.S., 1894-1908
Moens, H. Bernelot, 1916
Monongahela River Consolidated Coal and Coke Co. [no place], 1909
Monroe, John, 1902
Monsarrat, N.D., 1911
Montgomery, F.W., 1906
Moody, John, 1913
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Moore, Charles C., 1915
Moore, D. Thomas, 1915
Moore, Frank, 1903, 1909
Moore, H. Wilkinson, 1909-1910
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Morgan and Co. (Sydney, Australia), 1901
Morgan, Anne, 1915, 1918
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Morgan, J. Pierpont, 1911
Morgan, Josephine P., 1915
Morgan, Robt. Rooke, 1904
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63 9- 10
Morris, Effingham B.
Morris, Robert, 1908
Morris, S.B., 1911
1897-1903, undated
Morton, L.P., 1912, undated
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Moseley, F.S., 1906, 1909
Moses, Alfred J., 1900
Mosheral, W. Earl, 1905
Mosser, Jno. Charles, 1906-1907
Mosser, William D., 1903
Mott, Abram C., 1904
Mott, John R., 1918
Mottet, Henry, 1916, 1919
Mount Pleasant Armory Association (Mount Pleasant, Pa.), 1900
Mount Pleasant Board of Trade (Mount Pleasant, Pa.), 1905, 1911
Mount Pleasant, Pa., Borough of, 1906
Mount Union College (Alliance, Ohio), 1919
Mountain Lake Corp. (New York, N.Y.), 1916
Mountain Valley Water Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1919
Movius, Hallam L., 1911
Mowbray, H. Siddons, 1905
Moynat, Henry F., 1899
Mt. Aloysius Academy (Loretto, Pa. and Cresson, Pa.), 1896-1910
Mueller, Harry E., 1917
Münsterberg, Hugo, 1905
Murdoch, A.M., 1914
Murdoch, A.P., undated
Murdoch, G.B., 1893
Murphy, Daniel R., 1909
Mustin, W.I., 1900
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1911
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York (New York, N.Y.), 1901
Myers, E.S., 1901
Myers, H.K., 1908-1909
Myers, Harry, 1901
Myers, W.H., 1914
Myrick, C.E., 1902
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Nagel, Fred A., 1903
National Academy of Design (New York, N.Y.), 1906
National Aid Society [New York, N.Y.], 1916
National Arts Club (New York, N.Y.), 1899-1919
National Automobile Association (Boston, Mass.), [1919]
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National Bank - National Child
National Bank of Commerce in New York (New York, N.Y.), 1904-1923
National Bank of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1911
National Child Labor Committee (New York, N.Y.), 1907, 1913
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65 8- 11
66 4
National Conservation Association (Washington, D.C.), 1911
National Cyclopædia of American Biography (New York, N.Y.), 1900
National District Telegraph Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1915, 1922
National Educational Motion Picture Association (New York, N.Y.), 1914
National Farmers and Planters Bank of Baltimore (Baltimore, Md.), 1893
National Football League (Greensburg, Pa.), 1902
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National Golf Links of America (Southampton, N.Y.), 1913-1925
National Historical and Biographical Society (New York, N.Y.), 1908
National Institute of Arts and Letters (New York, N.Y.), no year
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National Magazine (Boston, Mass.), 1917
National Martinique and West Indian Islands Relief Fund (New York, N.Y.), 1903
National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Association (Youngstown, Ohio), 1917-1918
National Memorial of the United States (Washington, D.C.), 1909, 1911
National Monetary Commission (Washington, D.C.), 1910
National Rifle Association of America (Washington, D.C.), 1908-1920
National Security League, Inc. (New York, N.Y.), 1915-1928
National Special Aid Society (New York, N.Y.), 1916
National Steel Company (Chicago, Ill.), 1899
National Training School (Durham, N.C.), 1917
National Tube Company (Jersey City, N.J., and Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1900-1915
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Naughton, W.J., 1912-1915
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66 9- 10
Naughton, W.J. (continued)
Naval Young Men's Christian Association (New York, N.Y.), 1906
Navarro, José de, 1900
Navy League of the United States (Washington, D.C.), 1912-1918
Naylor and Co. (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1891
Naylor, Laidie C., 1919
Neel, J. Jack, 1896
Nevin, Mary E.A., 1918
Nevin, Theodore W., 1916
New England Granite Works (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1900
New England Metal Screen Company (Boston, Mass.), 1898
New England Telephone and Telegraph Company (Boston and Salem, Mass.), 1902-1914
New Orleans Canal and Banking Company (New Orleans, La.), 1889
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New Theatre (New York, N.Y.), 1908-1914
New York American (New York, N.Y.), 1909-1919
New York and London Press Association (New York, N.Y.), 1914
New York and Portchester Railroad [no place], undated
New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor (New York, N.Y.), 1907- 1909
New York Association for the Blind [New York, N.Y.], 1910
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New York Belting and Packing Co. Ltd. (Chicago, Ill.), 1902
New York Board of Trade and Transportation (New York, N.Y.), 1906
New York Botanical Garden (Bronx Park, N.Y.), 1905-1913
New York Bureau of Information, Inc. (New York, N.Y.), 1905
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1900-1914
New York Chamber of Commerce (New York, N.Y.), 1914
New York Child Welfare Exhibit (New York, N.Y.), 1911
New York City, Borough of Manhattan, 1917
New York City, Commissioner of Public Works, 1915
New York City, Department of Education, 1911
New York City, Department of Health, 1912
New York City, Department of Street Cleaning, 1923
New York City, Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, 1916
New York City, Fire Department, 1912-1913
New York City, Office of the Mayor, 1905, 1915
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New York Clearing House (New York, N.Y.), 1913, 1915
New York Club [New York, N.Y.], 1891
New York Commercial (New York, N.Y.), 1900, 1906
New York Evening Post (New York, N.Y.), 1908-1919
New York Exchange for Women's Work [New York, N.Y.], 1910
New York Freeman's Journal and Catholic Register (New York, N.Y.), 1918
New York Herald (New York, N.Y.), 1911-1919
New York Kindergarten Association (New York, N.Y.), 1908-1909
New York Library Club (New York, N.Y.), 1915-1916
New York Life Insurance Co. [various locations], 1887-1920
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New York, New Haven - New York School
New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company (New Haven, Conn.), 1912
New York Orthopaedic Dispensary and Hospital [New York, N.Y.], 1909
New York Peace Society (New York, N.Y.), 1911, 1915
New York Press (New York, N.Y.), 1914
New York Press Club (New York, N.Y.), 1909-1916
New York Public Library [New York, N.Y.], 1905, 1911
New York School of Applied Design for Women (New York, N.Y.), 1915-1916
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New York State Education Department, Division of Visual Instruction (Albany, N.Y.),
68 8
New York State Committee of the Committee of Mercy (New York, N.Y.), 1914
New York Sun (New York, N.Y.), 1915
New York Symphony Orchestra Fund [New York, N.Y.], 1906
New York taxes, 1916
New York Times (New York, N.Y.), 1914-1917
New York Transportation Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1905
New York Tribune (New York, N.Y.), 1912, 1915
New York Trust Company [formerly New York Security and Trust Company] (New York, N.Y), 1903-1911
New York University (New York, N.Y.), 1912
New York Yacht Club (New York, N.Y.), 1900-1909
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New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung (New York, N.Y.), 1911
Newbold, Arthur E., 1889, undated
Newcastle, [?],1904
Newton, B.G., 1904
Newton, I.S., 1899
Newton, S.B., 1912
Newton, T.S., 1899
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Nicola, Frank F., 1917-1919
Nilsson, Elof, 1915
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69 9- 12
Norman, Maxwell, 1907-1917
North American Phonograph Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1889-1890
North American Review (New York, N.Y.), 1905
North Chicago Rolling Mill Co. (Chicago, Ill.), 1886
North Shore Breeze (Manchester, Mass.), 1908, 1917
North Shore Horticultural Society (Manchester, Mass.), 1919-1922
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Northcliffe, Lord, 1917
Northern Pacific Railway Company (New York, N.Y.), 1915-1920
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Northime, Frank E., 1904
Norton, Charles D., 1910-1917
Norton, Gertrude M., 1916
Nowack, John W., 1902
Oakes, William H., 1906
Oastler, W.C., 1912
Odell, C.H., 1891
O'Donnel, R.L., 1911
O'Donnell, Ella, 1903
Oehme, Julius, 1896-1897
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70 6
Official - Ogden
Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines in the United States, Porto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba (New York, N.Y.), 1910
Ogan, Maude de Haven, 1904
Ogden, George, 1894, 1896
Ohio Iron and Steel Co. (Lowellville, Ohio ), 1889-1893
Ohio Northern University (Ada, Ohio), 1915
Ohio Valley Gas Co. (Sewickley, Pa.), 1886-1887
Ohio Valley Hospital (McKees Rocks, Pa.), 1909
Ohio Valley Manufacturer (Pittsburgh, Pa.), 1902
Ohman, Josef A., 1900
Old Colony Trust Co. [no place], 1906
Old Salem Lincoln League (Petersburg, Ill.), 1919
Oliver, David B., 1913
Oliver, George S., 1903
Oliver, George T., 1890-1917
Oliver, James B., 1901
O'Neal, S.L., 1892
O'Neil, J.D., 1909
O'Neil, James, 1896