Presentation to the Portfolio Committee 07 September 2005

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Presentation to the Portfolio Committee 07 September 2005. DOSD OVERSIGHT OPTIMISATION. CONTENTS. 1.Introduction 2. Oversight Optimization 3. Legal framework governing Transition 4. Management of the Transition 5. Optimization Model 6 Reporting/Governance Interface 7. Conclusion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presentation to the Portfolio Committee07 September 2005


  • CONTENTS1.Introduction2. Oversight Optimization3. Legal framework governing Transition4. Management of the Transition5. Optimization Model 6 Reporting/Governance Interface7. Conclusion

  • Purpose of PresentationTo provide the Portfolio committee with a progress report in respect of the following:Oversight optimization ProcessesManagement of the TransitionGovernance Framework and Interface ManagementDoSD initiative to enhance service delivery

  • Oversight Optimization ProcessOversight Optimization ProcessAgency Formation ProcessConsolidationScopingTransformation ChallengesManagementStructureInterface ManagementOversight ManagementService Delivery ImplementationService Delivery Operations & TrackingService Delivery Policies, Standards, Procedures, & MonitoringSLAMOUCompactMOABPOperationsTransformationSLA: Service Level AgreementMOU: Memorandum of UnderstandingMOA: Memorandum of AgreementBP: Business Plans

  • SERVICE DELIVERY INTERFACE MANAGEMENTService Delivery TrackingStandards Attainment Policy ImplementationCompliance to ProceduresImplementationServicesOperationsService DeliveryImplementationPoliciesStandardsOversightDevelopmentProceduresCoordinationMonitoringStatus GradingReviewingService Delivery Facilitation

  • Legal FrameworkPurpose of the MoURelationship between the National and the Provincial departments;Management of Conditional Grants;Protection of the right to social assistance;Regulation of the transitional period

  • Objective of the agreement (MOU)Administration of social assistance under the Social Assistance Act of 1992 is not interrupted, or compromised in any other way.The contemplated transfer of the social assistance function does not cause discomfort, stress or interruption of payment;The transfer of function does not impact negatively on the effective, efficient and economical use of resources;

  • Objective of the agreement (MOU)adequate administrative measures are in place for the transfer of assets, liabilities and employeesadequate and appropriate capacity is in place to effect an effortless transfer; andadequate budgetary provision is made for matters affecting the transfer. This agreement seeks to give effect to section 24 of the Agency Act.

  • Management of the transition The provincial department is responsible for the administration of the social assistance functionOn the effective date, the MEC will appoint a provincial task team for the implementation of the migration plan at the provincial level. It is the responsibility of the head of department to co-ordinate the efforts of the provincial task team.The Director-General, in consultation with the provincial task team, will pronounce in all matters relating to the administration of the social assistance function.

  • Management of the transitionThe provincial task team will submit to the Director-General all such reports as may be required by the department from time to time.The MEC undertakes to make the provincial task team available for consultations with the Director-General in matters relating to the migration process and other related social development matters.

  • Management of the transition adequate administrative measures are in place for the transfer of assets, liabilities and employees;1.1.5 adequate and appropriate capacity is in place to effect an effortless transfer; and1.1.6adequate budgetary provision is made for matters affecting the transfer.1.2 This agreement seeks to give effect to section 24 of the Agency Act.


    InterfaceDesignGovernanceMigrationEvaluationCommunicationChange Management CommunicationStress and CopingConflict managementRe-establish work teamsLeadership/Management skills(Re) establish work valuesRe-skilling

  • Role of Provincial Task Team The provincial task team shall provide the Director-General with a comprehensive report which will facilitate the ultimate transfer of the administration of social assistance to the Agency. Such a report will entail the following: financial and operational ring- fencing assets and liabilities earmarked for transfer to the Agency; employees and posts earmarked for transfer to the Agency;

  • Role of Provincial Task Team assessment of risk areas associated with the migration of administrative functions to the Agency;the state of readiness of the provincial department in respect of the management of the migration process.;the financial implications for the transfer of the administration of the social assistance; a provincial migration framework; and

  • Role of Provincial Task TeamAn inventory of the assets and liabilities to be transferred from the provincial departments.After the submission of a comprehensive report by the provincial task team, the Director-General will pronounce the final migration framework, process and implementation plan.

  • Assets and LiabilitiesRefer to section 7, 8 and 9 of the MOUIt refers to assets and liabilities, employees as well as information technology


    Basic people and activity migration principles have been set out (in the slides to follow)The agency and the branch as preliminary homes have been allocated for most activitiesThe next step is the matching of people to activities, functions and new positions as well as costing of the new structuresA drill down spreadsheet is attached as an annexure


    All current employees are viewed as a departing pool of skillsDetailed activity mapping informed functions People follow functionThe following options can be considered in the absence of a perfect match

  • MIGRATION FRAMEWORKOption A(Ideal case)100% match between functional needs and personal skills = automatic transferOption BWhere functions are made up of activities from different functions, matching will take place if incumbent complies >60% while a individual development plan will be designed for new skills requiredOption CWhere new functions are made up of activities from diverse functions and no match can be found a candidate may be appointed through the normal HR recruitment process with the understanding that internal recruitment will receive preference

  • Migration Governance ModelDoSDOversight OptimizationActing COOActing DDG Social SecurityMigration Management Team:DoSD, SASSA & ProvincesFull-time Secondment of team membersOne Representative per ProvinceOne Representative from SASSAOne Representative from DoSDFull time Migration Coordinator Appointed by DoSDTeam Members Accountable to Migration CoordinatorCentral Operational LocationProvincesProvincial Migration CommitteeSoc Dev Head of DepartmentSASSAExecutive Management Chief Executive Office

  • Continued(1) The migration process should be part of the current oversight optimization work and should be driven by the proposed Acting Chief Operations Officer, under the direct superintendence of the Director General. The Chief Operations Office should manage the Migration Management Team.(2) The Chief Executive Officer of SASSA should be the main driver of migration in SASSA and should be the pillar of interface with the Migration Management Team. (3) The Head of Social Development in each province should be the driver behind migration in the

  • Continued(1) Province and should be the focal and leverage point with the Migration Management Team.(4)The Director General must appoint a full time Migration Coordinator who will be responsible for day to day management and administration of the Migration Management Team(5)There must be a full time Migration Management Team with full time representation from Provinces, SASSA and DoSD. (6)Each Province should second, on full time basis, one competent person to be part of the Migration Management Team.(7)

  • Continued(1) Migration Management Team will wholly accountable to the Migration Coordinator during the duration of migration project.

    (8)Migration period should not exceed six calendar months, unless there are genuine reasons which are fully justifiable and in line the Ministerial expectations.

  • Migration Governance StructureTargeted RecruitmentProvincial Soc Dev EmployeesDoSD Employees Employee Skills Pool Continuous Interaction with Stakeholders Migration Administration Appeals Management Capacity Alignment

  • Migration Plan (Sept 05-Nov 05)Training DeliverySupport & Follow Up

  • OVERSIGHT OPTIMISATION MODELAppeals TribunalInspectorateProvincesSASSADSD restructuring

  • Governance Framework and Reporting LinesConsolidationTracking Team (Conveners & Leaders)LogisticsSupportDGOversightOptimizationProcess x 4 CommissionsAgencyEstablishmentProcess x 6 Work streamsMeets EVERY 2 WeeksReceives & Considers Consolidation Tracking ReportsTakes Corrective ActionManages Critical PathRecommends CorrectiveActionDetail Technical InputDetail Professional InputAdministrative SupportMeets Prioritised DeadlinesInteracts with Consolidation TrackingTakes Corrective Action CEO SASSADelegated authority from DGDGs Forum + Provincial RepsSocial Cluster, Cabinet and portfolio Committee

  • ConclusionThe Portfolio Committee notes progress in respect of the following:The oversight optimisation processThe governance Interface and reporting Structure

  • THE END (Q&A)